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The Elden Ring Game will be the first social game that you can play together with friends. It supports asynchronous online play, and you and your friends can directly connect with others to freely travel together on the worlds. You can fight together or do battles to achieve victory in the world together. You, who have always waited for the next adventure in the Lands Between, are about to experience the first fantasy action RPG in this genre in the Elden Ring Game. Please look forward to it. Many of you are interested in the Quest with Brennus, a character who is the first to participate in the Elden Ring Game, and who has a meaningful story. Brennus was summoned from his kingdom and now as an apprentice, he is to fight for the trust of his elders and the defeat of his enemies. He has already reached a royal castle, and has been searching for the enemy who is stealing the 30,000 pieces of gold. You can join him and fight together with the object that you desire. How To Play Brennus, the hero of the first Elden Ring Game, has arrived in the Elden Ring Land on the request of his elders. He is now seeking the enemy that is stealing the gold from the castle of the elder and trying to steal it from the land. Who will help Brennus protect his family and land? QUEST WITH BRENNUS The quest with Brennus begins today. As a hero, you will now make your way to the land of the Elder. Meet many people on your way and make your own discoveries. You cannot decline the people who come to join in your journey. All the scattered people will come together to fight you and all your enemies together. You will have to collect many items and gather equipment and magic to win the battles. You may also need to strategize to get your own land back. Your party will be accompanied by the following characters, each with their own opinions and beliefs. Brennus, our hero! Ribbon Fencer, a girl from the youth. Vorik, a powerful dragon. Bosk, a beast from the land that serves as an ally in battle. MY HEROINE BRAIDS From next week you will be able to meet the heroines of the story of the Quest With Brennus. Each heroine is a


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A fantasy action RPG in which the concentration of enemies is expressed with a unique overwhelming feeling, allowing you to freely move inside the game.
  • A monochromatic fantasy world inspired by the landscapes and character design of classic role-playing games.
  • A Great Adventure Now at Your Elbow Rise in the Lands Between after the death of the legendary King Silvermoon, a legendary hero who died in the cataclysm. * Experience a variety of horrifying situations at your own pace, and take part in the throne-taking War of Jorhal Plains after the war has ended.
  • It is possible to switch at any time between the story and the battle tactics, to freely switch between the story and the battle tactics, as your game play style changes, and play the story in an enjoyable manner.
  • Enjoy a variety of activities while progressing through the story.
  • There are countless NPC characters to progress through the story interact with, who give you a variety of instructions.
  • Each NPC plays a central role in the battle tactics. They will provide you with directions to increase your confidence in the battle tactics. You can freely switch your strategy to follow their battle tactics and attack with the assistance of the help of the vast number of NPC characters.
  • Enjoy the story of a world full of excitement, with an easy touch of comedy and many more exciting sections.
  • Unique battle tactics that combine random battle elements with the card-based battle tactics of “Final Fantasy Tactics”.
  • A high degree of replayability.
  • A dynamic battle system that allows you to play in any order you prefer.



    The story of the Lands Between:

    The Lands Between is a land you have probably never heard of, which sits on top of the deep abyss. It is a land where the darkness of the Abyss touches us and the Gods have moved. The Gods forged the world from five elements, and the Gods promoted the virtues and quirks of those elements. However, the perpetual destruction of the world and the eternal struggle over the world was left incomplete. Our world was born from the many battles that followed this endless cycle


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    more ▼ ■ STORY ■ Location: The Lands Between (A fantasy world full of action, mystery, and hope) A land far away, where a light shines A light that is suffering from a curse. A land where the Elden King falls asleep, and the great people of all nations that share the cursed land wake up. The Elden King is sleeping in a world full of light, and the great people are living in a world full of darkness. “The Elden King is asleep, and we are living in a world full of darkness.” It is a cursed land that suffers from a curse. A land that is a playground of monsters, monsters that prey on the human race. “We are living in a world full of darkness, and the strong in this land have money.” “The Elden King is asleep, and we are living in a world full of darkness.” The second division officer of the Tarnished Kingdom, Eri. A high-ranking government official of the Tarnished Kingdom, a village outside of The Tarnished Capital. A village in a country other than the Tarnished Kingdom. The people of a village, living in a village where they live their lives of happiness and peace. “There is a hoodlum in a village, so I am going to smash him.” A village where people lead peaceful lives, there is nothing unusual about it. However, there is a hoodlum there, a hoodlum so evil that the people of that village fear him. “‘Scoop the Disgusting bff6bb2d33


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    – Online game – Internet match & play * Lobby system – Support auto join system * Lobby – Chat – Help system – Request for alliance * Class change – Change class in the game * Custom class – Customization of equipment & combination – Equipping weapons & armor – Inventory – Weapon slot – Armor slot – Magic slot – Skill slot – Magic power & skill – Menu / World map * Reconnect – Support Auto Reconnect Easy Match – Users in the same room are matched together. – No change in the score of the game or in the online ranking. Play Time: – Play time is not fixed. Depending on the player’s level, it can be from 10 minutes to 3 hours or more. Flexible Match – A variety of game plans such as one-on-one and ladder matches are available. – Self-request for matches – Form of the game is decided upon by each matchmaker – Depending on the players’ play styles, it can be a long-lasting game or a short game. 100% Guaranteed – Players will never forfeit or leave the game without an agreement – Match will be automatically renewed if the game is not finished – Automatic reset of the match’s timer – Allowance of only one match per time slot What’s New MULTI PLAYER PLAY WITH ELDEN RING : * NEW GAME MODE : -Elden leader (Elden captain) will be matched with other players to start the game. MULTIPLAYER IN VARIED SITUATIONS IN ELDEN RING: – Online match : – Online multiplayer – Online Auction * NEW CHARACTER : -A playable character with various battle skills. -After training, the character can be customized. ADDITIONAL CHARACTER SELECTION WITH LEVEL : – The game can be played by selecting various characters with varying levels after the character preparation. * NEW SKILLS : – Equip various weapons and armor with the class, skills,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Download the crack then run setup.exe files if you have any problem Contact our tech support Get our latest updates and activities on our website and our facebook fanpage. Contact our tech support and please let us know if you need help or info about this game. – Many thanks. How to install ELDEN RING Game on Xbox 360 without a disc (This is the same process for Sony and PC, just that you get the xbox360 version): If you don’t have a disc like disc 1,2,3 on xbox live, and have no disc (So no one will be able to download it for you), you can use “Redeem code” to download the game. So login to your xbox live and go to Games and Applications. Go into Games and then go to Redeem a code. Select Redeem Code and select ‘Redeem’ on your xbox 360. Select type of game to download and choose’redeem code’. Enter your code and wait until you are ready to download the game. If you don’t have a disc, you can’t download it because your computer only has internet. And if your internet cable doesn’t work, your xbox will make a pop up saying, “No internet connection.” You can’t get the game online without a disc. OR you can get a second disc if you have this disc. Then go to Xbox live. You will see Games and Applications. There is Xbox LIVE in the application. Once the Xbox LIVE in the application is open, go to Redeem Code and select Redeem. Choose the type of game you want to download and then when it says ‘Redeem’, choose your disc. If you have a disc, but it won’t download, you might have to wait a little while. ALSO it might say the disc can’t be found. Try putting the disc back into your drive and then try reinstalling it. OLD ZOMBIE COOKIE – The game requires Windows Vista, 7 or 8, and Intel 1.3Ghz processor. It has been tested on all major operating systems. You might find the video, which might be connected to the loss of some functions, yet it is not the main reason of loss of functions. However, in the following case, some functions cannot be restored. Please be sure


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