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Soldiers enjoy little respite from combat, even during peacetime. This situation is brought about by developments in digital combat simulators, programs that allow military personnel to stay in top shape. While not exactly providing the actual simulator, Tacview does allow pilots to play back their recorded flights and go over basic or advanced maneuvers. Load flight simulations created with various common resources The application is compatible with most popular simulators, including DCS World, Falcon 4.0, and Microsoft Flight Simulator and non-military pilots can also benefit from it by loading GPX files generated by their GPS devices. Once a valid source document has been loaded, the program will automatically display a bird's eye view of the flight path. A play button allows users to follow the moves of the pilot on a second-by-second basis and graphical objects that might clutter the view can be removed. Displays detailed telemetry data Several elements of military importance, such as SAM/AAA firing ranges can be displayed on the screen and the plane's altitude and heading are constantly updated in a small frame. Depending on the source data, basic or advanced telemetry parameters can be viewed and a flight log keeps track of all major flight events. Several display settings can be adjusted to the users' needs, such as the topography of the environment (i.e. flat or 3D worlds). Detailed charts bearing various metrics can be generated and one can create CSV files from these diagrams. A good player for flight simulations recorded with various programs, complete with various performance charts Summing up, Tacview is an adequate tool for anyone involved in the field of aerial warfare. With it, pilots can trace back the mistakes made during flight simulations and detailed diagrams can be analyzed to improve overall performance and survivability.


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Flight Simulation, Combat Simulation, Weapons Simul… The Best Flight Simulator 2015 Flight simulator, in general, is a computer game software program that offers a virtual environment for a pilot to fly an aircraft on and simulate combat maneuvers in real time with a virtual aircraft. They are usually used to train aviators before the complete aircraft is purchased. Most flight simulators are powered by flight simulators include an artificial intelligence (AI) system which controls the virtual aircraft, or flight controls, along with a cockpit environment. For entertainment purposes, these programs allow the pilot to fly the aircraft via the control of onscreen controllers. Flight simulation controllers are designed to replicate the same controls as a real aircraft. Flight simulation controllers can be used in the cockpit of almost any type of aircraft that can be flown using a flight stick and pedals, such as the yoke, rudder pedals, controls for the engine and instruments. Typically, for training purposes, the flight simulation program will provide the pilot with an advanced flight trainer which will allow the pilot to mimic the experience of flying the real aircraft, or a traditional flight simulator is used. A traditional flight simulator requires the pilot to manually position the flight controller in the correct position and in accordance to the controls of the real aircraft. Many flight simulation programs, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, allow the user to take pictures of the virtual environment with an integrated or separate digital camera. Flight simulation programs allow the user to fly the aircraft with these “first person” perspective pictures. A typical flight simulator will also contain an upgrade process that will allow the user to add the new aircraft that they purchased later on. Flight simulation helps pilots to hone in their flying skills and can be used for both military and civilian purposes. The pilot is able to practice with the controls of the aircraft and the associated instruments without flying on a real aircraft and an aircraft’s engine will not be damaged or released fumes in the atmosphere. Flight simulation programs can reduce the risk of accidents that could result in aircraft and passengers. Many different genres exist for flight simulation programs, like military flight simulators, civilian flight simulators and movie flight simulators. These different genres allow the user to play against the computer or against others (multiplayer flight simulator). Flight simulation programs can also be used for computer aided design and simulation. These programs can simulate the performance of aircraft and other forms of transportation. Many different industries can use flight simulation programs to create models of their products to be tested or get feedback and simulations

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Professional flight simulation is within the grasp of any aviation aficionado. A system allows one to fly all types of aircraft, from single-seat fighters to large B-52s. Back in April, Microsoft announced the release of Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004), the professional version of Flight Simulator X (FSX), a tool that was developed with the aim to provide a single, integrated simulation package for aeronautical enthusiasts. This package is composed of all features offered by FS2004, as well as the features included in a second product called PlaneShift. Developed by Bullet Factory, PlaneShift is a tool for creating FSX-like games, a specialty Bullet Entertainment offers from within its studio. PlaneShift is compatible with FS2004 or FSX and can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated to FS2004. The games run on Microsoft Windows and are text-based, although recently the developers have added support for voice communication. They come with several aircraft models, one of which is actually FSX, allowing users to switch between the two simulators or play as many games at once as their machine is capable of without having to restart them. PlaneShift can be used to create or modify X-Plane games, and beta versions allow players to share games created with the program with colleagues and friends. The two products from Bullet Factory are complemented by a third one released in February, from Brett Wickles and Chris Smith. Called Flight Vision, it is a flight simulator for Windows. In contrast to PlaneShift and Flight Simulator 2004, there is no support for multiplayer games and no voice communication. Flight Vision’s only features are the ability to fly aircraft from a selection that includes a variety of virtual representations of WWII and contemporary military fighters and bombers, the capacity to load the MSFS series of flight simulator and to save the test profiles used in them. A Pilot’s Handbook is included with the program, an invaluable resource for anyone involved in flight simulation. The 30 pages of this manual are available in PDF format on the Bullet Factory Web site. The aforementioned types of software are all part of what is called the FSX environment. Created by Cockpit3D, this is a commercial product similar to Flight Simulator X. Its main advantage is that it is compatible with PC systems that have a DirectX 9.0 capable videocard and the needed hardware. It is completely free for download and a number of programs are available as add-ons. In addition to commercial software, the FSX environment also includes a large number of fre 2f7fe94e24

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– Screenshot – OS: Windows and Mac OS – Start: Record flight with a mouse click – Interval: Record flight every 20 seconds – Speed: Configure the speed of playback – Max speed: Sets the maximum speed of playback – FPS: Configure the frames per second – Bitrate: Sets the bitrate – Volume: Adjusts the volume – Tune: Adjusts the listening options – Mixer: Adjusts the amount of mixing – Save: Saved the data you created using menus – Show: Shows details of analysis performed on the flight – Volume-balance: equalizes the sound – AM-FM: combines a number of sounds as a stereo mix – TRACK: chooses a track to play – Save as: saves the file in a different folder – Filter: analyzes the sound to find and remove the noise – F-Met: displays the maximum sharpness of the cutoff F-Met – B-Met: displays the maximum sharpness of the cutoff B-Met – Mode: Configure the mode, it uses a scroller or the joystick for movement – SCROLL: scrolls through the current view – Move Zoom: move the camera zoom – Move XYZ: move the camera back and forth – MOVE: zoom the camera in or out – Reset: deletes the current flight record Included: – The PA3GW0.3.zip file is a 1.0 file. It contains the first version of the program that is useful. By downloading this item, you agree to the Terms of Use of this Gamespot(R) website. All rights reserved. Zoom-In Zoom-Out – Windows 95/98/NT/2000 – Part 3: A low-cost development studio, Inmation decided to create a more realistic flight simulator for its customers. How can a developer create the best flight simulator for less than $100? That’s the story behind Zoom In, Zoom Out. The most detailed aircraft in this software consists of a single joystick, followed by some buttons on the sides. It can be used with joysticks and shoulder buttons if desired, but the default setup is for joysticks. Alphabetical Listing of Records Choose the category you like best! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N

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TacView is an ideal player for flight simulations recorded with any number of flight simulation programs. Features: – Uses many popular flight simulation programs – Supports many different game modes – Allows you to load files generated by your own flight programs – Allows you to display maps and charts – Shows detailed telemetry data – Displays weapons – Allows creation of CSV files from charts – Allows you to view detailed charts and maps – Allows you to view radar charts – Allows you to modify flight simulator programs iFly V5.0.28 What’s New in iFly V5.0.28 Security fix for the SD card contents Recovering SD card contents in Eclipse Improved vehicle configuration process Many bug fixes iFly 4.0.23 What’s New in iFly 4.0.23 Air-to-air and weapons effects added to the new F-5E/F engine Corrections to the taxi and departure procedures Bug fixes Jalopnik 1.3.1 Updated code to add compatibility with Java 5. Please report any bugs on the forum or by e-mail Combat Flight Simulator 3D 1.1 What’s New in Combat Flight Simulator 3D 1.1 Addition of various flight modes to the existing mission modes New audio and visual effects added to the various mission modes Addition of the “naval” mission type Enhancements and corrections to the non-mission flight modes Combat Flight Simulator 2.0 What’s New in Combat Flight Simulator 2.0 Addition of various new aircraft models: the F-5E/F Tiger II, the MiG-21, the MiG-23, the F-7E, the Saab Gripen, the Eurofighter Eurofighter, the F-16, and the F-35 Addition of various new aircraft skins: the F-5, the F-14 Tomcat, the MiG-21bis, the F-7, the Supermarine Spitfire Mk V, and the F-15 Addition of several new wings to the various aircraft models Addition of the Viggen Swedish EF-18 Hornet Addition of the F-4E/F Phantom II to the flight modes “Hornet/Phantom” and “Hornet/Phantom vs. F-15C” Addition of the F-5F


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz CPU or Quad Core 2.4 GHz CPU (or better) Memory: 2GB of RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card, NVIDIA or ATI DirectX: 9.0c Hard Drive: 25 GB free space Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card Network: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: Important! The required.NET Framework for the game to run smoothly is 4


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