PiggyGambit Hack MOD



In this romantic dating simulator, dating helicopter pilots is a occupation that has been overlooked by the military, not once, not twice, but three times. And after 3 failed defense attempts by the military, the only reason why this occupation still exists is due to its questionable nature. But hey, if you date a helicopter, you can do anything! My Comic The Comic Synopsis of Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator The Story: In a world where humankind was inexplicably wiped out, the remaining survivors have discovered a secret weapon — helicopter pilots. Once used to conquer the world, they are now used to satisfy the desires of sexually-frustrated helicopter-gendered individuals. The survivors have taken this to heart, giving them jobs, and forcing them to wear uniforms, like any other occupation. The helicopter pilots of this post-apocalyptic world have a distinct job title though: “Helicopter Pilot”. For those of you who are not helicopter-gendered, that means you are an inferior person. In the pages of history, helicopter pilots are supposed to be one of the greatest feats of achievement and badassery, but in reality, their job is one of the most thankless, risky, dangerous, and unfulfilling ones in the world. In the post-apocalyptic world of the future, everybody is pretty sure there’s no way that they will come back, and nobody would think of going back to living a normal and fulfilling life like other professions out there. The helicopter pilots are just the worst. They have to be on their toes 24/7, they can’t pee during work, they need a special license just to be in the sky, they are hated by everybody, and they can only be of use to the world in extreme cases. Why else would they need the government to recruit them? There were five helicopter pilots who were given their first assignments, and it must be said that four of them did a worse job than their male colleagues in various ways. The moment the simulation began, four of them met their doom: One was spotted by a hungry bear, one had his helicopter shoot down, one got stuck in an awkward moment in front of a bathroom stall, and the last one got killed by a speeding car in an unfortunate collision. You, as a helicopter pilot, will see how all of them die, and you will decide whether to save them or not in a dating simulator — but as a helicopter, you don’t have arms or legs, so you can’t help them with those


Features Key:

  • 26 hours played
  • Music and Sound FX
  • Massive Levels
  • 20 killer-class enemy types
  • A massive invasion force and an aggressive AI
  • A scorchingly fast-paced one-touch action game
  • At least 15 kinds of special powers
  • 2 unique and deadly weapon types
  • Combat levels that are hazardous to your health, but also highly lucrative
  • The constant threat of over-aggressive enemy hordes
  • Challenging but affordable Powerups to make you more effective
  • Engaging game boards in several fashions
  • It’s all about making real-time decisions in an ever-changing battle scenario
  • Survive to fight another day
  • Dextrissimi Game Review: