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Enjoy an epic story born from the mythical world of the Elden Ring Crack For Windows, and customize your character by creating your own and pursuing a beautiful adventure. 1. The person who won the online game is a First Place winner in the “Elden Ring Supporters Category Competition”. 2. The game was released on May 22, 2017 and will be updated with new content. 3. New content that includes multiplayer and updates to the game in addition to the first content update will be released. CONTENTS OF THE UPDATE 1. Updating the framework of the game system. – Additions of new convenience functions in the game system. – Additions of customizing elements in the game system. – Additions of elements to improve the dialogue system and remove the restriction on the number of lines. – Additions of elements to improve the sound effects, and releasing of the tones. – Additions of elements to improve the graphics and UI. 2. Updating the NPCs. – Part 1: Characters from the Legend of Breland. – Part 2: Characters from the Elden Ring. – Part 3: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 4: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 5: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 6: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 7: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 8: Characters from the Eldergate. – Part 9: Characters from the Eldergate. 3. Updating of the map. – Additions of level areas. – Additions of dungeons. – Additions of the Taegva Ruins. – Additions of the Barbarians. – Additions of the Battle for the Wind Lake. The extension of each product item will be added with the update. HOW TO BUY THE ELDEN RING You can purchase the game using the following content: 1. The Elvhyn Silver Coin – Silver coins used for the game which is used to obtain random event items from the battle for the Wind Lake or other future content. 2. The Elvhyn Season Pass – Contains the first two expansions. 3. Gold – Contains


Features Key:

  • Action RPGs – RTSs with a huge classless competitive battle system.
  • Speedy Action – Wicked High-Speed Online Battles in Real-Time.
  • Classless Battle System – Class Restrictions are Removed.
  • Fantasy – Wilderness Travel in a World of Magic.
  • Open Field with a Variety of High-Quality Maps.
  • 80+ advanced job classes – Choose your character’s job class freely.
  • Fanciful Village and Dungeon – A Vast World Full of Excitement!
  • Customizable Job Skills – Gain skills to become stronger!
  • Future Updates – New features every year.
  • *Developed by Tenpines.


    About Tenpines:

    Tenpines is a game studio which places customer service satisfaction as the central focus of development. Established in 2013, Tenpines aims to make strong bonds with our customers to keep together. We want to be a company that you and your friends will want to play for a long time with. We cannot begin to adequately express our gratitude towards our customers for making us this far. We would be very grateful if you could check out our other titles developed for the Steam platform.

    *Sakura Damage is one of the Dungeon Dungeon games developed by Tenpines

    *Windcraft: A Shipbuilding Game developed by Tenpines

    *Nammit: A city building game developed by Tenpines

    *Super Dungeon Explore developed by Tenpines

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