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If your main email account is on Gmail, but you don’t want to always keep your browser open, you can get an app to monitor your Inbox. Scott’s Gmail Alert is nice utility that alerts you whenever you receive a new message. The app sits in your system tray and only bothers you when you receive new emails. The messages are displayed in boxes that stay on your screen for a few seconds. The place where these appear and the duration, as well as the number of alerts can be defined from the “Settings” menu. Furthermore, you can also customize the alert colors from the account menu. Since you can load as many Gmail emails as you want, you can color code each of them so when an alert pops up, you know without doubt which account you got a message on. The app can check for new messages as often as you want, from anywhere between 10 seconds to an hour. Also, the alerts can appear on top of all other windows or you can choose to postpone them when you’re using an app in full screen mode. Further settings include assigning actions to single and double clicking on the app’s icon. Thus, you can check for new messages and display new items only, display all messages, show message count on desktop, open Google Search Window or do nothing. Scott’s Gmail Alert can also connect to your Google Calendar account, can load RSS feeds, Google Weather and connect to Google talk. All in all, Scott’s Gmail Alert is a useful app that you can use on any computer. The overall simplicity of this program should make it easy for inexperienced users to set it up and learn how to use it in no time.







Scott 039;s Gmail Alert 7.17 Crack+ Activation Code Download For PC

Scott 039;s Gmail Alert 7.17 Crack+ PC/Windows (Final 2022)


Scott 039;s Gmail Alert 7.17 Crack +

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