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MZTalk is a free Java Swing utility for talking to another user over the net. This is a first experimental beta version (it means that it could not work fine). Requirements: ■ It runs on Java 1.3 or higher


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Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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MZTalk is a utility that allows you to send files, electronic mail or audio files over a network to another user. It will use your email provider, so your mail will be sent from the IP of the default email address, if you use a more specific one, you must set it into MZTalk. It can also send images and use online image software to do it if it is installed. If you want to send messages to many users you must install MZTalk on as many machines as you want to communicate from. MZTalk does not send anything to the user, it only receive it in another machine. Newly added: ■ Support for SSL / TLS (v 0.9 beta) MZTalk can run also as a server, so you can use it to send files to other users: just add this command line argument to your MZTalk execution: -server. You can also set -server if you want to use it as server and -home if you want to specify the home directory for storing the temp files and logs. More detailed information about the features and changes: ■ You can select all files in the user’s home directory with the new option -folders ■ you can select only some of them with the new option -folders. ■ With this command line option you can add instructions to how to execute the files. You can add a “#” as comment (this will not be displayed in the final command if you set -cli to false), then a simple command line instruction like “WinConfig.exe somefile.dat”. More detailed information about the configuration: ■ Using the new -clipboard option you can modify the clipboard. It accepts the following options: -start: Add a text string starting at this position -append: Add a text string appended to the current text -delete: Delete this text -insert: Insert this text at the current text position. -prompt: A prompt message to display at the start of the command line. -cli: Run the program in an interactive mode. This is done with one of the default main arguments. -arg: A name of an argument from the command line. This will be defined as a variable $1 in the Python script -dat: A source file. -dat_to: The specified data file must be an image. The final data will

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MZTalk allows you to talk to other person using MZTalk. Features: ■ Allows you to talk with other MZTalk client or a MZTalk server. ■ Allows you to set private data and share it. ■ Allows you to talk with the other person through sound. How it works: You first start the MZTalk client application. Then you have a MZTalk server. You can talk to someone (but one way only), via a server. An example would be a person who knows how to write code and another person who does not. The first person would write the code. Then the second person would see the code for writing and type on the keyboard. Then the first person would see that the second person read what he/she wrote and he/she would type again on the keyboard. ■ If you want to stop the talk, you should click on “Stop Talking” button. Then you will be able to start talking again. Note: If you want to talk with two persons at the same time you should start two MZTalk clients. You are also able to talk with a MZTalk server. The moment you start the MZTalk client it will automatically talk with the MZTalk server. You will see the side chats on the right. Another way is to let the first person start the server. Then you should start the client (and connect to the server). The moment you are connected to the server you will be able to see on the right side of your client the other person. What’s New: ■ All the features are now working. ■ Some bugs have been fixed. ■ You will be able to launch the client from the MZTalk program folder. ■ You will be able to add a new tab with the user list. MZTalkX-2 138 KB MZTalkX-2 MZTalkX is a free MZTalk clone. You can talk with someone, read his/her messages, send him/her a message or a graphic, etc. You can also edit a message received by someone. If you can’t see the user list, click on the “Show User List” button. Other features: – It’s very easy to change/manage the size 2f7fe94e24

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MZTalk is a free Java Swing utility for talking to another user over the Net. It is designed in such a way as to make easy to use, it’s very easy to set up and to communicate. What you can do: ■ Take part of your desktop: you can take control of the Desktop of another PC (laptop, smartphone, etc.) and do all your activities there (browser, file manager, etc.) It’s also possible to do file sharing over the Net (any user can browse or share a folder on the PC that can take part of your desktop) You can do a fast report to your Desktop (with just a click on a button of your pointing device) You can do a remote control (from your Desktop) of another user’s program (like a browser) and see what’s happening on their PC. You can do chat (see included text chat of Javasoft or write/send your own text chat) You can get informations to your Desktop (with just a click on a button of your pointing device) Take control of other PC: when the other user puts the mouse on the button that moves your mouse over his Desktop, your mouse pointer will appear there. You can put your cursor on his Desktop and do all your activities there (browser, file manager, etc.) You can browse his desktop (it will be the same windows as the other user) You can do remote control (from your Desktop) of his application (like a browser) and see what’s happening on his PC (like a fast report) You can get informations to your Desktop (with just a click on a button of your pointing device) Installing MZTalk: MZTalk uses MZTools that is installed on your computer (see instructions here). When you finish MZTools you need to install MZTalk: ■ Download the MZTalk file, it’s a.jnlp file ■ Right click on the downloaded file, and choose Install, then click Yes. ■ After the downloading is finished, click on the MZTalk icon on your desktop (it is a shortcut to the application icon). ■ Click on the MZTalk icon to start the application (see description above in “What you can do” section) Technical details of MZTalk: MZTalk uses a java portlet to communicate with the server (

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MZTalk is designed as a client for instant messaging and remote desktop applications. It is designed as a very lightweight client, able to manage and modify screens of a remote desktop session. MZTalk allow to control remote desktop sessions from within an application. You can change your desktop, switch windows or even use a remote application as a window of the desktop. MZTalk has an easy to use graphical interface, which allows to join users, perform operations such as changing desktop, new screens or sessions, send or receive files and even perform remote control operations. You can open new sessions, change settings, send files and also control or monitor sessions on the fly. When you receive a message MZTalk creates a new window on your desktop and show it. MZTalk is used as a client for the free IM network “MSN IM”, (AOLIM, YAHOO IM) and remote desktop client “VNC”, (Remote Desktop Client) The MZTalk help system is the same as IM help system (F1) and remote desktop help system (F12). If you are not lucky enough to have a VNC client on your desktop, you can use another client to connect to your computer. Here is a list of VNC clients for operating systems: “IBM Client Connection” is a set of Java classes that support remote desktop for IBM mainframes. There is no need to install any software on the remote computer (no server). It is a complete solution that integrates well with the mainframe operations and offers a standard client interface. Sun provides a Java RMI remote access mechanism for Linux users. The Sun API server RMI is implemented using the JNLP protocol and exposes a remote access interface to Java programs that run on the client machine. To access to an application, the JNLP server downloads the Java application from the Sun JAR file and starts the Java application. Netbeans RAD is Netbeans toolkit with a server side component (also known as Netbeans RAD Server), which allows you to create your own software (using Java EE technology) and deploy on a server (RAD or, with some work, with GlassFish). The “look and feel of Netscape browser windows has been modified, in order to provide a more efficient user experience.” A new “look and feel” was added and the Java applets used in the browser are no longer permitted, so there are problems with functionality if you use many of the Internet

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OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core2 Duo (2.5 GHz) or better Memory: 4GB Video: DirectX 9 Compatible DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 600 MB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible, AC’97 Compatible Other: Windows Installation Disc, Xbox LIVE account (Gold), KinectJeremy Corbyn

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