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DEVELOPED BY I NAMCO B ANZ I NTRODUCTION The name of the action RPG, Fantasy Strike, has made its way into the popular imagination and is often cited as the game that introduced the fantasy genre to the MMO category. The development staff of I NAMCO B ANZ have been preparing for this development using their broad experience and skills to develop the Fantasy Strike Series games. The theme for this game is based on the fantasy setting with its open world and four-character party system. In the action RPG Fantasy Strike, you take on the roles of four diverse characters that evolve and gain their own strengths during the course of the game. You can freely combine various elements (weapons, armor, and magic) in order to be equipped with the best possible fighting abilities at each stage. And in the fantasy world you can interact with various creatures. As you fight the enemy alongside allies and strangers, you’ll receive valuable experience that will allow you to effectively traverse the world. And you’ll also be able to complete a variety of quests that will further add to your enjoyment of the game. So set out into the Lands Between, warriors, and prepare for an action-packed adventure! STORY Lodoss Story Character Main Character: Boromir, Bow Warrior Boromir was raised by the mysterious village of Lodoss. Although he’s not particularly brave, he’s always been interested in the mysterious art of archery. During his journey, he met the forest spirit that became his guide and life companion, Raine, and received the Holy Bow as a reward. He always has a wide-eyed view of the world, and is fond of sweet things such as potatoes and sweets. Chella Story Character Main Character: Chella, Thief Chella was born in the Kingdom of I Murnrah. Even though she’s a princess, she’s also a thief. During her journey, she stole and kept the forbidden “Thyme”. She became famous after the incident, and quickly built up her reputation as a thief. However, after stealing the forbidden “Thyme” with feelings of guilt, she was sent into exile. Chella left the Kingdom of I Murnrah in search of a place where she could make a fresh start. She never cares who she hurts, even if it’s her own mother. Sister Story


Features Key:

  • A vast world with a rich story and beautifully depicted scenery.
  • Deep, integrated online technology that ensures seamless connectivity.
  • Online Multiplayer that allows you to play with others as well as with friends.
  • Local network chat integrated into the battle screen. Each message feels real. Expect to receive new messages and calls of support, such as the (unofficial) order to follow the legendary person. Explore this new side of the game that lets you feel the emotional attachment of a friend.
  • Solitary Play that lets you create your own story with a vibrant world.
  • Access to bonus items via the game-eve Union’s exclusive offers
  • Elden Ring will be available in English on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 worldwide on March 13, 2017. Enjoy!

    Update: As promised below, we are including a download code on this website. Individuals who purchase Elden Ring can access the file through the previously mentioned code and have the game plus all of the game’s bonus items added to their account.

    July 18, 2016Tamarhyn – Guardian 18 Jul 2016 09:34:42 GMTSolidus-Voice by TamarhynVoice by Tamarhyn, an illustrator who strives to promote videogame within culture as a force of the non-linear

    Following a semester at a Visual Arts Major at Minot State, Tamarhyn’s love for videogame is paralleled by his motivation to develop a way to speak to the culture, through his work. I have always been interested in graphical novelties. From my early beginnings of playing computer games on Atari to my highschool “hunt-the-red-headed-girl”-game, Tamarhyn found in games the means to express himself. But having more access to music and visual arts, he had no excuse


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    “The game has a very engaging and fun main theme that you couldn’t help but smile at. It’s a fantasy game, but it’s more fun than a stereotypical fantasy. It has a very elegant and attractive style.” “It has an interesting story, a long and enjoyable main theme, and the fight scenes are all believable.” “It’s a fantasy RPG with a time travel subplot. The story is very interesting, and the world is very well designed.” “There are strong points in the story, but the story doesn’t give a satisfying conclusion.” “It’s a great RPG game that has a lot of variety.” “The story is overly complex.” “The World of the Elden Ring Serial Key is fun and exciting.” “The game has enjoyable combat scenes with an interesting story.” “It’s a fantasy RPG with time travel that’s quite fun.” “It has nice characters.” “The game has a good fantasy RPG feel.” “The game has good character design, but the character’s story has a weakness.” “There are some interesting characters, but the characters don’t have an appealing story, which is a shame.” “The story progression lacks a strong flow.” “The story lacks excitement.” “The game’s story has an interesting heroine.” “The story is an interesting one.” “The character designs are interesting.” “It has a very interesting plot.” “It’s enjoyable.” “The protagonist lacks personality.” “It’s a good fantasy RPG with interesting elements.” “It’s an interesting RPG game.” THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. ■Story -The theme of the game is to unite the world bff6bb2d33


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    Character creation To start a new game, you should have a party consisting of two members. The following information can be entered for each character. · The selection of a class determines what kinds of strengths and weaknesses the character will have. The classes are split into: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Archer, Bard, and a new class: Wizard. · The character’s appearance can be customized, with the various combinations of: helmet, armor, shield, arm, leg, head, and beard. · The setting of each party can be freely changed. · When entering a new party, the equipment that was acquired during the previous game will be automatically displayed. World Map The world map will allow you to view the graphics on the questline map. Map of the World When selecting a world map, you will see the map of the world and the quests. Gathering Points There are three main locations where you can go to gather materials. 1. Gathering Points are areas to which you will be directed when you select the quest you want to do. You can gather materials at Gathering Points. 2. When you enter the gathering points, you will be directed to one of the locations where you can gather materials. 3. When you enter a dungeon, you will be directed to the dungeon. There are various kinds of dungeons including the Forest of Eden, Possessed Hideout, and Castle of Dreams. Hunting Areas The hunting areas are areas where monsters can be collected for inventory. Locations There are various kinds of locations including town, village, and city. In town, you can access the various shops including restaurants and markets. Town has a variety of events including festivals and festivals. There are various places to which you can access such as tents, beds, and windows. The paths that connect towns are connected with gathering points. Dungeons There are various dungeons including the Forest of Eden, Possessed Hideout, and Castle of Dreams. In dungeons, you have to defeat and collect monsters. Two-Way Communication You can talk with other players and make a party by using a magic stone. Acquiring Items Depending on the kind of weapon that you equip, you will acquire weapons from the monsters that you defeat in the dungeons. When you equip a weapon, it will automatically be displayed to the left side of


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Recent changes:
    – Reward system for Lay Off has been slightly changed- Lay Off Training (Skill & weapon) will be added- Skill Examination (Enhancement & weapon) will be added
    – Infinite Supplementary Reputation will be added- Avoidability will be added- Various High Level Elves/Men will be added- A new skill potion and skill potion providing “Mega-Regeneration” effect will be added

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