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Photoshop Elements: Lightroom: These applications are categorized in Chapter 19. Using Photoshop Elements Elements is a version of Photoshop with the most basic tools. It’s great for beginners. You can create and edit images; crop, straighten, and rotate photographs; create graphics and web graphics; draw with a graphics tablet; make panoramas; and even turn a color photo into black and white. To take things further, Elements allows you to use a variety of filters, the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), and tools from other programs like Photoshop. Like Photoshop, you can edit and adjust an image using adjustment layers. You can add or subtract elements, mask out areas, and clone images or even manipulate the pixels of an image. Photoshop users often refer to Elements as a replacement for Photoshop for basic photo editing tasks. It’s a great tool if you’re a beginner who just wants to get started. Using Lightroom Lightroom is a photography workflow and editing system that organizes, previews, processes, and archives images. It allows photographers to work with multiple folders, share files in an online location, print, and export files. If you’re a photographer who enjoys cataloguing and organizing your images, Lightroom is the application for you. It has a powerful catalog feature that enables you to automatically name and store your images in specific folders based on characteristics of the images (such as the year, location, etc.). This allows for easy searching and retrieval of images. Lightroom requires Adobe Bridge, which is a collection of image-processing features that run within the Lightroom software. Starting in Photoshop, you can take advantage of the powerful editing tools that make you a better photographer. But if you’re just starting out, Lightroom is a great way to get your photos into a digital format, and that’s the end result that matters the most. With Lightroom, you can even go back and edit a photo after you’ve made it. Illustrations by Alan Duncan Photoshop and Lightroom are ideal for professionals and commercial photographers who spend a lot of time working with images. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s free and offers some of the same functions as a Macintosh-compatible application. You can use GIMP for anything you can normally do in Photoshop and Lightroom — but sometimes you have to pay a price for the un

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Like Elements, Photoshop can be used to edit the following images (and probably more, such as screens and artwork): Images of all file formats (i.e. JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG). Images that have been scanned with a scanner. Graphic images in web pages (HTML and SVG) as long as the page is served from a webserver (and not from a local drive!). High-quality graphics (photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams). Gallery photos. Screen captures (preview-screen or from a webcam). Images that have been scanned with a camera. Graphic images created using other graphics programs (a drawing program, a vector graphics editor, a games program, etc.) Images that you have scanned into a computer Images that you took with your cell phone High-quality graphics (photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams). Gallery photos. Screen captures (preview-screen or from a webcam). Images that you have scanned into a computer Images that you took with your cell phone Photo editing software is available for Android (for example, GIMP) or computer (for example, Photoshop). However, I will focus on the Adobe Creative Cloud (previously known as Adobe Photoshop Elements) here. It is the best free alternative to Photoshop (when you have an active subscription) or a great alternative to working on your own photography in the Adobe Lightroom. What is the difference between Photoshop (or Elements) and Photoshop Lightroom? A couple of years ago, at the Black Hat 2017 conference, a presentation was given about data-tampering in computer systems. It illustrated the threat of losing information and getting malware into the system with a system called the “Adobe X-Ray Tool”. This is a tool that scans an Adobe document to see if any sensitive content is hidden in it. As a result, Adobe had two solutions: the option of paying a subscription fee, or the option to use an alternative to Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an alternative to a professional digital image editor. It is available with a $9.99 monthly subscription, or you can purchase it for individual use. Adobe Photoshop Elements is an alternative to the professional program. It is available for a $14.99 monthly subscription, or 05a79cecff

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[Daniel Schaefer]( Spray paint and drawing brushes, Drawing Brushes are brushes that replicate real-world objects by tracking the edges of those objects. Drawing brushes can be used to quickly create an abstract image that can be erased at any time. They are also helpful when creating a drawing, such as one in a children’s book. Photoshop’s Pen tool allows you to create on-screen drawing tools that work similar to traditional pencils, pens, and inks. [Stephen Roudané]( Brushes are used to paint, draw, and apply effects to an image. Brush tools include: pencil, paint, airbrush, pen, eraser, and burn. [Stephen Roudané]( Erasers (also called Bleach Bit), Rectangular soft eraser tool. [Dan H. Robinson]( Erasers Erasers are tools which allow you to remove unwanted elements from images. There are three main types of erasers in Photoshop: solid, palette, and selection. Solid Eraser The Solid Eraser is used to remove pixels from a brush stroke. Tracks the edges of the solid brush stroke and removes pixels from the brush’s stroke with the tool. Palette Eraser The palette eraser is used for removing an element from an image. The palette eraser is used to remove sections of the color of an object, which cannot be removed with the eraser. Selection Eraser The Selection Eraser works in the same way as the Brush tool. The Selection Eraser erases the pixels of an image where you click and drag the brush. Selection Eraser Chalks are erasers for advanced users. They allow you to erase pixels on a picture by removing pixels from a specific area. [Stephen Roudané]( Pen Tool, Drawing Brushes, Other, (The Pen Tool allows you to create objects in an image. You can use it to draw lines and shapes, or recreate objects found in real life.) [Steve Roudané]( Pen Tool,

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* To paint with a brush, click on a blank area of the image and then click the left mouse button (Windows) or control-click (Mac) to start painting. For more on painting in Photoshop, see the “Painting with a Brush” sidebar. * The Paint Bucket can be used to select an object or area of the image, and then copy it. You can then paste the selection onto another area of the image. * The Eraser tool is a non-destructive way to remove objects or portions of an image. Click the Eraser tool to make the eraser active. Click the area you want to erase. Then click the left mouse button or control-click. Continue to make repeated selections with the eraser, removing objects or areas. * Use the Pencil tool to make clean, precise selections. Click to place the initial anchor point for the selection, and then click again to make the first phase of the selection. As you click, notice the highlighted area changing color and the dotted lines appearing. When the pen is released, the selection is complete. To change the size of the selection, hold down the Shift key and click again. * Use the Variable-Thickness Pen tool to make selections of any thickness, from a very thin line to a very thick one. Click to place the initial anchor point for the selection, and then click again to make the first phase of the selection. Hold down the Alt key and click to place the second anchor point, and then click and drag to make the second phase of the selection. Release the mouse button and the edges of the selection become highlighted. To adjust the thickness of the line, hold down the Shift key and click again. * While you paint with the Brush tool, notice the tiny arrow that appears at the right end of the tool. Click to change the arrow shape. Notice how each of the shapes has its own color. Click the button to the left of the shape you want to change, and then choose a color from the color palette. * The Gradient tool is used to create fades. It can be used to create both linear and radial gradients, and the colors in the gradient fade from one color to another. * Notice the three-color gradient displayed along the bottom of this image. Use

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Powered by AMD Radeon™ Graphics Mac OS® 10.10.4 (Mavericks) or later Intel® Core™ i3-5010U or equivalent 2 GB RAM HDD space: 150 GB Prerequisite: Windows® 7 or later When you need to compile and make the tzt-dmp and other software on Windows, you need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x86) that Microsoft released on October 24, 2015, for Windows 7 and later operating

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