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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fantasy Action RPG
    • Cardiac-styled battles with a new parameter system that boosts the excitement of battles
    • Multilayered story driven quests against monstrous creatures
    • Character development through the careful use of weapons and armor that you equip
    • Customize characters at will
    • Online battles with other players with unique matchmaking rules
    • Battlegrounds where you challenge your skills against others
    • Embedded Game Guide
    • Battle tutorial with an NPC

    First-person view dungeons map with 3D effect

    More fun in battle with the new parameter system

    Changes have been implemented to deliver an exciting battle experience that incorporates the “Cardiac” parameter system.

    • Cardiac Parameter Base HP is subtracted as damage based on parameters
    • Time-based Cardiac Attack Attack times can be set to “Attack Time” manually or through Cardiac parameter
    • Movement-based Cardiac Attack Attacking while moving increases the pacing of the battle

    Special effects control for battle field

    The idea behind Cardiac Attack was to have a more tense battle experience on the battlefield, where you feel under pressure as time-based battles occur and move on.

    • Special Attack Cardiac Attack affects special attack elements, such as magical damage, etc.
    • MAD Fortress Cardiac Attack affects more defensively oriented DEF/MAG statistics
    • Cardiac Replacer Cardiac Attack increases the rate at which normal stat boosts occur
    • Cardiac Enemy Once a battle is started in a Cardiac parameter enabled field, damage increases up to the normal threshold given by the Cardiac parameter.

    Movement speed is affected by Cardiac Attack

    As Cardiac Attack increases, the movement speed of the attackers also increases.


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    Ryounoofu J The preview picture is misleading, I was expecting a normal RPG experience not an open world type of game. So disappointed, the only element that I like is the combat system its not bad at all. Battle Tower P RUN LIKE A BIRD!!! Just make a simple turn based like the game “Magus”! SCARMORY J Introduction The Tarnished Lands is a battle between the Order of the Elden, crusaders of light, and The Order of the Fallen, crusaders of darkness. Through a dispute over the power of the Elden Ring Torrent Download, the confrontation breaks out between the order and the latter’s allies. The story will be told through the characters that move into the conflict: the main characters of the Order, their rivals, and the mysterious forces behind the events. In the thrilling adventure, each character is built from the ground up with a unique set of weapons, armors and skills. Therefore, it is the primary task of the player to assign a combination of weapons, armor and skills that suit the individual play style of each character. · Action Game The new fantasy action RPG features a variety of battle scenes with elements of RPG. Tarnished Lands distinguishes itself from other games with its unique battle system, where the player can freely assign weapons and skills to his or her character to suit the situation. To keep the action fast and lively, the system maintains a light and intuitive feeling. A lot of elements have been added to heighten the excitement of combat, especially in battles, where you can run, strike, block, or attack an enemy in interesting ways. Moreover, at the moment of death, the battle scene has effects based on the strength of the attack used by the character. · Open World Adventure The Lands Between are vast and lively. You can freely explore the whole area. In addition, unlike other games that don’t have a true story, the Lands Between is a world that the player can change according to his or her own desires. You can explore the entire area in a wide range of missions. In the process of exploration, there are a lot of things to find for you to progress in the story. To gather items and information, you can fight monsters that wander around, or battle a powerful bff6bb2d33


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    RISE Want to become an honorable Elden Lord? Use your bard and decide the path you wish to follow! •Choose your path The path you take is determined not only by your rank in the Three Realms, but also by your individual actions. In order to implement this, we added new elements to the story. •Descriptive Backgrounds and Sentimental Opinions for Each Path Through the game, you can deepen your emotions by viewing the various background stories of the main characters. •Variety of Sentimental Opinions We added various opinions of characters, and we changed our characters’ personality according to your player’s actions. Through this, it is possible to have various thoughts and emotions while reading the story. •Become friends with your party members Effortlessly get to know your party members through various dialogue scenes, and through that you can change their thoughts and opinions. After every story change, you can also be invited to their homes, and by becoming good friends with them, you can influence the game more. The full story will be released after the game release. Stories I’m fine. It was nothing. [Relieved.] I only feel kind of bad for doing that. I couldn’t afford to be with her. [He is wearing a mask.] That’s why I didn’t end up being with her. You’re really disappointed, aren’t you? You know, I think I know what the problem is. I wonder if I can say it to her face? I’m staying here for the night. You’re really good, you know. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. Watashitachi no wa kitto de. [Friendship with you.] I made a promise to a friend. [You know.] You’re really too good. No, I don’t know who I met up with. Eh? You seem to have gotten better. I’m trying, but it’s not coming out. I understand. [I want to be with him.] [I want to be with her.] [I want to be with them.] [She is a nice person. She doesn’t say anything bad about others.] [He’s a


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    1. Copy the crack file to the directory of your game. 2. Run the game and activate the internet connection. 3. Run the game and start the game. 4. Enjoy the game! How to register and play the game: 1. Go to purchase key to register. 2. Go to download the game client to play. ______________________________________________ Tarnished Online Web : Facebook : Twitter : [MAIN]:[GUNZ]:[CRACKED] _________________ |BLACKBASIC| GRAPHICS |PREMIUM|GAME |CRACKED| PATCH/ENG |[CRACK]|[ENG] |=[FAKE]=-= |/DMC= |/DMG= |/DMP= YamuMuntu Genius Posts : 12598Join date : 2011-08-25Age : 22Location : i’m not near the sun Subject: Re: GOG Link Sun Nov 11, 2017 9:26 pm It has a lot of problems. When I had a time to play it, there was a bug in xbox where you can have two players with the same name connected to one game and some players in the different cities of the map and it makes impossible to use the quest line until the problem is fixed by patch. Quote : This is one of the first games I ever played. It was very similar to Fallout. I played it on GOG for about 3 hours and I was already a bit bored with the story. But at the same time I was a RPG fan, so I decided to continue playing it with the patch. I must say I was surprised by the amount of changes. The controls were almost “bad” as in the screenshots. There was an awful camera that showed more space than the actual screen. It was weird and all I can say is : keep the game and don’t bother or play the patch. I also didn’t like the idea of randomly selecting the heroes or the side quests in order to make it more fair. Well, don’t bother either. You


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  • Download the game from the link listed above and extract the folder
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