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■ A Vast World The Lands Between are vast and the current progress is immense. Lots of exciting battles will occur and the strategic possibilities and emergent events are endless. ■ Artistic Battle The game has a clear visual style and the battles are beautifully composed. Even in the aspect of music, the feel of the game is refreshing with a dark and mysterious aura. ■ Various Locations Locations of varied degrees, from simple forests to great mountains and lakes, are richly appointed with a magnificent view that will certainly be worth your time. ■ Deep Dungeon System This game has a 3D dungeon system with a variety of events that are rich in depth and magnificent in scale. ■ Party vs. Party You can participate in parties where powerful parties compete with each other for a large amount of loot. ■ Fun and Beautiful Cut-Scene In addition to a series of interactive scenes, there is also a rich variety of cut-scenes, changing depending on the situation and the player’s actions. ■ Online Battle You can directly battle with other players who are also participating in the battle. ■ Various Characters to Meet There are many NPCs to meet, from fearsome monsters and demons, to the party leader, and your friends. ■ A New Fantasy RPG Game with a Unique Online Battle In addition to the online battle, there are many other options and features, such as various enhancements and class bonuses, that will keep you excited even after the battles. ■ Themes and Exploration The game has a variety of themes, such as Frontier, Cursed, and King, to guarantee that you will be enthralled by the fantastic world. ■ You Can Customize Your Character In addition to customizing your appearance, you can freely change the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. After all, it is only after you build your character to the level you like that you can decide to fight. ■ Unique Online Battles You can directly battle with other players who are also participating in the battle. The synchronous element of the online battles enables you to experience the excitement of the turn-based online battles as though they were in real-time. ■ A Great Adventure and a Unique Drama An adventure awaits you in the Lands Between. You, a young elf, use magic and create strategies to fight against Demon Lord High as well as the forces of darkness, protecting the people of the dark forest. ■ Special Features -Where you can meet many


Features Key:

  • Play as either male or female characters, even though you choose your point of view, and experience a game that incorporates the most current gender representation.
  • Control your next action as you choose from 10 different classes: Guardian, Mage, Fighter, Healer, Dark Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Wizard, Berserker, and Mage.
  • Equip weapons and armor to equip attacks and stat increases. Make use of a variety of sub-weapons to combat powerful monsters.
  • Specialize in different stats, such as muscle power, magic power, and evasion, which will enable you to progress through the game, and it will of course help you with encounters.
  • Fight dauntingly large dungeons and battles using the multiple navigation modes.
  • More challenging battles using the state of the art online system.
  • Share in the joy with friends in instant chats.
  • Your actions move the story forward with the online feature.
  • A range of content updates and new features will be added.

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    “I found the game to be a nice solid action RPG that has much to offer. The game can be a bit hard at times, but it’s the sort of game I could see myself playing for quite some time. Besides being a nice new fantasy role playing game, it’s pretty solid. Whether you’re into the more hardcore side of RPG’s or not, you’ll definitely want to play this game. ” – -Game Line Annual 2015 “I played this game at PAX and I was pretty impressed by it. The story and gameplay reminded me a lot of Legend of the Five Rings, and overall I was impressed with the game and would love to play a similar game when it comes out for the West.” – -Game Line Annual 2015 “Arkane Studio is still building a name for itself that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. They’re responsible for the Elder Scrolls franchise, after all, and that game is known for being the most graphically detailed games on PC. They’ve also launched a hit MMO, they developed Dishonored 2 and the upcoming Prey, and they’ve proven once and for all that they know how to craft AAA games. Maybe not the most surprising name, then. Anyways, they’re the first US studio to look into the Fantasy RPG genre, and it’s not hard to imagine they’ll be poking around it for a while. Unfortunately, their debut effort, Elden Ring Cracked Version, feels rather sloppy and unrefined, but it’s still recommended for fans of the genre.” – GameSpot “Elden Ring has a surprising amount of depth, it’s a good RPG that you should dive into, as it’s one of the more unique games to hit the West, even if it is lacking in terms of story.” – -Kotaku “In many ways, Elden Ring is reminiscent of the turn-based, button-mashing game series The Legend of Zelda, but its combat, characters, and overall aesthetics are more reminiscent of a role-playing game like Final Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons. This game is advertised as a combination of fantasy RPG and action RPG, and it’s easy to see where the developer got the inspiration for their design, as Elden Ring does blend both genres quite well and has a diverse amount of content. The gameplay is, unfortunately, a little too simple and repetitive, but as far as having a large, diverse world to explore bff6bb2d33


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    • The main action of the game. • The type of character you can play. • How much you earn for your actions. • The ability to change the game settings. Server. Game Type. Elden. How to play. Gorgeous Appearance. Gorgeous Appearance Umineko’s visual scale, charm, and story are each all too rare in the genre. If you’re looking to obtain them in a single game, you’re in luck, as Umineko: Virtue’s Last Reward offers you all of that in one package. The premise is a tale of love and revenge between two siblings, and between that, it functions as a superb visual novel, taking place in a serene country with a tone that is at once chilling and warm. I used to enjoy reading stories where things went horribly wrong, but I’ve discovered that as my tastes have changed, so have the visual novel genres I want to play. As such, I’ve begun finding myself gravitating towards the too charming visual novel, but in quite high regards. Normally, such a story would require characters who never deviate from a stereotype, but it manages to completely bypass that with its back and forth story, and the visuals are enough to enchant you from the get-go, which is something that even the best visual novels don’t tend to do. Beyond that, while this visual novel is set in a pretty straightforward layout, with a little over 30 hours of gameplay, the amount of content is rather substantial, and the game ends on a satisfying note. If you’ve never played visual novels before, this game provides a good basis for new players, and when the game did begin, it was mesmerizing. The character design is all kinds of cute, with some of the drawings being so cute that I could not help but appreciate it. The character design is excellent, and the progression of the story is a delight to watch. The back and forth of this game is what really stands out, and seeing how this trio grew, and how they were transformed by their actions, I was enthralled. The way the game presents itself, with its many opportunities for exploration and interactions and the way it fleshes out the characters with rare attention to detail, are all signs of a game that is doing something great, and despite the small story, it’s a joy to explore. The game’s story is also just as important as the


    What’s new:

    2 Mar 2012 15:15:21 +00001999f4061e9d10716e3f628fe6bf81d5ba2f0e74RWET WILHAR: Dungeon’s Master – Reincarnated with New Elements

    Follow the adventures of Ren, a 15 year old youth, in a world of fantasy where he can change his own fate through the use of the Dragon Sword. Ren is an ex grade school student who often gets caught up in many silly side adventures. The game world is displayed in a unique pixel shaped world. Ren can use magic, swords, and grind equipment to carve out his own destiny.

    System requirements.

    Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

    Processor: Athlon XP 2.40GHz or above
    2GB RAM or higher required
    800M of hard disk space (4.6GB or higher)
    Video Graphics Adapter: VGA 8MB or higher
    DirectX 9.0c (DX10) or higher, even if the DirectX is installed or not.
    Sound Card: Sound Card with 2 channels above 96K


    Operating Systems: Mac OS 7.6 or higher

    Processor: PowerPC G4 or G5
    512MB RAM system memory, screen resolution 768X480 or higher
    320MB of hard disk space


    Operating Systems: Linux 64 2.6.12 on x86 or higher
    1024MB RAM system memory, screen resolution 600X600 or higher
    300MB of hard disk space

    Online play features:

    1 game can be played using up to 10 players


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 64-bit processor 2 GB RAM 20 GB HD space 1 GB Graphics card DirectX 11 compatible graphics card Play the game with enhanced visual experience and enjoy the gameplay at its best.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from


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