[[XML-templatization]] [XML-templatization] XML-Templatization is a process to create an XML document from a specific information. [[XML-generat]] XML-Generaty is a tool to generate an XML from a simple information. XML-Generaty is used to format data from a different source and then create an XML document, which is ready to be used for a different purpose, and passed to other tools. XML-Generaty is used for those formats that can be represented in an XML document. [[XML-Templatizee]] XML-Templatizee is the most used XML-Generaty, because we all can imagine a situation where we need to work with an XML document and we don’t know which element are the elements and what they mean. [[XML-Templatization-steps]] [[XML-generaty]] [[XML-Templatizee]] [[XML-convert]] [[XML-convert]] The XML-convert is used to transform one XML document into another XML document. [[Parsing]] Parsing is a process to take a text document and transform the content into a series of numbers or words, called tokens, which has a meaning. [[Parsing-steps]] Parsing-steps are those steps that are used to convert text in an XML document in a series of tokens. [[Elements-sub-cat]] [Elements-sub-cat] [Declaratives-subcat] [[Warnings]] [Warnings] [Warnings-subcat] [[Defaul-element]] [Defaul-element] [Defaul-element-subcat] [Defaul-element-subcat-1] [Defaul-element-subcat-2] [Defaul-element-subcat-3] [Defaul-element-subcat-4] [Defaul-element-subcat-5] [Declaratives-subcat-1] [Declaratives-subcat-2] [Declaratives-subcat-3] [Declaratives-subcat-4]

However, I got below error: I have already tried Restart, Stop/Start services. What else can I do? The server is hosted in different city than me. Do I need to contact the hosters? A: Rather than shutting down the server, please change the connection settings to something else and change back when you are done. The present invention relates to a mobile communication terminal, and more particularly, to a system and method for associating an Internet Protocol (IP) address with a user name. Typically, when a person visits a web site on the Internet, he or she needs an IP address of the web site in order to connect to the web site. The IP address is an address of each user terminal for maintaining order of requests. However, a user name is not enough to connect to a destination web site. Moreover, the user name is not enough to identify the destination web site. Therefore, it is necessary to use the IP address to connect to the web site. The IP address is assigned to a terminal and used in a communication session between terminals as well as a network connection. The IP address is a unique identifier for a communication session and is a long number, so that it is difficult for a person to remember. Accordingly, the user name is required to be assigned to a user terminal and is a short number for the convenience of a user. A web site is selected from thousands of web sites stored in a server on the Internet, based on the user name, and a web page is displayed according to the web site selected by the user name. As illustrated in FIG. 1, in a conventional web site system, each terminal 10 is connected to a server 20 via a router 30. The server 20 collects the web sites and stores the collected web sites. The server 20 receives a request for access, transmits the requested web sites, and transmits an index page of the server 20. In the above-described system, the router 30 serves as an interface between the terminal 10 and the server 20, and links the terminal 10 to the Internet. Thus, the router 30 forwards a request for access from the terminal 10 to the server 20. Moreover, the router 30 forwards a response of the server 20 to the terminal 10. However, the router 30 does not provide the service of storing the collected web sites. That is, the router 30 does not perform an operation that collects the web sites. The server 20 collects the web sites of destination 3e33713323

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