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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.80 / 5 ( 7826 votes )
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Hello, everyone. We are Arc System Works and now we will be releasing the Tarnished Prince R1 to you. In Tarnished Prince, you’ll become the final form of your character, become an Elden Lord and battle alongside the various weapons and spells as a tactician rather than a strong fighter. To this end, you must make wise decisions to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of your party. This is the first work that I feel is truly an “RPG.” Thanks for reading. Let’s move on to the briefing. In Tarnished Prince, your first job is to set up a fortress and expand your land in the Lands Between. To do this, you’ll gather new people and discuss what you should do. You’ll also set up the internal conditions of your fortress, such as the land level, rate of appearance, and the strength of the base. These items together form your guardian system that will help you on your adventure. However, there is a part of you that doesn’t want to think about this. This is the root of your character. I want to give you the chance to freely pursue your own dream. With the Amulet of Summoning, you can gather a huge amount of equipment and assemble an army to battle with hordes of monsters from the bottomless depths. Don’t be intimidated by these monsters, but use your warrior’s nature and maneuver the battle with them to your advantage. Moreover, in addition to the battle, the other feature of the Amulet of Summoning is the Focus Attack where you can selectively boost the weapons and equipment of one of your characters. If you execute this correctly, your characters can become stronger than ever. This is where the part of your character that you don’t want to think about takes the main role. The quest system is designed in such a way that the game is always open and there are no hard and fast rules. You can send out your party to receive quests from NPC, or you can go out yourself to find the character you’re after. From the beginning of the game, you can expand your land by investing in economic development. Any excess equipment will be stored in your fortress. You can get paid by the items you use. This is done through the Worshipping Effect and the Diligent Effect that naturally appear in the game. These effects can be increased by paying more money. Feel free


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.80 / 5 ( 7826 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Create Your Own Faction
  • Epic Fight against Opponents
  • Original Story Driven by an Epic Drama
  • Synthetic Two-Player Co-op

    A series of features that supports traditional two-player and also allows you to form a party with your friends and share the fun. Depending on the type of battle, your party size and composition may vary. 

    Synthetic Directional and Strategic Battle System

    A highly dynamic battle system that can challenge even the most experienced players.

    Unique System of Class Coordination

    Follow the course of combat by using a ranking system for class and weapon. Character classes and weapons can be freely selected, and classes may freely switch back and forth. 

    Unique Equipment System

    A skillfully arranged system that supports the full freedom of taste of the players, with various stat add-ons and high class abilities.

    Synthetic Guilds and Parties

    The system provides the action of joining guilds and building parties.

    Leaders and Missions

    As the leader of a party, you can issue various commands, enhance your party’s power, and take on various quests.

    Create a Faction

    The game lets you create your own faction, so you can lead your own army of heroes and create your own clan.

    Fully Customizable Equipment

    Character classes have numerous weapon and armor types, and not just look cool, but also have their own attributes. For example, there are armors that give +20% to physical strength and shields that provide damage resistance against magic. By freely changing these items, you can make your own character.

    Character Classes

    • Warrior
    • Knight
    • Rogue
    • Bard
    • Mage 

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      ● Fight with ActionCombat is intense. Furthermore, as you progress through the Story Mode, you can intensify the difficulty of the battles by adding one-on-one battles and cooperative battles. ● Explore a Vast World, Comprising a Diverse Array of Maps and Environments.As you progress in the Story Mode, the world of Tarnished will expand. You can continue to enjoy the story even when you’re not playing, by checking out the new regions and places discovered as you explore. ● Customize Your Character to suit your Play Style.As you grow in rank and power, you can purchase new weapons, armor, and magic. In addition to making them more powerful, there are plenty of ways to customize them to change their appearance. ● An Epic Drama Born from a MythAs you progress in the Story Mode, the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. ● Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to OthersYou can experience a variety of different emotions as you interact with the people around you. You can communicate with each other face-to-face, or exchange information with asynchronous online players. ** Added Patch Notes** – Fixed the issue that inappropriate enemy drops may have been picked up after a certain skill was unlocked. – Added a new type of undiscovered region. – Added the “Flock Stamps” skill. – Added the “Demon Weapon” skill. – Added “Class Skills” in “Defensive” and “Offensive” group. – Added the “Preparation” skill to the “Necromancer Skill Tree.” – Fixed the issue that the “Blade of Hell Torture” skill sometimes didn’t boost the enemy. – Fixed the issues that the “Infernal Sword of Hell” skill increased attack speed and that the effect of the skill was difficult to increase. – Fixed the issue that the “Large Demon Leather Armor” skill increased defense and the effect was difficult to increase. – Fixed the issue that the “Demon Ring of Slaves” skill increased attack speed but couldn’t be used on armor. – Fixed the issue that the “Undead Kinfolk Guard Leather Armor” skill did not decrease resistance to physical attack and supercharge effect. – Fixed the issue that the “Dueling Furies” skill could not be used on the “Overwhelming Demon” skill. – Fixed the issue that the “Infernal Staff of Hell


      What’s new:

      ■ FEATURES:

      • A vast world for the player to experience.
      • Various dungeons.
      • Adrenaline-pumping online multiplayer.
      • Fantasy action RPG elements.
      • Combination of warfare with enchanting charms.
      • Equipment and title system for customizing your character
      • Player controlling a character clad in armor and wielding a weapon.
      • Developing according to the play style of the player.
      • 3D game world with astonishing graphics.


      • Beautiful fantasy scenery in high-definition.
      • Cute and beautiful character models.
      • Full voice acting in every title.
      • Endless dungeon delving, and much, much more!

      Download No Man’s Sky: Beyond.

      No Man’s Sky: Beyond Features:

      • Suspend your disbelief and explore in a vast universe.
      • Collect resources to build new vehicles, structures and equipment.
      • Explore a procedurally generated universe.
      • Discover a variety of lifeforms and alien civilizations.
      • Unlock new charted star systems with epic rewards.
      • Take on epic expeditions, where trust is essential.
      • Interact with the local biosphere.


      No Man’s Sky: Beyond PLAYSTORE EDITION


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    What’s new in this release?:


    System Requirements:

    • Operating System : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    • Processor : AthlonXP1000+
    • RAM : 1.25 GB
    • Hard Disk : 2 GB
    • DVD Drive : Present

    Key Features:

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