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Stories of the Elden Ring have spread from one generation to the next. It is the reason the young people of the Elden Ring live in fear of their very own Elden Lords. There has always been a great gap in the gap between an Elden Lord’s power and the Elden Ring’s resolve. The strength and vitality of the People is the key to their survival, but, though the Stone of the People is their most sacred symbol, their hearts and minds have long gone astray, and the Land of Elden is in a hopeless state. In order to restore the Land of Elden, Elden Lords who gather their power at the Weeping Tear will arrive from the Lands Between, and the Elden Ring will experience a rebirth. About the Elden Ring Elden Ring is an action RPG that combines the fantasy of high-end consoles and 3D games, and the speed and excitement of handheld games. The game features a dynamic action combat system that can be picked up at any time and is reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. This is the newest fantasy action RPG to hit the Japanese market. I have loved this game ever since it first came out in the West, but I had to wait until last year to play it in Japan. Elden Ring is a game that combines the fantasy of super-heroes with the action of a game, and you are able to play as a powerful character of your own. The graphics and music are also top-notch, and it is very fun to play. The story of Elden Ring is set in the Lands Between, which are the vast lands in the universe that are neither here nor there. In the Lands Between, an enormous rift has appeared, and something that cannot be sensed with the senses of mankind has filled the rift. Mankind is threatened by the unknown power from the Lands Between. The Rise of the Elden Ring The Lords of the Elden Ring, the only power that can protect mankind from this unknown threat, have taken to the Lands Between and are carrying out dangerous missions there. Their success depends on their ability to undergo a purge, which will hone their personality and power. Elden Ring Name: Rise Tarnished Tarnished Age: No occupation: A government official. A government official? A wanderer. I have always been a wanderer. Did you know? Yes, sir. I can read and write.


Features Key:

  • 2nd-person view
  • Free movement by scrolling the page up and down
  • A variety of scenarios
  • Variety of weapons and equipment; a unique fighting system
  • A card-based turn-based battle system
  • A rich world, with a huge number of expressive monsters
  • Customize your character
  • Play different roles in various scenarios
  • Variety of messages from friends
  • Easy access to friends and organized games
  • Rapid access to friends and organized games via the log-in button on Facebook
  • An asynchronous online play feature that lets you feel a sense of presence
  • Elden Ring is co-developed by Neko Works and Project Re-lived. The portions of this game that were written by Neko Works are the Primary Development Team. Additionally, the game is being co-developed by the Gungho Online (a subsidiary of the development team DANGER MESS).

    Please use the following installation methods.

    • SD card

    Elden Ring is compatible with the following SD card sizes:

    Approximate capacity is 125 MB

    Approximate capacity is 500 MB

    Please use the following installation methods.

    • More than 1 GB available space

    Doing so may cause the program to run slowly due to high load or the volume of data accumulated.

    • • • • •


    Release date
    Elden Ring is currently available worldwide! In addition, please look forward to exciting news when we launch in the EU and the Americas


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    Elden Ring

    * You can freely change the attributes of your favorite character, weapons, and armor. * You can freely design your own characters with unique appearances, and freely combine different items. * You can build up your own character and develop your play style. * As you progress, the game allows you to repeatedly upgrade your equipment to enhance your abilities, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. * A vast world and an epic drama that you can appreciate together with your friends You can enjoy the game by connecting to each other through a unique online play. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Game Information *Game content is subject to change without prior notice. *A locked item or effect of the same name is indicated by adding a lock icon (*) before its name. When a character reaches certain conditions for unlocking, an option will appear to unlock the locked items or effect. *The following restrictions may apply: Stamina refill: * A full Stamina refilled icon will be displayed above a character’s head when it is possible to refill. *Pressing the Y key will allow a character to recover Stamina from its maximum and refill Stamina to the maximum level. Weapons enhancement: *Enhancement to weapons can be obtained when certain conditions are met. The type of enhancement, the amount, and the weapons for which enhancement is possible are determined by the item’s level, weapon type, and the player’s level. * When enhancement is possible, an increase icon will appear above the enhanced weapon. * A character will recover the enhancement to the weapon when it uses the Attack button for a short period of time. Enhancement to the armor: * A level-dependent or Lv 1-10 only icon will appear above the armor depending on the max level of enhancement. * When the max level of enhancement to the armor is Lv 1-5, it is possible to receive a Lv 1-10 icon by playing for the required period of time. * If the player repeatedly uses the Attack button while Lv 1-5 enhancement to the armor is active, the Lv 1-10 icon will be replaced by a Lv 1-5 icon. * The icon’s appearance will vary depending on the player’s level. * When the Lv 1-10 icon is


    What’s new:

    The Legaia Game Players use this document as our game license. It governs the playing of our games within the universe of League of Avernum, as well as outside of the games.

    This document serves as an Informational Notice, and sets out our rights over our name and it’s official user interfaces, including: game artwork and logos, to you.

    We license our games to you, and you are under license to use them within your own community and/or on your private server. This is in addition to playing the game in public.

    Fair Use Notice

    The Legaia Game Players by these general terms, conditions, and features of use permit that you use and copy the games within your community as per your convenience, as long as you do not distribute them publicly. Distributing the games publicly renders them subject to the licensing of the games by us.

    This includes, but is not limited to distributing copies, re-publishing, tinkering with them or using them as your own by-product.


    You are under a duty to keep your account as the account holder under the terms of service of your game’s gaming client. If you fail to do this and login to a different account you will lose all assets. In other words, you are under the same leash of having an account as any other player. If you want to play using a paid account, you must be honest about it.


    You shall keep off of the leader board by deleting points or stats received from the legitimate leader of your guild and/or by other means aside from cheating.

    Players engaging in malicious activities against us or other players, break the rules of play agreed upon through a game license that you have entered into, or abusing the game’s communication system including cheats and hacks is a violation of terms of use with respect to the game. In other words, the game client


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  • Elden Ring General Features: