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Copyright (c) 2010 Arcsys, Inc. and others. All rights reserved. # A deeper look at layers A _layer_ is an element in a file. It has a unique identifier called a _layer name_, which you use to group its contents, making it easier to manage. It has a _fill_ and a _mask_ layer. Each of these layers can be either transparent or opaque. Layers play an important role in Photoshop. You can manipulate multiple layers in a group, but you can also work in a single layer. Each layer can be filled with a variety of colors, gradients, and other effects. You can manipulate the opacity, brightness, and transparency of any layer, including a _mask_ layer, by using the toolbar and keyboard shortcuts. ## Layers and the Layers Panel The Layers Panel, shown in Figure 11-1, represents the layers of a document. You can add, edit, and remove layers by using the Layers Panel. In some ways, the Layers Panel is similar to Microsoft Word’s _Formatting toolbar_ (where you can format text). The Formatting toolbar is used to modify formatting such as the font, paragraph, and indentation for a selected block of text. The Formatting toolbar works on a single document, but the Layers Panel is used for individual layers. FIGURE 11-1: The Layers Panel is where you can view, organize, and manage Photoshop’s layers. You can use the Layers panel to work with the entire document or edit an individual layer. The latter method is similar to working with an individual photo in Windows Photo Gallery. To access the Layers panel, on the Layers panel menu, click the New Layers button, shown in the margin. After the new layer is created, you see the New Layer dialog box, shown in Figure 11-2. FIGURE 11-2: Use this dialog box to rename a new layer. If you click OK in the New Layer dialog box, a new folder is created and a new layer is inserted into the document and named. If you click Cancel, nothing is created. (Find out more about the New Layer dialog box in the later section “Creating a New Layer.”) After you create a new layer, you see an icon in the Layers panel in the margin. You can group the new layer with one or more other layers by

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Most images in this guide have been converted from Photoshop to Elements because Photoshop can do amazing things for images, and was used in the original creation of the image. While Elements isn’t bad in itself, Photoshop is the usual way to go if you’ve got the budget or time for it. If you want to earn money from your art, Design, or Photography, you can sell images made in Elements or use Adobe Stock to license them. Time to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements – Contents When you open Photoshop Elements, there are three toolbar options which can be accessed by clicking on the toolbar at the top right of your screen: A big bar on the left with lots of tools to work on images. A smaller bar on the right containing layers – these are separate image parts that can be combined to make more complex images. Another, narrower toolbar at the bottom containing the tools to control the appearance of your image, and a few more. This is all you get out of the box with Photoshop Elements if you’re new to it. The default controls can be changed by going to View → Toolbars, and clicking on the Edit tool. Most of the Photoshop tools are at the top, and Elements have added some with a simple image menu button – these will be covered later. The options that you’ve chosen are shown in the control bar along the top of your image. In most images, your original image has the file name at the bottom right. This will be the filename you use to export your image to print or save your image to a website. The other options along the top are: View → Vignette Remove: If you don’t want a dark vignette at the edge of your photo View → Grayscale: Turn all colours into grayscale View → Image → Size: Resize your photo to a certain size View → Text and Fonts: Set text and font options to be used on your image You can change these settings with the options on the image menu. Just double-click on your image to open the image menu. Of course, there are lots 05a79cecff

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In an experiment set to begin this week, Weisman Science students will be trying to figure out whether two different vegetables contain any minerals. Students will be measuring concentrations of essential minerals, including potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, in a variety of common vegetables and spices at a time when plenty of people are taking supplements. “People are super-confused about what they should be eating and what they shouldn’t be eating,” said Weisman Science instructor Cara Abergel. “We’re trying to clarify things for people so that they can make good choices with their food.” She said mineral deficiencies are often related to lifestyle and problems like pollution, climate change, and hormone-related health issues, like a loss of estrogen during menopause. In the past, Abergel has run experiments to measure calcium in milk and eggs, and even got a license to test for pesticide residue. This year’s experience is a little different, because the Weisman Institute is testing the vegetables themselves instead of testing for the minerals that already exist in the food. “We are not testing for minerals, we are testing for the chemicals in food that are supposed to be there,” she said. “We’ll measure the amount of potassium in food, and compare the results to the recommended daily allowance, which is 2,000 milligrams.” She said the absence or presence of certain substances should be equally as important as the amount. In her classroom, Abergel teaches students about what does and doesn’t belong in their bodies. She compares the minerals and vitamins in food to the way a doctor examines a patient, looking to balance the patient’s nutrition to make them more healthy. “In the clinic, if there is a deficiency, the doctor might do an IV [intravenous] and give the patient a potion that contains the necessary supplement,” she said. Abergel said she feels privileged to study food and its impact on the human body. “Science is just beginning to change our dietary choices,” she said. “I’m so glad that I’m a part of it and I hope I can help people make better choices about what they eat.” The experiment will be led by nutrition and biology teacher Suzanne Ottenbrite, and students will test

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Neuropsychological functioning in children with generalized idiopathic epilepsies: cross-sectional and longitudinal study. Thirty-five children with generalized idiopathic epilepsy (GOE) were included in this study. Twelve of them had epilepsy from 0-4 years and 23 from 4-12 years of age. Thirty healthy age and sex-matched controls were included. A cross-sectional study was performed in 20 children at the peak of their epilepsy. They were followed-up for 18 months and assessment was repeated in 20 of them. Psychometric tests used were Wechsler’s intelligence scale, t.c. to assess memory functions and tests to evaluate attention and executive functions. Epilepsy duration was greater in epileptic children than in controls. Seizures were controlled in 95% of children during the study. A small decrease in IQ was noted with increased epilepsy duration. Epileptic children had a reduction in digit span, attention and executive functions scores, compared to controls. In longitudinal evaluation, only memory functions showed no deterioration. There was no statistical deterioration of cognitive functions during the follow-up. Epilepsy affects only memory functions; this may not influence significantly the intellectual abilities in children.Oxidative stress plays an important role in excitotoxic neurodegeneration. Current evidence suggests that nitric oxide (NO) contributes to these processes. The neural cells that are most prone to damage are the cortical neurons, particularly the pyramidal cells. In the cortex, NO production is most pronounced in the white matter under conditions of oxygen and glucose deprivation. Such ischemia can be severe in some patients with head injuries or heart attacks. In this grant we will focus on the NO production in the white matter and study how the normal mechanisms of NO homeostasis will affect the ability of neurons to survive the lethal events caused by excitotoxic insults. Our hypothesis is that elevated level of NO in the white matter will exacerbate the neurodegeneration caused by excitotoxic events, and that the pressure of excessive NO production will be relieved by free radical scavengers and inhibitors of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). The major aims of this proposal are: (i) to characterize the presence of NOS activity in the white matter; (ii) to determine whether elevated NO production in the white matter is critical for excitotoxic damage of the cortex, and (iii) to identify sources of NO production in the white matter after excitotoxic injury

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1. 64-bit Windows Vista/Windows XP 2. Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, or equivalent, or better 3. 2 GB RAM Check out this excellent video tutorial on how to install HPRF on Windows: Thanks for reading this guide, and I hope you have a lot of fun playing HPRF! For those who are interested in coding or hacking (very likely because you wanted to start hacking the game), I am now also going to release my new HPRF Mod, for The Sims 3

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