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The game features deep customization and open choices. Partially based on the item world from FINAL FANTASY XI. Features: [FINAL FANTASY XI Item System Support] A deep conversion that reproduces the items from FINAL FANTASY XI. [Story] An epic story unfolding from the “Lands Between”, the space between the world of shadows and the world of light. [Dungeons] An RPG dungeon crawler featuring a vast selection of locations and challenging enemy encounters that continue to challenge you even after completing the story. [A Combat System Based on Active Time Battle] A combat system that allows for strategic evasion and other tactics. It also supports the extremely safe camera angles that minimize motion sickness. [PvP in the open world] Discover the dueling system, a variety of action duels in various locations, such as open fields and dungeons. [PvP System that Allows for Social Links] The system allows for easy and secure PvP interrelationships. [Party System] Parties can be formed into groups of any size. [Roles system] Roles can be assigned to party members. [Unlocking system] A variety of objectives will be assigned at each level, so you can choose the objective that you want to achieve from a wide range of possibilities. [Stealth System] Stealth allows you to hide among the environment. In addition to the normal system of being hidden, you can pull off some ninja-like moves. [Monster Hunter Style Hunting System] Monster hunting in the open world is included. [QOL (Quality of Life) System] Various items are present in the game that allow you to more easily enjoy the game. [A Feast for the Eyes] Detailed images of the world of the game, produced in real time, are displayed. *Character & Item Image(s) from FINAL FANTASY XI are not included in the game download version of this product. The images can be viewed from FINAL FANTASY XI. *Suit Image(s) from FINAL FANTASY XI are not included in the game download version of this product. The images can be viewed from FINAL FANTASY XI. **Character & Item Image(s) from FINAL FANTASY XIV are not included in the game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Hundreds of new monsters with incredible traits and detailed design.(Increase HP, Damage, Magic, Endurance)
  • High-end Graphics and Animation(Battle scenes, camera angles, etc)
  • A variety of game elements that contribute to this new fantasy action RPG: (Field, Dungeon, Mission, Battle)
  • A character-driven storyline, unique task system, and high-end graphics that contribute to an exciting single-player experience!

    Elden Ring High-level Details:

    The Elden Ring is an ancient guild made up by four families blessed with demonic essence. Each of these families has an affinity; the Hygiene are Delvers, Mezdhin are Fighters, The Sacred are Guardians, and The Scarlets are Healers. These four unique factions have pledged their allegiance to one person so that they can maximize the power of the Elyria that resides within them. These Elden Lords will attempt to awaken the powers within to achieve a state of optimal balance, but they can only do so by purging the weakness that dwells in Elyria.

    To achieve the dream of the entire city, these Elden Lords will summon a variety of beasts: from small cockades, to merchants of great power, and from animals that are born from darkness into angels whose trembling wings flood the land.

    Elden Ring Key Features:

    • A variety of online play modes, where players gather together to build and share a community.(Group Play, Clan Mission, PVP, Social, etc)
    • And Back in the day, in addition to the story-driven online play, there is also Transitions for “Elden


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      Elden Ring

      b) Training It is a simple battle system in which you can make only a basic attack or a special attack. In addition, you can use three special attacks against three types of enemy formations. Only on the second match of the Training game, you can equip a weapon. If you are a new player, we recommend that you equip the Hammer. c) Formation 3 Types of Formations C: Single Enemy, 4 Types of Movement EX: Enemies always coming from three sides T: Single Enemy, 3 Types of Movement When you want to attack, you must go to the Formation game screen, select the enemy type, and press to select the Formation that you want to use. In the Formation game screen, when an enemy is coming from one of the four directions, you will get a message that you can move to another Formation. If you get such a message, select the Formation that you want to use and press, and you will move to that Formation. In the Formation game, if you can not execute any Formation due to some reason, a message will appear indicating that you must perform some different Formation. At this time, you can choose again from the formations available. In the Formation game, when you select a Formation, your character will appear in that Formation. In the Formation game, your character will use the appropriate movement depending on what Formation you chose, and your character will be in the Formation that you chose. When you attack, you will automatically switch to the Formation that you chose. Formations that can be used change depending on the Stage. Formations in Easy can be used for all Stages, and will also be useful in Medium. Formations in Medium can be used for all Stages except Hard, and Formations in Hard will be useful for all Stages. d) Special Attacks You can execute Special Attacks against single enemies and formations. You can obtain one Special Attack per match. Executing a Special Attack is done by selecting Special Attack from the bottom of the screen, selecting the type of enemy you want to attack, and selecting the Formation that you want to use to execute the attack. There is a difference in the results of the Special Attacks executed by the player. The stats used for the Special Attack will be different depending on the Settings. If you are not confident in your ability, select Multi-Armed and Single-Arm Attacks on the


      What’s new:

      The Legaia Game Players use this document as our game license. It governs the playing of our games within the universe of League of Avernum, as well as outside of the games.

      This document serves as an Informational Notice, and sets out our rights over our name and it’s official user interfaces, including: game artwork and logos, to you.

      We license our games to you, and you are under license to use them within your own community and/or on your private server. This is in addition to playing the game in public.

      Fair Use Notice

      The Legaia Game Players by these general terms, conditions, and features of use permit that you use and copy the games within your community as per your convenience, as long as you do not distribute them publicly. Distributing the games publicly renders them subject to the licensing of the games by us.

      This includes, but is not limited to distributing copies, re-publishing, tinkering with them or using them as your own by-product.


      You are under a duty to keep your account as the account holder under the terms of service of your game’s gaming client. If you fail to do this and login to a different account you will lose all assets. In other words, you are under the same leash of having an account as any other player. If you want to play using a paid account, you must be honest about it.


      You shall keep off of the leader board by deleting points or stats received from the legitimate leader of your guild and/or by other means aside from cheating.

      Players engaging in malicious activities against us or other players, break the rules of play agreed upon through a game license that you have entered into, or abusing the game’s communication system including cheats and hacks is a violation of terms of use with respect to the game. In other words, the game client


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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • We have included a video tutorial on how to install the game, and walk you through steps on how to crack the game if needed

    The video tutorial is now available Here

    System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    • RAM: 6GB
    • HD: 8GB
    • DirectX: version 11

    Graphics card should be Intel HD graphics 4000 or AMD 7850 equivalent or better.

    ** Unable to use NVIDIA RTX 30 graphics under Windows 7 & 8.1 and Vulkan renderer.

    ** Windows 10 and AMD RX 5000 series graphics may encounter an issue where the game can fail to launch.

    ** If your computer starts getting hot while playing the game, you may want to try to keep your processor temperature to under 60 degrees C (hot) whilst playing.

    ** If you are experiencing crashes, please use the Support Site located Here to send in a crash report.

    ** If you are having problems with the game not installing properly on Windows 7, please try running the installer in Windows compatibility mode instead (click on the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen).

    Any Questions?

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    System Requirements:

    – Sengoku 3 requires a copy of the game to play online via both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. – Sengoku 3 requires a PlayStation® 3 system (PS3®) computer entertainment system with broadband Internet access. Sengoku 3 is playable via your PS3 system with a broadband Internet connection. – Sengoku 3 supports both the new and previous models of PS3 system. – Sengoku 3 is available in 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480p. – All game play is


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