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Staying perfectly focused for hours on end, whether it’s at the workplace or working on your personal projects, can prove to be one of the major issues, especially today with all the online distractions. Thankfully, there are tons of tutorials, guides, and useful articles on the Internet that can offer various productive suggestions. Rofocus – one of the best Chrome extensions for boosting productivity Be that as it may, there’s no one perfect suggestion for everybody. For some people, the combination of two or more productivity-enhancing techniques might actually do the trick. That’s exactly what Rofocus offers in its quest to help you discover the most productive version of yourself. In short, Rofocus is a Google Chrome extension that packs a simple, clean-looking, and traditional Pomodoro timer, as well as a bunch of very pleasing ambience sounds designed to improve relaxation, focus, and creativity. Pomodoro timer and ambient sounds rundown For starters, it’s worth noting that the Pomodoro timer is as simple as they get. By default, it allows you to focus and work for intervals of 25 minutes. However, it also provides you with the option of fully customizing the intervals in order to suit your needs. Evidently, the timer can be paused, and reset at your convenience with no more than a few mouse clicks. As far as the ambient sounds go, it’s safe to say that Rofocus has something for everyone. It packs a total of fifteen different ambient sounds that should soothe your mood perfectly. The sounds are as follows: Coffe Shop, Cuban Beach, Morning Birds, Amazon Forest, Experimental Temple, Underwater, Campfire, Rain, Downtown Paris, University Campus, Lunch in Rome, Dusk in the Woods, Normal Winds, Stormy Winds, and Real Winds. Conclusion To conclude, there’s really not much to not like about Rofocus. It’s a lightweight, very functional and useful Google Chrome extension that does its job right without being too complex for the average user. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to improve your productivity, you should definitely give it a chance.







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Rofocus Download With Full Crack is an extension that helps you to better organize your life and stay more focused and productive on the job. Roam is a simple app that can help you to discover new places and has been published on iOS. It’s available for free on the App Store. The Way Roam Works The app offers you the opportunity to discover places in your local area and beyond by including personalized filters (Category, Zip code, etc.) Once a place is saved, you can add a location on the map, view the place’s overview and explore the particular place. You can also visit a particular place and organize it on a personal map, book things and get a free local delivery nearby. The Features Features Description: Roam provides a good overview of places, on the map and by categories. You can explore and visit places and share interesting finds with your friends and family. Roam is free and available for iOS. Roam is based on the concept of favorites and can be used to find many places nearby. It is simple and user-friendly. Roam displays your detailed map, places, and information about the service nearby. How to delete Facebook history from website Facebook has developed a Browser History feature that allows users to delete their history by removing their visited websites. However, it can be a pain to delete the historical records. How to delete Facebook history from website Follow the instructions mentioned below to delete history from Facebook: Step 1: Select the check box next to Show my History and then Save Step 2: Select Remove option Step 3: Choose the time interval you want to keep Step 4: When you’re done with the above-mentioned step, click the OK button. Note: You can always use the Delete option to delete your entire browsing history. Is there anything else better than using a perfect tool for deleting Facebook’s history? One alternative is to use a tool called DataRemover. You can download DataRemover from its website. Step 1: Navigate to the DataRemover site and download the tool. Step 2: Download a free trial version to see how it works before you buy a full version. Step 3: Run the tool and click the “Scan” button to remove all of your browsing history Step 4: When done, click the “Delete” button to clear the browsing history from your device completely. Step

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Stay focused, stay productive and get the most out of every minute of your day with the Rofocus Cracked Version extension. Using Pomodoro Technique, Rofocus Crack For Windows lets you work in focused intervals to achieve a focused state of mind. Set the Rofocus Serial Key timer for 25 minutes to achieve one ‘pomodoro’. Rofocus also supports ‘breaks’ for 20 minutes and focus for 20 minutes. Additionally, you can specify a specific interval and reset the pomodoro timer if you wish. Rofocus offers many good options for personalizing it’s UI, so that you can get the most out of it. The Rofocus application offers 13 different high quality ambient sounds from the Amazon forest to a waterfall in Indonesia. Create a playlist of sounds and switch it on from the application itself or from your browser’s toolbar. Rofocus Key features: – Set a ‘pomodoro’ for 25 minutes – Customize intervals for different categories such as breaks and focus – Be aware of time spent on different categories – Set a ‘pomodoro’ for longer intervals such as 50 minutes – Select categories such as focus and breaks – Restart or pause the pomodoro timer – Customise the UI by selecting your favourite colors and fonts – It looks good on any desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) – Works well even on the smallest of screens – Has a minimalist, clean, and simple interface – Uses different high quality ambient sounds – Offers 13 background sounds – Uses a traditional pomodoro timer – Supports adaptive pomodoro usage – Can be used across different websites – Automatically starts when you start working on a website – Stays running in the background – Works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera – It comes with a 1-year premium version Pros: – The interface is minimalistic, clean, and user-friendly – Customizable – Great ambient sounds – You can set the Rofocus to work for an interval of either 25 or 50 minutes – Available in multiple languages. Cons: – The Rofocus extension doesn’t support different Firefox or IE extensions. “It sounds like you have a great time right now.” “All your days are filled with happiness and joy…” “The days follow each other closely 2f7fe94e24

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Turn your day into a productive day with Rofocus productivity timer. With just a few clicks of mouse, Rofocus pomodoro timer will be turned on and automatically you’ll be able to focus for 25 minute intervals. Rofocus is a chrome extension for Pomodoro Technique, it allows you to use any custom interval in a simple, clean, modern, and minimalist Chrome interface. Includes, 15 relaxing and diverse ambient sounds. Rofocus – easy to use productivity timer – will help you focus for 25 minutes in every hour, by means of the Pomodoro Technique, or other methods of making you focused by habit. How to Crack Apex Launcher APK How to Crack Apex Launcher APK How to Crack Apex Launcher APK 1- Download the.apk file from the download button given below 2- Make a new folder in the location you wish to save the.apk file 3- Now rename the folder as APK then 4- Copy and paste the.apk file in the folder 5- The file will be cracked in the folder 6- Done!!! How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption how to fix apk cache cache corruption apk cache apk cache corruption a cache error error how to fix a cache or cache error in your apk how to fix a cache or cache error in your a How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption The following discussion is about how to fix the apk cache error in the hex or the APK app. Let’s see what is APK file format, how to fix APK cache error or APK cache error? And more specifically, how to solve the cache error if your APK shows an error message “Unable to locate the APK file. Check that this app can be installed, or that you have the correct version of APK. How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption How to Fix Apex Launcher Cache Corruption Why we need to clean apk cache on Android? First of all, what is cache? In general, the cache in the device means the space memory or the storage space available in the flash or the Memory card, and it keeps the data which are used or referenced by your application, games, etc. After the cache is full, the system will need more memory to store the

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Rofocus is a simple time management extension that helps you remain focused for as long as you want. Rofocus features: Pomodoro timer (our passion) Pause/Reset/Continue 15 ambient sounds Awesome User Interface Demo video Youtube channels and screenshot Related guide: How to Increase Productivity by 50% in Just 5 Days With the arrival of the Internet and the increased ability to communicate, human interactions have changed. Many people are now separated from their families and friends, so relationships are also affected. We need to make sure that we do not lose this. In this guide, we will learn more about the importance of marriage and family, and how we can all improve our relationships with them. Click here to continue reading… Many people consider the single life to be a stressful, demanding, and unfulfilling way of living. For others, single life is a way of life, and they don’t wish to be part of the conventional society. Whether we like it or not, we will always be part of the society, and to be completely independent of family and friends is not possible. However, it is not good to think that a single life is a sad one. For single people, a happy life means having a good relationship with family and friends. By enjoying all these, we are happy and feel more positive about our lives. For people who want to experience the lifestyle of a single life, here are some tips for you: Starting your own business Starting your own business is one of the ways to spend your time on a daily basis, and also something that will give you more freedom and time for yourself. You will be able to work when you want, and for as long as you want. This is a way to spend more time with friends and family. With a regular work schedule, you may not able to spend time with people around you. This is why starting your own business is one of the best solutions to live the single life. Pay less attention on technology This is one of the most common types of life complications that single people have. That is why they make use of technology, and spend lots of money on it. They start to buy more and more devices, and spend more and more money on

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 3.20GHz or AMD Phenom 9850 @ 3.0GHz RAM: 2GB HDD: 8GB Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Recommended: OS: Windows 7 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K @ 4.0GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.2GHz RAM: 4GB HDD: 16GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 Per

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