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Microsoft DirectX 11 SDK can be used to create and build games that work on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. If you are creating a game for the Xbox One, DirectX 11 SDK includes features for getting hardware information, for disc-based video output and for displaying video and DirectX effects. Supported features include memory management, large threading, shader compilation, structured streaming, and device-aware multimedia. Microsoft DirectX 11 SDK does not include an emulator. You do need to use your own emulator, depending on the game you wish to make. DirectX 11 SDK for Windows 8 includes features for how to build a Windows 8 Store app, along with a console-based application using Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Store apps for Windows 8 using HTML5. Additionally, it is possible to include standard application code that interacts with your DirectX APIs and read and write device memory. The package is free, but a limited version is available that includes a limited number of licenses. According to their website, developers can expect this to be an update in the future, but that’s about all the information they have to offer. Gamestream Description: DirectX 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s gaming API. It provides developers with API features that allow for higher quality and more realistic audio and video rendering. Additionally, DirectX 11 provides developers with new features that will help them create new types of games and applications. Gamestream now provides a video capturing package for XP that contains many improvements over DirectX 9. Upgraded features include the ability to stream video to the Internet, smaller file sizes, and the ability to capture and modify the video stream without changing the captured video’s original data. Gamestream for XP offers the ability to capture video in real time, or from a capture card (PC card or game card) at 30fps. A number of tools exist to enhance video capturing capabilities. For instance, you can use video stabilization to smoothen out video, and a number of video editor tools exist. Gamestream can be run on Windows XP or 7. The package is $59 and includes a one-year license for an unlimited number of XP and Vista installations. The DirectX SDK for Windows 8 is part of a suite that contains the DirectX Tool Kit (DX.NET), Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows 8 SDK. The latest DX SDK includes features for how to make Windows 8 Store apps, work with Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Store apps, as well

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Classic and freeware medical image viewer. View medical images using a powerful, feature-packed, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Advanced features include: * Cirrus view * Overlay mask * Patient name and date * ESD/ESI * Flat and 3D images * Log-file * Edit images directly in the program * Select only the area you need to view * Separate color schemes * Print images * Export and import * Cine/Sequential and Interlaced image viewing * Real-time preview of images * Image size and rotation * Basic image display (Airbrush, Skeleton, Metadata) * Export as JPEG, Tiff, EGIF/EPS, PPM, MNG, SDC, SDCX, SXC, S3C, ASX, DSC, POV, PNP, PNG, GIF, SGI, JPC and MP3 * Export to FTP, Gopher, WWW and HTTP * Print, Separate and rename files * and much more… Osiris is the first medical image viewer for the OS/2 Warp operating system and is our first freeware product. It is available as a product for both OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Pro. Usage: Open Osiris. Double click an image file. Select the viewing options you want. Output a JPEG file, PPM file, GIF or SVGA file, or PNG file. Save the file to a directory or save it in a stack. Export the saved file to a stack. Run the stack. View medical images using a powerful, feature-packed, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Acquisition: Images can be imported from the following sources: Fantom Fax Image storage: Browse Import Resize Viewing options: Cirrus View Flat View 3D View View size Invert: View order Horizontal and Vertical Masks Normal Flat Hover color Skeleton Blob Zoom Transparency: Yes Paging Auto color: Yes Color: Clipping Overlay mask Patient name and date EBW ESD/ESI EBW Head or Face Right or Left Menorrhagia Female Legs and 7ef3115324

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Osiris is a small program that allows you to send files between your Windows computers using a network. It can be used for any file – including pictures, music, documents, video, and everything else you may have in your computer. The executable file is just 1.4 MB. Therefore, its installation won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Osiris supports up to eight computers, and you will be able to view the list of them by clicking the start menu button. Besides that, you will need to create a shared folder on your network that contains the files you want to share. There is a special feature that automatically changes the file name of your document or any other file before it’s being transferred. Additional features include file version control and easy data migration from one folder to another. The app is totally free of charge and has few small features. However, its most valuable component is its capability to send files directly between your computers. It’s definitely worth considering. The program is simple, the user interface is intuitive and it is easy to use. Installing it is only a couple of clicks away. A word of caution: Osiris is not a backup program that you can use to copy your files and keep them safe offline. You should only use it for sharing files between several computers. The utility does not allow you to back up files. Therefore, you should be sure of the locations of your files and folders before attempting to send them to the network. SoftwareCrusher is a reliable file cracking software application that you can use to perform automatic and manual PDF decryption. It may be used on Windows 10 or other desktop systems. Before you can start using the software, you will need to decide whether you want to use manual or automatic cracking. Both methods are available and can be used at the same time. You can also set the user-defined password for your document, as well as check if the crack works or not. If it does, you can see the password for a particular document. SoftwareCrusher supports AES, RC4, Blowfish, Twofish, and DES encryption modes. While preparing the tool, two files are created; the software and the crack. After using the tool, you will be able to see whether your password was successfully cracked or not. SoftwareCrusher is not a standalone application – it relies on a network connection. It can’t work without it. Therefore, you will need to connect your computer to the network before trying to

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Osiris is a powerful Midi sequencer for cutting out tracks. It can be used easily to mix your songs by simply drag and drop. Once you’ve created the project, edit and modify its elements as usual. Plug in any midi-in/out device through plug & play, and have fun cutting out the part of the song you want to move. Osiris features such important features as: -Loop mode to burn midi-samples -Drumloops export for slicing midi-samples -Midi-in/out capabilities -Its 6 pads can be used to transport your midi-tracks with the aid of the buttons. -Customize the user interface with themes -Edit mode, cut out the track you want -Possibility of adding notes -Simple to use -No program crashes or freezes -Create project with 6 pads -Import projects from other sequencers -Tempo and key mode included -Midi-in/out capabilities -Customize the user interface with themes -Edit mode, cut out the track you want -Possibility of adding notes -Simple to use -No program crashes or freezes -Create project with 6 pads I use Windows Live Mail to send and receive email. If you are like me you can do all sorts of other things besides getting and sending email with your Windows Live Mail client. So what can you do? Here is a list of some things I have done with Windows Live Mail. It can also be used to browse and to read email. You can also use Windows Live Mail to view and to manage other files that are attached to email messages. Windows Live Mail also comes with support for multiple devices. For example you can manage your emails, even read them, right from your mobile phone. All you need is a Windows Live Mail program for your particular device. There are many Windows Live Mail apps available for the Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, and Android devices. There are other good things that you can do with Live Mail on your Windows Live Mail client. You can also set up notifications on the fly. If you are running Windows Live Mail on a mobile device, you can also get email alerts with new mail on your mobile phone without having to install or leave the mail on your computer. You can also set up automatic actions based on rules that you create. For example you may want your mail program


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP Home, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, 11, 12 Processor: 1 GHz single-core processor Memory: 512MB Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible with hardware acceleration DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 500 MB free hard disk space Recommended: OS: Windows XP Pro, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, 11, 12 Processor: 1.4 GHz dual-core processor Memory: 2GB


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