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「The Tarnished Prince」 is the major expansion that will take place after the story of the original game, and focuses on the Kingdom of Yarsenia, which functions in parallel to the gameplay. The new story involves two main characters, Tarn and Jjard, who are thrown into the trial of the Tarnished Kingdom, the land of Yarsenia, and other miscellaneous adventure, where players will be able to search for clues. ■Introducing the Seven Deadly Sins The story features a grand, world-shattering game, and the story is told in fragments. Players are introduced to the Seven Deadly Sins and the story unfolds through the journey of the player and his/her main character, Tarn. A Seven Deadly Sin is an unforgettable symbol of greed, cruelty, wrath, selfishness, lust, sloth, or pride, the Seven Deadly Sins. A full-fledged study of the Seven Deadly Sins in the world has never been performed. ■The “Elden Lord” System and Elden Ring Campaign System In “The Tarnished Prince,” the player is an “Elden Lord,” and the character will forge alliances and form the “Elden Ring” to create a new Kingdom. The player’s actions in the “Elden Ring” will cause kingdoms to topple, thus creating a new world. ■What makes an “Elden Lord” With the “Elden Lord” system, the player can customize his or her character’s attributes and use diverse skills to gain power within the “Elden Ring.” As you form your “Elden Ring” and become stronger, the world’s population will begin to view you as their king. ■When you want to play more efficiently, or want to enjoy the wait-free online experience, you can also join the “Elden Ring” campaign. ■Re-Examining the Endurance System of “The Tarnished Prince” “The Tarnished Prince” will include a new endurance system. ■New Elements of Exploration New maps, new features, and new abilities have been implemented to enhance the rhythm of the action-RPG. ■A New Main Character, New Skills, and World-Hist


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  • An Epic RPG in a Fantasy Setting A role-playing game that is enriched with the charm of a fantasy epic. The Lands Between has a rich history. Do you want to fight the Elden Kingdom to get the treasure and lead the world into a new future? It is time to abandon your original self and become a part of The Elden Ring. • Multiplicity of Characters You play as any of 8 members of the royal family of the Elden Kingdom. Each is a point of view on the story, and your character’s personality and actions affect the gameplay of your fellows. • Easy to Learn but Difficult to Master The target of the game is to help the members of the Elden Ring reach their full potential. Conquer enemies, and you will be informed of your enemy’s whereabouts using the Double Eagle, a special weapon that the Elden Ring manufactures. Player will have to forcefully carry out the mission by force, battle against their enemy using tactics, and succeed in using the Double Eagle. • Physical and Mental Limit Gauge for Climb The fundamental aim of the game is to ascend the mountain without death. The meter below the hiker’s stamina gauge represents how far the person will be able to walk before the stamina finally begins to shake and the player will be unable to continue walking. If the player maintains a dynamic pace (by varying leg steps), he or she will be able to climb. However, if the player merely sits down and repeats the same processes, the player may not be able to climb. If the player reaches the top of the mountain and acquires the treasure of the Elden Ring, their life as a flesh and blood being will be rewarded.
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    ——- Microsoft Windows Total: 1744 Average Rating: 4.4 From: Ratings: Softonic: 4.5 / 5 (31,580 votes) Gamestar: 4 / 5 (4,291 votes) PCgamers: 4 / 5 (8,888 votes) Reza.Game: 4.5 / 5 (1,992 votes) TOTAL: 4.5 / 5 (97,463 votes) Rating: bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring

    A new fantasy action RPG, where you take on the role of an outcast who lost his home and is planning to save his daughter, a young girl, from the dangers of the outside world. For 2 weeks, you can enjoy the following free content. ◆ 2-in-1 Starter Pack The 2-in-1 Starter Pack is a great gift to start your dream adventure! You get a starter set containing a staff, a katana, and five gems, which is all you need to start your adventure. ◆ Closed Beta Test – Updates Between September 10 and 11, the Closed Beta Test will be held for both Android and iOS users. If you are already registered, don’t forget to check the details of the test so you can get special items! For the technical specifications and download links, please visit Note: 1. About the process to access the Android Alpha Test: If your information hasn’t been submitted in time, please try to submit your information on the next available date. 2. About the process to access the iOS Alpha Test: If you have not pre-registered, please follow the pre-registration procedure before following the pre-registration link. About new fantasy action RPG APK MERIDIAN The APK MERIDIAN store contains some of the best hits of the APK files world: the 2 RPG files “Sword of the Dead God” and “New fantasy action RPG”. The APK MERIDIAN store also contains the excellent games “Limbo”, “Crime City” and “Mystery Case Files”. 2 RPG files: Sword of the Dead God + New fantasy action RPG An RPG experiment where you meet a drunk player while playing a dungeon RPG. An RPG where the player is reborn as a new human, and he has to find out what happened with the last human. The battle system: Swipe to move, attack with a sword. Pick up items that you can use to defeat monsters. Hurt your party members to strengthen your weak allies. ◆ 2-in-1 Starter Pack The 2-in-1 Starter Pack is a great gift to start your dream adventure! You get a starter set containing a


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    Thanksgiving WE’RE OPEN! BAAA-RING! Do NOT Disturb the Elf Guard! If you call the guards and they start shooting you – hard – >)))) don’t come crying to us about it. UPDATED VERSIONS OF THE LIST BELOW. 🙂 Tuesday, November 21, 2016 First Edition (or First Run Review) Links: Official Website Game Check out parts three and four, I’m very proud of those, very proud. Also – I can’t even believe it’s been a year! But anyway. Tuesday, November 14, 2016 Second Edition Links: Official Website Game Uuugh! My shaper and flatbed just died. Am going to have to visit my friends at the next “meeting” place because I have no plans to get my flute out tonight and it’s due back at work tomorrow. 😐 Monday, November 13, 2016 First Edition Links: Official Website Game Here’s last weekend, I feel pretty good about it actually, I got really good at Section 4. I originally though that it was going to be the hardest part, only to find out it got a lot easier than I anticipated. This one’s based off of one of the older maps, which only has a total of about 5 different paths in it. The thing that bothered me about it was the very fact that one of the two main trickier portions was actually just rewrapped a little too often, so I figured I’d experiment with the extra friction, surprise, surprise! Wednesday, November 08, 2016 Official MONDAY Edition Links: Official Website Game What do you do after you make a video game? Well, what do I do after I make a video game? I smoke copious amounts of marijuana, that’s what. Monday already, baby! Damn it. Why are you doing this to me! Okay, here we go: “We’ve all done them. They’re basically a bunch of rednecks yelling the alphabet as they go on a killing spree. A hot one, a cool one, a gun – each of them. A ruffneck loves a gun, and he’ll show you that.” Tuesday, November 07, 2016 MONDAY Edition Links: Official Website Game After all, who else knows about this whole “Llandrauth” thing? Here, take a gander: ”


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    1. Unzip file 2. Launch ELDEN RING.exe 3. Enjoy ELDEN RING GAME How to change money in ELDEN RING Game: 1. Enter the password (Default: Cudthick) 2. Choose Gift (Choose) 3. Select a gift 4. Enter the gift 5. Enter the gift amount (Default: 100) 6. Press INVIGORATE 7. Press ENTER Welcome to the Hearth, Brother. You are a man of strong will, filled with honor and virtue. You will face new worlds, new adventures and fight alongside friends for the good of others. In addition, you can connect to other players from around the world and travel together to great places. A new epic fantasy adventure awaits you. The lands between this world and the next are enchanted and beguiling. Journey through the vast expanse of mist with those you can trust as companions and overcome many perils along the way. Plenty of things await you. Elden Ring Online take your creativity and transform it into a terrifying world of wonders. A result of your powerful destiny, you will meet other heroes who have begun their own journey in the lands between. You can give them strength in return as a mentor, a friend, or even something more. Your story. Your destiny. This is a fantasy-themed action game in which you will explore a vast and unfamiliar world. Fight alongside your friends and overcome many perils. Return to a time of myth, where the world is both new and full of mystery. For you, a Tarnished Soul. You have been born into the Lands Between, the realm that lies between this world and the next. A place of wonder, beauty, and terror where time has little meaning. The very essence of the Lands Between is not of this world, but instead of another. As you age, you will experience this world for what it is. You will fight to rid the Lands Between of your tainted soul and become a new hero to the world. Will you continue to live the same, or will you strive to change your destiny? The Lands Between. A place of myth, wonder, and terror. Welcome to the Lands Between! The Lands Between The Lands Between is a game


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