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Even if the pen and paper method is slowly being replaced by computers and devices, it does not mean books do so as well. There are various specialized applications that take fiction writing to a new level. Writer's Café is one of them which promises to let you unleash your imagination in a fully customizable environment. Populate a virtual desktop with inspiring tools Running the application brings up a new desktop over the already existing one, except this contains several tools with the help of which writing becomes fun. From helpful materials and guidelines, to an integrated web browser, dictionary and notebook, various inspiration sources and writing utilities are available. For enhanced view and ease of access, you can even switch to a full screen view. The application gives you the possibility to fully customize the desktop appearance, add new shortcuts to external applications, as well as manage existing entries. Structure content of your book Going through what the application has to offer, you come across a decent amount of databases in which you can store characters, places, as well as scrap material. Additionally, an integrated option lets you create sticky notes, that can either be bits of text, image files, as well as default words stored in specific categories to provide inspiration. One of the most helpful features is the storyline mode. It is a complex tool with the help of which you can cleverly structure your book into parts, chapters and scenes, populating each with cards that you arrange on a timeline. This makes it easier to keep track and visualize events. Moreover, you can create links between cards and put characters to good use, as well as specify locations. In conclusion To sum it up, Writer's Café is nothing but a complete and powerful environment which fully deserves the name. It takes a little time to get acquainted with all features put at your disposal, but once you master it, fiction writing becomes accurate, fun and extremely well-organized.







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