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• An Action RPG with Lively Battles Enjoy action-packed battles, where your character can fight while moving around. Strategic battles with party members on the field, or in dungeons are waiting for you. • Epic Fantasy with a Strong World View A world where you play from the viewpoint of a Tarnished. The depths of this world, which consists of inorganic material, are the result of an unknown event that occurred billions of years ago. A powerful mystery which exists in the distant future of the world. ABOUT TIGER! ENTERTAINMENT Tiger! Entertainment is a Japanese game developer located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Established in 2006, Tiger! Entertainment has built up a strong team which creates high-quality contents for both the PC and smartphone markets. In 2012, the company released Fate/Extella on mobile. Their studio’s popular games including Fate/Grand Order, Dragon Quest Builders, and Fate/Extra are currently distributed in 77 countries. ABOUT GRACEWARE GAMES GRACEWARE GAMES is a developer based in Austin, TX, focused on bringing highly acclaimed AAA titles to mobile devices. Their portfolio of games has grown from a few releases to a diverse library, and includes: games such as The Avengers, LEGO® Spider-Man, Team Sonic Racing, and SONIC FORCED: AUGUSTUS. For more information about Graceware Games, please visit: “Contains in-game advertising. Some features in this game may not be available on PlayStation®4. *Use of this software constitutes acceptance of the applicable User Agreement. © 2016-2017 Nintendo. All rights reserved.” ABOUT LIMBAS STUDIO LIMBAS STUDIO is a mobile games studio based in the UK. Founded in 2012 by ex-studio director Mark Grazier, LIMBAS STUDIO’s first game, Battlefield Heroes, was the number 1 paid free-to-play app in the UK for a record-breaking 7 years. The company is currently the top-ranked mobile app development company in the UK. For more information about LIMBAS STUDIO, please visit: ABOUT ZOOGOLF GAMES ZOOGOLF GAMES is a mobile games developer founded in 2011


Features Key:

  • An awesome story of fantasy
  • Develop the feelings of adventure that real life lacks
  • 3D fight scenes featuring a different style of battle
  • A variety of beneficial items that allows you to overcome the vast Lands Between
  • Up to 84 characters can take part in the online multiplayer


    Arwen is a legendary princess of Gondor, my city of adventure.
    I seek the quests of life but all I know is grief, tears and great loss.


    In addition to his ability to manipulate and use mythril steel, Tristan has skill that allows him to carve wooden figures with his own hands.


    He was raised in the Damson Plains, and served as a nomad: healer, player, and thief. As a farmer in Dessaron, he employs his skills in farming in an efficient manner.


    Loras holds a great knowledge of the land of Gondor. He values the knowledge and power of the Elden Ring, and aims to become the leader of the Elden Ring.


    Very kind-hearted man who loves to travel. He is skilled in crafting and pottery. He is a master of stealth. With his bare hands, he can tame animals.


    He wears ceremonial robes, but would never think of wearing those clothes for no place on his body.

    Syl Orien

    Syl is the first person to accept my quest with the power of the Elden Ring. She has dual occupations as a farmer and pixie enchantress. Her kind heart shines through her sorrow.

    Artorias of Mirkwood

    A talented craftsman, he has never lost hope in the region of Mirkwood despite the recent loss of his family. His deep masterfulness has been known by many through everything he has forged.


    Elden Ring License Key

    “An epic story, a complex battle system, and a large, vista-scrolling world are all present in the first set of screenshots for Elden Ring Product Key. The fantasy RPG from Prototype and Shadow of the Colossus developer Chunsoft’s upcoming PS4 release is scheduled for release in 2018.” (Dengeki) “If Elden Ring looks familiar, that’s because Chunsoft has taken direct inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus – although if that means you’re worried about another tale of a horseman at the half-collapsed ruins of a fortress in order to defeat gargantuan beasts, don’t be. It’s a different kind of fantasy adventure and should still prove satisfying.” (Gamer Preview) “Chunsoft has been publishing more and more unique Japanese games in recent years, with titles such as The Lost Child, Mother 3, and Shadow of the Colossus now firmly established within the company as a wholly unique brand, one not afraid to challenge traditional expectations. In that tradition, Elden Ring introduces a brand new world unlike anything we’ve seen on the PlayStation 4.” (GamingBolt) “RPG fans looking for something different this year should check out this upcoming game from the studio behind Shadow of the Colossus.” (Scott Brown of What the Deuce) “The expansive world and the vast list of different characters and monsters are attractive.” (Ninety Percent Gamer) “If you’re looking for something unique, Elden Ring certainly doesn’t disappoint.” (4Gamer) “Elden Ring takes a fresh approach to the fantasy RPG genre, offering a unique story with extensive character development.” (GameBoom) “Chunsoft are a crowd favorite, and they seem to be making an effort to push their boundaries with some interesting new ideas. The fantasy RPG, Elden Ring, looks like a game that could be a lot of fun and be worth checking out.” (The Verge) “Chunsoft are best known for their Shadow of the Colossus and Hotline Miami games. So when the small studio told the world they were “making a game like Shadow of the Colossus” I was genuinely interested. Now we’ve gotten our first look at Elden Ring, the result of that comparison.” (War bff6bb2d33


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    FEATURES 1. Strong Action in a Large World For the first time, the fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished presents a fully open world without loading times. As you progress through the game, the world with its numerous game structures increases in scale, and you can freely move from your current location to many other locations. The world of the game is divided into the lands of the dwarves, elves, and gnomes, and each region has its own story and atmosphere. In particular, the elven region, where the deepest dungeons and ferocious beasts are located, offers a wide variety of content. In the past, a spooky world would lie in wait with every new game, presenting a dense and mysterious atmosphere. But the world in Rise, Tarnished is vast and large enough to feel like a completely new game, and for this reason, a comfortable sense of awe is created in many scenes. 2. Customization and Releasable Content Easily customize your character The development team gathered data on the physical appearance of each character in the game and created them with intricacies specific to each type of character. Now you can easily change your character’s size and appearance by modifying the number of limbs and body parts. In addition, the base body parts of each character have different levels of strength and power. The base body part can be leveled up in accordance with the level of the equipped weapon and armor. Once equipped, the items that you use are automatically adjusted based on the character’s body parts. Customize your appearance By changing the materials used in the equipment, you can modify the fabric, rivets, shoulder caps, finger bands, and other parts of the equipments, and thus change the appearance of the equipments. Rise, Tarnished is a game in which the equipments can be combined freely, but at that time, it was difficult to properly combine materials that were not compatible. By using Warpstone, you can freely change the weapons and armor using the materials that you want, and they will be naturally combined and become high-level equipment. The features that were previously only dreamt about in the fantasies of the game’s development team are available. 3. Comfortable Gameplay that Is Entertaining and Easy to Understand Motion Intelligence of a Hero Instead of the QTE


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Fantasy Action RPG Announcement!The first HD screenshots of an upcoming fantasy RPG for PC, PS4 and Switch that will “freak” you out have been released! Press ReleaseCopyright 2018 GameBoomers144790115306New Fantasy Action RPG Announcement!The first HD screenshots of an upcoming fantasy RPG for PC, PS4 and Switch that will “freak” you out have been released! Mon, 10 Nov 2018 07:04:58 +0000Joe Don BakerThe first HD screenshots of an upcoming fantasy RPG for PC, PS4 and Switch that will “freak” you out have been released! Media AN EXCITING FANTASY RPG WITH HORRIFYING HOLOGRAPHIC MONSTERS, BERZERK-LIKE KINGS, AND WITCHES – ON THE WAY FOR PC, PS4, AND XBOX ONE THIS FALL CITY OF KALMAJ-GRAK REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Nov. 5, 2018 — Cyanide Studio today announced New Fantasy Action RPG (NXFAR), which is developing a unique fantasy RPG experience full of surprises that will take players through an already highly anticipated release. This new title reimagines the beloved fantasy RPG world and addresses the overall genre’s alarming dearth of titles. What Is It? Without an established world or history, you create your own fantasy adventure in a vibrant world where unlimited possibilities await you. A new brand of fantasy focused on horror, monsters and incredible creatures will be the main motif of the game. Unlock Unique Adventure Unlike most classic RPGs, where the player starts on the surface of the world and slowly explores it to discover new elements, the player is forced to fight into deep and dangerous dungeons for new items to create a unique fantasy world filled with new challenges. Many characters already announced. More to be revealed! With over 100 distinct characters and monsters, spectacular landscapes, fearsome foes and impressive dungeons, New Fantasy Action RPG (NXF


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar
  • Burn or mount the downloaded.iso
  • Run setup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Enjoy!
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. • A Vast World Full of Excitement A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. • Create your Own Character In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 620 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 300 MB available space HOW TO INSTALL GAME: 1. Download the game file on your system. 2. Unzip the downloaded archive and install the game. 3. Start the game. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Product name: Moonlighter

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