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Linear Algebra

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Linear Algebra

A linear equation (GEQ) is of the form Ax = 0, where A is a matrix, x is a column vector, and 0 means “none of the terms are equal to zero”. So, x=0 is a solution, but x=Ax is also a solution. Ax=0 is called a linear equation in matrix form or the linear system of equations. A solution to a linear system of equations is called the inverse of the matrix. The inverse of a matrix is a function that maps each solution of a linear system of equations (in the domain) to a solution of that system (in the range). A solution of a linear equation in matrix form (Ax = 0) is a solution of the system if there is a matrix A in the form (a11, a12, a13… a1n;…; an1, an2, an3,…, ann) such that each ai is a solution of the equation x1a1 + x2a2 +… + xna = 0. Linear algebra has the following steps: By using elementary row and column operations we can transform a given matrix into its reduced row-echelon form (also known as standard form). In any system of linear equations with a matrix in reduced row-echelon form, we can form the augmented matrix, and solve the system of equations for the unknowns. A solution to a system of linear equations is a matrix of unknowns that satisfies the system of linear equations. Rows and columns in reduced row-echelon forms correspond to the linear equation’s columns; the system of equations’s columns correspond to the rows. In linear algebra, a linear equation in scalar form (Ax = b) has a solution only if A is invertible; any matrix A is invertible if and only if its determinant is not equal to 0. The inverse of A is a function that maps each solution of a linear equation in scalar form (Ax = b) to a solution of that equation, and the inverse of the determinant is the reciprocal of the determinant. A vector is in canonical form if its coefficients are in descending order. By multiplying each equation of a system of linear equations by the appropriate denominator, we can transform the system into a different canonical form (one that is defined by a different choice of unknowns). Example: Find the values of

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A function is linear if for all a and b, the sum  a + b has the same result as adding a and b, and for all a there is a number c so that a times x is the same as c times x In Linear Algebra a vector space over a field is an abstract vector space, also called a vector space over a field, endowed with two operations  addition and scalar multiplication. It is a 4-tuple, consisting of a set of the vectors, the vector space operations + and  * for all vectors, and a scalar multiplication function  * for scalar fields and elements of some set. For example, the vector space of real numbers R, with addition and scalar multiplication by real numbers, is a field under multiplication and is an example of a vector space. When you multiply a vector by a constant you add the constant to all its coordinates, but the structure + don’t change the vector space axioms. In Linear Algebra, there is a specialization of Vector Spaces. In this kind of Vector Spaces are, we consider a field F, an element a in it, and the  element a*x. The set of all elements a*x is the “vector space”, in other words, is the “set of all polynomials in a”. This is called linear space. A typical application is represented by the algebra of polynomials in the variable X:  it consists of the polynomials, considered as a vector space, where the  + * are operations of the polynomials themselves. In the context of Linear Algebra, the set of vectors is called vector space over a field F (abbreviated VF) and the set of polynomials in the variable X, (i.e. the set of all expressions of the form  p(x) = p0 + p1 x + p2 x2 + … + pn xn;  p0, p1, p2, …, pn  ∈  F;  n is an integer) is called the (polynomial) algebra F[X]. This is called vector space over field F. When F = R, the set VF consists of the  real  vectors. In

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