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Just in time for summer! Sun Clock is the perfect clock to kill a few minutes and keep track of the sun’s position. You can display the sun’s position in days, months, weeks and years. Specifications: * Very light weight. * Can be started and suspended at any time. * High precision and accuracy. * Has a small footprint. * Uses less than 50 kb of space. * Uses less than 500 kb of memory. * Is completely free for personal and non-commercial use. * Does not require Internet connection, so it does not need to be updated. Bounce Clock is free software for Palm OS devices. It displays a wall clock and a compass.You can select the location and the time zone. Select the modulo for the time zone. Bounce Clock features a sound module. A minor function is that you can set the schedule frequency for the clock. DataR (Data Relay) is an information sender/receiver software for Palm OS devices. It is a free data exchange program, also compatible with other PDA’s in an GSM network environment. It is designed to help you send any kind of text, or variable data, to other people with Palm OS handhelds. Up to 4 users can be connected to same application through serial links, using this software. DataR can be used to send different kinds of data to the other handhelds, such as text messages or calendar information. DataR also can be used as a clock, with time, date, and alarm notifictions. Time can be adjusted to a range of time zones. It also can be configured to show the current time in the dual time zones. DataR is also able to inform about the battery level. RADVDX is an ad-supported program that sends you personalized data and relevant information for your PC. We offer you a custom-tailored catalog of videos, including some of the most popular movies, series and documentaries, that present you these recent and classic films, TV series, Music and news. RADVDX is based on the concepts of your advertising preferences, your interests, your hobbies and even your tastes, and this is how you receive the most relevant content at the most convenient time. RADVDX is very easy to use. Simply install the program and enjoy. RADVDX Description Customized content is the key to helping you spend your time more efficiently. So the

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Sun Clock is the best way to check the current location of the sun. Help others find the time correctly with Sun Clock. Sun Clock Features: – Show the current position of the sun – Cycle through a day or a year – Adjust the size of the frame – Choose to fit under other windows – Display current date in a given location – Use the context menu to cycle through days, months, and years – Start Sun Clock automatically – Choose default color of the frame – Choose which side of the screen displays the frame – Size of the frame between 20% and 100% – Toggle on/off Sun Clock from the system tray – Hide Sun Clock on login Sunclock (Sun Clock Pro) is the best and simple application to view the sun position. And now this sunclock, you can change many features also. Sun Clock Pro Features * Background colors can be selected as system default colors (Windows XP style) or any color you prefer. * Position-cycle-time can be set. * Start position can be set anywhere you like by setting right and left direction mouse buttons. * Choose color for indicator line (display) * Display the time on a specified frame. * Start Sun Clock as a system service. It only takes a few minutes to set your desired settings. Just select the desired settings and choose update. With this opportunity, it is possible to collect hundreds of millions of statistics of how customers interact with any of your gadgets Rate Name: * Description: Required Value: Required Note: Rating: Email: Required Country: Required Question: Sunclock Sun Clock Pro Review Thank You For Your Vote! Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/ on line 27 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/ on line 27Tue, 23 Mar 2011 09:41:08 +0000 SunclockSunclock (Sunclock Pro) Review 2f7fe94e24

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* Displays the current position of the sun in the sky. * Adjusts the size of the app frame. * Cycle through a year, a week, a month or a day. * Open the context menu to make the app cycle through multiple days or years. * Open the preferences to adjust the frame color, size and opacity level. * Ignore mouse events while the sun is on the screen. * Keeps the app on top of all other windows. * Prevent the tool from being dragged. * Duration: A year, a week, a month or a day. * Uses a low amount of memory and CPU. * Uses a low amount of system resources. * Has not been updated for a while. Mozilla SeaMonkey – Notification Centre ManagerFree Mozilla SeaMonkey – Notification Centre Manager is a lite program for managing your notifications. It does it job really well. Notification centre is a standard feature on the Mac, and SeaMonkey brings it to Windows. SeaMonkey – Notification Centre Manager is an small free program, however it includes a lot of features. SeaMonkey Notification Centre Manager Screenshot: SeaMonkey Notification Centre Manager offers you a multilayer interface to manage your notification center. First up you get the stock notification center settings page, which includes the regular notification settings and lets you disable notifications completely, as well as set custom alerts. When notifications come in, you can see the them at a glance by opening a tray, which gives you a lot of options. Once the tray is open, you can either read the notification or act on the notification by selecting the message. From there you have the usual choices, such as reply with a reply, launch the application, send the message to another address etc. Right off the bat the program offers a lot of functionality but you can also make additional choices when you get the notification, such as download URL, set an email priority, send to an application etc. When you get a notification from a specific application, you can add a custom action to the notification. The programs offers two actions, custom or respond to notification, both of which have it’s own customisation window where you can set things like response time, message etc. When you got your own actions, clicking on the tray icon brings up the notification center. From here you have the same menu options you can find in the notification center on the Mac. SeaMonkey Notification Centre Manager Pros:

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Track the current position of the sun over any… Smart Desktop Custom Control is a utility that installs custom Windows 7 desktop gadgets that sit below the Start menu. It’s not an app for new Windows 8 users, as it only comes packaged for Windows 7. As most individuals will know, even though the Windows Start menu has been replaced by the new Task View, it’s still possible to control gadgets that appear below the screen. This software enables you to add widgets like Weather and Time, and displays their settings in one location for easy access. You can use Smart Desktop Custom Control to include gadgets like Google Calendar, Google, Yahoo! Widgets and Xmarks. Besides being a useful tool, it’s also a very useful customization tool for Windows 7 users. Thanks to its inbuilt Wizard that makes setting up gadgets simple, you can alter the colors and fonts used and personalize your screen the way you want it. Although the application comes with a lot of customization tools, it also has various shortcomings, like lack of auto-update, slow loading times, and lack of advanced features. The interface consists of four main sections, each of which houses a particular task. The ‘Custom Control Settings’ section enables you to tweak the desktop gadgets’ settings, add or remove gadgets, as well as view the control panel. The ‘Add Control Panel’ section allows you to add any gadget from the list in the left pane. It’s also possible to remove any gadget from the list if you change your mind. The ‘Advanced Settings’ section enables you to customize the background colors and fonts used for gadgets. This is especially useful, as gadgets can come with various design flaws. For instance, Weather is displayed inside a black box on the right. Smart Desktop Custom Control’s ‘Appearance Settings’ section gives you access to the control panel, which enables you to adjust the gadgets’ visual preferences. Overall, the software is a good choice if you want to add your own personal gadgets to your desktop. But considering the fact that it doesn’t perform better than apps that only require a Windows 7 installation, this utility isn’t recommended for new users. Smart Desktop Custom Control Review: Widgets Control Panel More Features Summary: Looks Good Easy to Use No Bugs Acceptable Features Average Stability Good for Newbies Smart Desktop Custom Control is a useful tool for Windows 7 users. It can be used to customize gadgets that are installed below the Windows Start menu. A quick

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