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Keep a record of the transactions you perform, the sums of money you receive or pay, the suppliers of your funds and third parties involved. You can sort the transactions into preset categories, and mark those most frequently used into a separate list. For better understanding, you can also view the pie chart of the general trend of your income and expenditure. How to use MoneyBrio Free Download: 1. Create a database of bank accounts 2. Assign names to your bank accounts 3. Specify the categories of transactions 4. Set up multiple accounts 5. Assign separate icons to the accounts, each containing the account type 6. Create rules for each transaction, in the desired categories 7. Add credits and/or debits to your accounts 8. Make transfers between the accounts 9. Open your money flow: see a summary of the income and expenditure of your accounts 10. Sort the transactions by spending activity, time or last date in the category of your choice Do you need to create a shopping wishlist and avoid buying items on impulse? Try this Game Troika app in the Mac App Store, the best place to find the most popular, trusted Mac applications. Game Troika is the ultimate shopping list maker with a fun twist. Your wish list automatically connects to your grocery store rewards cards to keep you on budget, and it does not allow your grocery stores to see your credit card information. Game Troika sends your wishlist to your iPhone and Apple Watch and you can follow each step of your shopping list from the app. It works with many grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Safeway, Kroger, Publix, Earth Fare and Brookshire Brothers. The app is a gift to gourmands with a large appetite for the most popular shopping lists on the market. Game Troika is a free app for the Mac App Store (Mac App Store link). Originally created for iPhone, Now you can download the free version of BookMyTimes for your iPad. The app lets you manage your appointments and contacts, also it allows you to book meetings with your colleagues and clients. Features: • Make and receive calls and emails from contacts • Organize your appointments • Schedule meetings and remind appointments • Create, edit and delete tasks • Fetch emails from various senders • Share with others with integrations • Search for your events and contacts • Offline support • Featured all-time by Macworld 2f7fe94e24


– Over twenty million accounts from local, state, and federal banks – Create unlimited numbers of accounts, each with different types – Up-to-date and detailed bank account balances – Free SMS notification of deposits and transfers – Personal account manager – Built-in balance sheets – Automatically setup recurring deposits – Email notification of deposits and withdrawals – Localization and Currency Converter MoneyBrio is a free application available for iOS, Windows, and Android devices.Download MoneyBrio The Complete Family Finance is the first finance manager to offer a one-stop solution for family finances. It lets you balance all your accounts, such as savings, mortgage, credit card, personal loan, and fixed deposits in just one single place. This comprehensive family finance manager enables you to monitor your expenses and the income generated. You can track the main aspects of your personal finances, such as spending, savings, investments, and debt. Moreover, you can check the status of your loans, financial transactions, and setup recurring deposits. Track spending The Complete Family Finance offers you to monitor spending patterns, on behalf of both your mother and yourself. So, you can track the amounts of money that you pay and receive, as well as the amounts of money spent on groceries, utility bills, credit card transactions, loans, and borrowing from friends and family. Keep an eye on monthly finances If you’re a family where your mother and you both keep your own set of accounts, the Complete Family Finance will enable you to merge both of your accounts. Furthermore, the complete family finance allows you to monitor your income, savings and spending patterns per months. It offers you to plan your savings rate as well as budget for the upcoming months. You can even automate these tasks, in order to let the system react according to your spending. Additionally, you can easily transfer money to each other, thanks to a feature called transfers. Keep track of financial credit information The Complete Family Finance lets you keep track of your credit cards. You can even view your debts, including your credit card balances, payments, and interest rates. This is useful, if you want to see all the expenses or if you want to plan your debt repayment strategy. Money management You can track and monitor all your financial transactions in the Complete Family Finance. This application offers you to set up recurring payments and deposits, and to track your loan repayments. Moreover, you can view balances and transactions of all your accounts, such

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This app is designed to help people keep records of their expenses, income, and account balances. With this app, users have the option to track expenses by bank category, account and transaction type. “Apps in the paid section are only available to registered users. This is to save space. Please be aware that during the registration process, any payment information provided during this process is only used by the developers, our affiliates and our advertising providers to create a profile of your interests and find relevant apps to you.” MoneyBrio – Paying for the App Businesses using Apps2Help or iWin would normally receive a commission on the revenue generated by the app. Please review our commission structure and make sure you are happy with it. App Status and Version In order to apply for the App, we need to know what version of the app you are trying to register. Please be aware that your account will be placed into a holding account for 4 hours after submitting your payment to Paypal. During this time we will be validating that the information you submitted during the registration is correct. NOTE: your account will be updated to the latest version of the app. If you have a version of the app that you are interested in registering, please ensure you are logged into the app and using this version of the app. Otherwise you may encounter issues during the registration process. Please ensure you make sure that you use the version of the app that you are interested in registering and that your purchase history is linked to that version of the app. Are you sure you want to leave? The original price for MoneyBrio – Paying for the App is being modified from $2.20 to $0. Wish to continue your purchase? Are you sure you want to leave? The original price for MoneyBrio – Paying for the App is being modified from $3.80 to $0. Wish to continue your purchase? Current price: $0 App Category In order to apply for the App, we need to know what category the app falls into. MoneyBrio: Business & Finance Procedure to Apply Please review the Terms and Conditions, and then click to submit the payment by checking the PayPal box on the right hand side of this page. Payment Successful Please wait at least 60 seconds for the app to process

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or later. Windows 7 or later. Processor: Intel Dual Core CPU (2.4 GHz) or higher Intel Dual Core CPU (2.4 GHz) or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM 2 GB RAM Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or higher Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or higher Hard Drive: 5 GB free space 5 GB free space CD/DVD-ROM: DVD-ROM drive DVD-ROM drive DirectX: Version 9.سیاست/

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