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Modern web browsers evolve along with the Internet, but the added functionality, support for multiple protocols and extensions add to the amount of resources they need to function properly. If you use an older computer or want to allocate more RAM and CPU cycles to other applications while viewing websites, you should try alternatives to the full-featured browsers, like m9P Surfer. One website at a time In order to be lightweight, this program does not support multi-tabbed browsing. In case you want to view multiple sites at the same time, you must open a separate window for each. Considering this application is not designed as a browser replacement, the omission of this staple feature makes sense. A lightweight ieframe implementation m9P Surfer takes advantage of Internet Explorer's library to render web pages. On the downside, it is limited to the IE version you have installed on your system. On the upside, it means that popular frameworks, such as HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, used by the majority of websites are technically supported. Another side-effect of using the IE library is the fact that the application automatically integrates the favorites set in Microsoft's browser. Alternatively, you can import bookmarks saved with Netscape Navigator. Unfortunately, you cannot append favorites exported from Firefox or Chrome. No advanced features Keeping up with the lightweight theme, extensions for this application are not available. Moreover, there are no developer tools. For some users these two omissions might be deal breakers. Aside from the lack of multi-tabbed browsing, other important features, such as extra layers of security and rendering optimizations are missing. A fast way to access websites Overall, m9P Surfer is able to successfully display the vast majority of websites, provided you have installed a newer Internet Explorer. If you are willing to sacrifice the added benefits of a fully-featured browser for a lightweight surfer, then this might be the solution for you.







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Our goal is not to offer the cleanest and fastest app for developers, but to ensure that products are up to our very own standards with the highest quality. Therefore, a constant stream of bug reports and a positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. We have a strict set of requirements that we expect you to meet. Defend your privacy All of your personal information is kept private and safe. It is not shared with anyone and is not stored on our server. Support for ALL We promise to try our best to solve your issue if it is within our power to do so. If you have a problem with the software, we would be happy to help you, no matter how big or small your problem might be. We have been working with computers and computers have become one of our greatest passions. We have been developing innovative software and we truly appreciate our customers. MULTIPLE SUPPORT We have a support team that provides instant technical support. We can provide support services via Skype, email, and the forum, depending on the needs of our customers. FLEXIBILITY You can develop your skills by learning to use JavaScript. Unlike many other programs, we do not force our users to pay for an upgrade every time a new version is released. COMPATIBILITY We use clean, concise code with flexible API’s. We strive to keep our apps up to date with the latest browser versions without forcing you to get a new version of the program. ADVANCED FEATURES Innovative design combined with clean and concise code is designed to help you master HTML and JavaScript. You can easily learn new programming skills that might help you grow as a developer. WHY CHOOSE US? We are a small team that cares about our users. We are not a corporation that sits back and watches the bottom line. We listen to our users and take into account what they tell us. We do not just say that we will do something, we actually do it. We are constantly doing things to improve our products. Therefore, a product update is a regular event. We always look for ways to make our software better. Some software simply does not have the features that we would like to offer to our users. If we find that a feature is missing, we usually offer it as an optional feature and we will also provide the software at a lower price. We are a completely independent team that does not have any shareholders or partners. Since we are not part of a

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CD2ISO is an excellent tool for ripping CD-ROMs into ISO files. However, it can also be used to create an ISO image from an existing ISO file. This allows it to be used to create an image file (i.e., a disc image) of a CD that has been ripped with other software, such as Nero, or to create an ISO image of an old, no longer-available CD. CD2ISO is based on the command-line utility “tracker,” which is widely used by archives and was developed by DDish, the creators of CD3ISO, which is also based on “tracker.” CD2ISO is a new release based on a fork of “tracker” which uses its ability to interpret the tracker shell script to include an advanced, powerful graphical interface and a collection of additional tools. A Total Commander clone with a few key advantages over the venerable DOS-based program Test Drive D-Drive can be used to browse, compress, and organize your data. Test Drive D-Drive is a modern replacement for the venerable Total Commander, the “basic-standard” file manager available on most PC’s since the early 1980’s. This 1.06 version of Test Drive D-Drive is a modified version of Test Drive, a classic software package from early MS-DOS days. The program offers a cleaner and more intuitive interface than Test Drive. Crossover Office is a cross-platform document management system. The Crossover Office suite is a combination of three separate software packages: Base, Essentials and Power. Test Drive D-Drive comes with Essentials and Power already built in. It allows you to browse, compress and organize your data. Requirements: ■ DOSBox (version 1.1.1 or higher) or Windows 95/98/XP (Windows 98 or Windows ME will not work) Freeware Utility, Software, freeware… Main features: 1- Easily browse, encrypt and zip files and folders, and create virtual disks. 2- Copy and move files and folders to and from virtual disks, different drives on a computer, to and from network servers, in folders and zip archives. 3- Enable or disable Compression of virtual disks. 4- Supports compression and encryption of virtual disks, whether in the background. 5- Safely and conveniently work with files and folders with Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish or Cyrillic characters.

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Storm is a versatile and lightweight application designed to track and collect data from various sources, in particular RSS feeds. It provides an interface designed to make the work of collecting data quick and easy. Managing RSS feeds is done in an intuitive manner, with the possibility to integrate the RSS feeds into different folders. For instance, you can create a folder named weather and add the feeds from the local weather website. Additionally, the application lets you create, edit and remove RSS feeds and group them into folders. Visually appealing, portable, and a strong add-on Launching Storm and taking a look at its interface will provide you with an idea of how to handle RSS feeds. The first impression is certainly positive, with the application being visually appealing and quite versatile. The interface is also quite simple and easy to navigate. The main window has three major areas: a toolbar, a tree view and a table view. As for the items in each view, the tree view has a folder icon in the top left, RSS feeds and folders in the top right, a group of RSS feeds in the bottom left, and the list of items in the bottom right. As for the table view, it is located at the bottom of the interface. This area provides you with a list of items, including their titles, descriptions, last updated time and location, as well as the address of the feed and the feed’s category. The tree view has a set of features designed to make the process of managing RSS feeds quick and easy, such as auto-complete, removing items or folders, editing, and exporting. Support for plugins The application is entirely portable and requires no installation, as you can copy the add-on anywhere on the hard disk and run it from there. By adding the target folder for the RSS feed, you can immediately visualize that content. Moreover, the application is also integrated with third-party plugins. In this case, the folder icon is replaced with a toggle button that enables users to control the visibility of their plugins, if they have activated them. The plugin options are numerous, allowing users to add RSS feeds, sync feeds with multiple sources, search feeds using keywords, add weather information, sort feeds, and monitor them. Storm carries out the tasks with a reasonably good response time and a positive working performance. NetMeter Interactive is a simple and easy-to-use application designed to show you how your network traffic works in real time. Installation is relatively

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Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP1, 7, 8, 8.1 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220, i5-3210M, i5-3470M, i5-4310M, i5-4440M, i5-4540M, i5-4670K, i5-4760K, i5-4950K, i5-5500, i5-5600, i5-6600, i

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