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The Elden Ring, a mysterious group that is known only to exist in a “Between”, has spent its history combating the endless destruction of the world. One day, a vast organization called the Elden Impulses stole the sacred Queen’s spell, the last remnant of a pharaoh’s magic, and managed to reduce the entire land to a charred wasteland. Thrown into a state of chaos, the king of the land decided that the power of the Elden Ring must be brought out. In the late 18th century, the continent of Gavelburg, which has been a part of the Elden Ring for many years, was cut off from the rest of the world. No more than a group of individuals, who were all driven by one common goal, the newly established Elden Ring courageously investigated the ruins of a gate, in which the sacred spell was sealed, and they all disappeared. Five years later, a black elf who wished for revenge against the three who led the group to the gate proceeded to recruit the other four survivors to form the Tarnished Kings in an effort to restart the Elden Ring. You play as an ordinary adventurer, whose life has been ruined by fate and who has returned to the seemingly dead continent of Gavelburg. Unfortunately, you soon find out that you are actually the sixth player of the legendary Elden Ring. The entire world is covered in dungeons, ruins, and dungeons, except for “the Lands Between.” This is a strange, unknown realm that manages to somehow exist between the dungeon-like worlds of the land. Although its form varies from location to location, the Lands Between is typically a vast field in which monsters and treasures are scattered. You can freely travel the Lands Between without restriction; however, all that exists are monsters that you must defeat by researching information on them. You will have to go on various quests, such as ones for gold, equipment, or equipment. You can also make use of the power of other adventurers to increase your combat strength. —————————————- 1. Features & Content 1.1. The Elden Ring The Elden Ring, a mysterious group that is known only to exist in a “Between”, has spent its history combating the endless destruction of the world. One day, a vast organization called the Elden Impulses stole the sacred Queen’s spell, the last remnant


Features Key:

  • Reimagined combat system
  • High involvement
  • 3D action that utilizes the 3D engine
  • A sense of scale
  • Solve extremely challenging dungeons
  • Intense battles with a wide selection of weapons, armor, and magic
  • And more!


    A hundred thousand years have passed since the sun that once illuminated the world has set.

    Revan, the god of earth is angry. The gods of light shall die. Among them he has decided that his first victim is and will be his enemy


    The gods of light stepped through the Land Beyond to live on the legendary ground of the Elden as humans. However, that was not their only objective. Along with their memories and reasons for being, the gods also gave powers to their minds. Many of their god powers were lost forever. However, their powers remained, and they were granted to the descendants of humans called Tarnished who desired to forge new weapons to hurt gods.

    The new generation of the gods of light, the Elden, has waited for centuries in the Land Beyond. Then, several years ago, an adventurer stole an ancient weapon from around 1000 years ago. In a battle against a god, this Tarnished should have blundered and he lost his will to live. That weapon was an ancient legendary weapon, the Elden Ring. He had an Elden wish, to become an Elden Lord. Despite all this, the Tarnished still fought on. Using the power of the Elden Ring, he was able to become even stronger. He became an Elden lord. This is a story of how he made his way back to the light.


    As he relentlessly walked through the world, the Tarnished gained unprecedented physical strength, breaking the power of a god. In a battle against the Elden Ring, his efforts were able to restore the power of a god. Even so, in the end, he was destroyed. By the god-like power


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    “A Fantasy Action RPG That Will Let You Live Like a Lord” (The HypeBeast) “The new Elden Ring, launched recently, is a new Fantasy Action RPG that features good graphics, a solid story, and addictive gameplay. Highly recommended.” (Nintendo Switch) “This Fantasy Action RPG is an enjoyable gameplay experience with lots of exciting features, gorgeous visuals and… a pretty story.” (XBOX) ▽ Video: ▽ OFFICIAL SITE: “We hope that through this game, we can allow you to experience the new fantasy action RPG.” (Yoshitaka Murayama, Producer) “The game is a Fantasy Action RPG.” (Hideyuki Nakajima, Director) “We have worked hard on the game by utilizing the past experience we have had in making games and taking into consideration the needs of players. We hope that you can take part in the fantasy adventure on the multi-touch screen of the Nintendo Switch as you fight monsters in a fantasy land.” (Yoshitaka Murayama, Producer) ▽ Official Site for the Nintendo Switch – ▽ Official Site for Android – ▽ Official Site for iOS – Elden Ring (Japanese: エレドン・リング/エレドン・リング) is a Japanese fantasy action RPG developed by Rex Entertainment and published by Nintendo. It was released on March 9, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game received generally positive reviews from critics, and in September 2019, Nintendo announced that it had sold over 1.4 million copies. A sequel, Elden Ring 2, was released on December 24, 2019. In the game, you take on the role of a “Tarnished”, a person who has bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring [Latest]

    Introducing WITCH®: A new character, Summon. Once you’ve Summoned a Summon, you can control the Summon by doing a simple action. It is a new kind of party member and is required to access various features in the game. You can Summon a wide variety of Demons, Spirits, Giants, and other monsters. • Summon – Use the system based on WITCH’s CHARACTER system Summon – Defend against enemy attacks by placing defensive potions and armor as you feel necessary. Summon – Without limiting the movement of the Summon, you can control the Summon’s actions. • Type of Summon – Make your decision which type you’d like to Summon. If you fail to Summon that type you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to change it. • Summon – WITCH KINDS There are three different kinds of Summon. WITCH has various kinds of Summons for you to find. ▶ Summon a DEMON – Demon Summon summons the demon that you’ve gone looking for with a move (such as browsing through a book). By using such demons, you can experience more in-depth battles. Demon Summon is useful for fighting strong enemies or dealing with a particular type of enemy. ▶ Summon a SPIRIT – SPIRITS are the spirits that appear within WITCH. SPIRITS are souls that give off a faint aura, and can be used to bring out the inherent goodness in another world. ▶ Summon a GIANT – There are eight types of Giants. You can even Summon specific Giants, such as the Wind Giant, that appears when the wind blows. Summon Giants are great for fighting bosses. • Summon – WITCH STORY In order to protect WITCH, you need to meet the requirements of the story. You’re going to acquire new items as you progress through the game, and WITCH has more cool and new things waiting for you! • Moving Story – The story plays out like a movie, with a chapter every time you return to the story after a break. • Challenging Boss Battles – Your future story lies in fights against the bosses that lie hidden in the dark. For you to be able to defeat these threats, you’ll need to summon powerful Summon monsters to help you out. • Summon – THE WORLD AND MOUNDS WITCH has a unique world and various mounds that you can go into, which allows for a variety of content. W


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Key Features         • An Epic World In The Lands Between A vast world in which open fields with a variety of areas and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected to each other. • A Tidal Wave of Action An action fantasy RPG with a unique battle system. Play with friends and form a party. • PvP Battlegrounds against Other Players Versatile PvP Battlegrounds that have a party system that sees you and your team taking part in. • A New Type of Embedded Analytics (MVP) A new type of battle analytics for PvP games that optimizes you and your teammates. • Revamped User Interface and Graphics A thrilling user interface and weapons, armor, and magic that each feature a unique design.        



    Exclusive Details


    An Aizen summoned Death Note. Death Note. Do you have a super-secret power? Yeah, it’s that simple! Seek for it and beat up Aizen!

    An adventurer is born into this world. It is the Land Between, where the world of monsters and the world of humans are one. Your journey as a brave child began!!

    Suddenly, an evil organization called "Epitaph" seeks to revive the Dragon's God and to defeat the World Tree.



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    1. Download cracked game 2. Install Game 3. Play Game. How to register and play ELDEN RING game: 1. Open Page Content (C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Bundle Organizer\[…]\fantasy action RPG.exe) 2. Create new folder and copy its content. 3. Open registration (C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Bundle Organizer\[…]\registration\Welcome.ini) 4. Change UrlLink.url to the direct access to the download page of the game 5. Change UrlLink.AccountName to your login 6. Change UrlLink.Password to your password 7. Save and exit. 8. Delete Welcome.ini file 9. Start game. Find important links for ELDEN RING: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


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    System Requirements:

    Minimum Requirements: 1 GHz Processor 256 MB RAM NVIDIA 9600M GS or higher 4 GB VRAM 20 GB available disk space DirectX 9 or higher Recommended Requirements: 512 MB RAM NVIDIA 9800 or higher Tested on: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, GTX 275, GTX 285, GTX 295, GTX 295 SC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460,

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