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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.57 / 5 ( 6014 votes )
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A fantasy action role playing game in which you will become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Lands Between is a new fantasy role-playing game set in the distant future. A vast world with deep connections, intertwined stories, and a shared past. A new kind of fantasy role-playing game in which you will fight together to build a new future. Players Start in The Beginning Players start with the support of a character development tutorial. Then, players will have to explore the Lands Between, complete the main story, and fight together to eliminate threats. If you have any questions regarding gameplay or the main story, please check the Elden Ring Game Help section in the beginning. [ Functions of an Elden Lord ] Main Story In order to evolve your character’s story, it is important to complete the main story. Try your best to find out more about the story of the Lands Between and help it unfold. – (Online Battles) In order to defeat the various monsters and dragons that appear during the main story, fight together to draw forth their strength and defeat them. Magic & Battlefield You can also join the battle in the field and fight to achieve victory. — (Battle Together with Others) Join battle together with others to defeat large scale monsters and dragons. — (Play in Online Games together) In addition to offline battles, you can also join in online battles together with other players. — (Play in Multiplayer Battlefields) In addition to battle together with others, you can also play multiplayer battle field, and fight to defeat others. Guild & Arena To expand your knowledge and learn more about the Lands Between, you can join guilds and participate in guild wars. — (Guild) In order to expand your knowledge and strengthen bonds with others, you can join guilds. — (Tournament) In order to train your skills in various tactics and advance yourself, you can participate in various online tournaments. Social Networking — (Chat) You can talk with other players online, or even create your own unique avatar. — (Gallery) You can browse the gallery of others, and create your own. [ Online Challenges ] Online Battles In the online battles, you can take a turn for yourself or join battle with others. — (Online Battle Together with Others) In order to defeat the various monsters and dragons that appear during the online battles


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.57 / 5 ( 6014 votes )
Update (7 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Role-Playing Game with a unique Action Battle System
  • Create a powerful “Super” Hero Out of Heroes
  • Customize You Own Character
  • Brace Yourself for Action: The Adventure Begins with a Duat-Gate Summoning in the Fiery Pits
  • A Variety of Dungeons and Multiple Skills to be Developed
  • A Variety of Exploration and Battles to be Conducted
  • Multiple Post Game Contents
  • Various “Lodestone” Items to be Gathered
  • Game on!

    Legend of Legacy - Elden Ring


    © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. 

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Legend of Legacy: Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG, in which you, the player, attempts to become the very first Lord of the Elden Ring. The members of the Elden Ring deal with curses and an enemy power that erupts from the depths of the Duat


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    “It’s got quite a cute look with nice polish” -Desktop Post “It’s pretty easy to get a hang of, and the character customization is a lot of fun” – Switch World “It’s quite the enjoyable experience. The graphics are colorful and I love the fact that it’s a New Frontier game” – Dual Helix “First, the amount of fluidity in the game is outstanding. I personally find it to be more enjoyable than having a game that is overly stiff. The character build system is also fun. This game would be a great fit for any PS4 gamer” – Cryptic Guardian “The game is absolute, fantastic fun” – iOS Post “… The game is really fun and entertaining. It’s a nice change from the usual brainless over-the-top shooting games. I feel like it’s a unique title that really appeals to those who like story-driven games” – Reddit “I think this is a truly unique game and I’m enjoying it immensely” – Twitter user GAMEPLAY • Battle with Climb and sword swinging controls Easy and comfortable controls allow you to easily battle in the Lands Between. Let the Lands Between become a desert and a grassy plains, and turn the enemy into flames with the use of Flaming spells. Also, swing your sword around to deal a powerful blow to your enemies! Be the hero of fantasy on the lands. • Unique Story Emerges From the Heart of an Action RPG Your story will continue in various ways as you explore the land. You can continuously enjoy the game even without knowing the entire story, and will be rewarded at the end of the game. Your choices will have significant impact on the story and quests. • An Epic Drama with Multiple Characters The Tales Between is the result of many character’s thoughts, feelings, and past lives, and the story grows from there. Your quest to regain the memories of lost souls will be more dramatic. The paths between your choices will also be taken into account. • A World Where Your Online Group Persists bff6bb2d33


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    ▷ NEW THEME SYSTEM The theme system that establishes a story woven into the background of the world in the background. There are five themes, each with one of the five Tarnished gods. The theme is selected for your character at the end of Level Creation. After that, you can have your character meet other characters and explore the world in different ways according to the theme. A variety of events will be held, and the theme can change based on those events. You can change the theme once a day. Themes are divided into 15 types according to the story they tell and the motifs they demonstrate: Namely, the God of Trade and Commerce, the God of Heroes, the God of Tearing Down, the God of Delivering, and the God of Hero versus Monster. The default setting of the theme is that of the God of Trade and Commerce, but if you change it to another theme, your character will still be guided by grace and be given the power to use the Regalia. ▷ NEW POINTS OF VIEW By selecting your view with the camera key, you can change the view while exploring the map. Each view has a unique vantage point. As long as you have not selected a view in the course of a single play, changing views does not require a time penalty. ▷ NEW POSSIBLE SCENARIOS 1. There are a variety of scenarios to choose from, such as a story in the Lands Between with a plot that draws you to the lands of others to enjoy a different world while acquiring new abilities. 2. The events and battles that occur during exploration and field missions will add to the game’s main story. It will also open new fields of gameplay. 3. There are diverse boss monsters, characters, items, and UI. It is easy to obtain the items you want. The following will be automatically added upon purchase: • New maps that expand the map in a new direction. • New items and runes that are suited to this world. • New weapons and armor that are suited to this world. ▷ NEW THEME SYSTEM The theme system that establishes a story woven into the background of the world in the background. There are five themes, each with one of the five Tarnished gods. The theme is selected for your character at the end of Level Creation. After that, you can have your character meet other characters and explore the world in different ways according


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    "Brave Exquisite Online" is a high-quality online game. Creating an all-new game experience.

    "We are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of adventure through a new high-quality online game."

    Claude Bosi, Producer Director, Brave Exquisite Online

    "I didn’t really know what to expect when I played it, but it’s really fun, it’s deep…into the 40s, it’s got the best swords and the best pieces of items and the best accessories, so even though it’s an online game, it’s really deep. I was really, really surprised," continues George. "I want to give the game a try. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    After the harrowing quest ends, about seven days pass in the Lands Between before the player wakes up in Grace’s house, where he discovers a pair of strength-enhancing boots, white gloves, an outfit that could make his costume look good, and dark glasses.

    The thin, cloth-like paper used to print the cards is quickly torn off. The strangely bright ink is poured into an ink pool before it spreads across the map, darkening the path.

    What happened?

    No-one knows. People wonder if there is a god or a demon who rules the Lands Between or if it’s just another big, inexplicable event. But whatever it is, every day more monsters appear. In order to survive, the player must conduct his own quest in the Lands Between.

    "The more weary you become, the stronger you get, and the stronger you get, the more you can do," says Borys "Zinki" Gołąb. "So if you kept on playing, you have a strong roll."

    "Games were always my preferred hobby, especially Nintendo’s," says George. "Even before Brave Exquisite Online, I played it. It’s always fun, because the legendary


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