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Simple GDS II File Management: The GDSViewer app is a full-featured GDSII file manager for managing and editing GDS files and project archives. The application is easy to use, and provides access to all file types needed for GDSII design. Create, Import, and Edit the GDSII Databases: The GDSViewer application supports all GDSII file types from the latest GDSII revision to older versions. Some files may need to be converted to the latest format. Additional libraries and data components can be added through drag and drop operations. Extension Libraries: GDSViewer is fully compatible with all of the latest components available, including the GDS II Extension Libraries for WPF and Windows Forms. Create New GDSII Project Files: GDSViewer makes it easy to create project files for GDSII. Individual files can be added to the application, and all existing project files can be managed in a tabbed pane. This application can be used to analyze and edit existing project files, as well as write new files. Export High Quality GIF Files: GDSViewer lets you export your designs for multiple file formats. High quality pictures for a variety of different display elements can be created to quickly showcase your work. All export formats are available for PNG, GIF, JPG, and BMP. View Design Elements: The application includes various tabs for managing the different design elements available in GDSII files. You can view all elements and information, including editing buttons for most of them. Design Elements: The View Design Element tab includes tools for managing the different design elements available to you. The application lets you edit, add, and remove content for a number of different elements in the design. Select Colors: The Colorer tool is used for managing the color palette found in GDSII files. You can select from an array of pre-defined colors, or your own colors. Export Previews: GDSViewer makes it easy to export files to many different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and TGA. Export Video Files: GDSViewer lets you export files for a number of video formats, including MOV, AVI, MPG, MKV, VOB, and QuickTime. You can select the codec that you would like to use for your files. Create New GDSII Projects: GDSViewer helps

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GdsViewer is a free and open source project viewer, with the ability to manage, view and export GDSII and DEXI projects. The application has a user-friendly interface, designed for both experienced and novice users. It can be used to visualize a project, analyze project elements and export and show images. GdsViewer is free software licensed under the GPL version 3. It is the successor of gdsViewer.m. It provides better features and has a simpler and more intuitive interface. GdsViewer Main Features: GdsViewer is a free software that focuses on the following features: * View files of DEXI, GDSII, GPS, EDX and PDF formats. * View project files. * View and manage project elements. * View comments and colors. * View and manage project resources. * View project files properties. * Export files and files at the level of planes, furniture, tags, or regions. * Export projects to other formats: 3D, 2D, Portable Network Graphics, Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), Jpeg, Bitmap, GIF, Icon, Postscript, EPS, PDF, Window, Windows Bitmap. * View project files and do it by performing actions. * Color schemes and style pages. * Create and manage new projects. * Directly insert into a project file and elements of a file. * Create a comment for a project file. * Create projects and import files to existing projects. * Export files and do it by performing actions. * Import projects and insert into the project. * Export projects and do it by performing actions. * Manage project elements: drawers, drawers, main drawers, lists, files, views, sections, tags, messages, design elements, planes, furniture, layers, brush, bevels, transparency masks, pictures, text, and annotations. * Manage list contents. * Interact with project elements. * Select objects to measure the design. * View the measurements. * Export project to other formats. * Import projects to other formats. * View a presentation of a project, including a 3D representation. * Tools for integration into projects. * Import project files from other applications: DEXI, GPS, AECworks, Vernor, Geomerge- Dia-GE, Di 2f7fe94e24

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GdsViewer is a versatile GDSII viewer. It can be used to Display / Analyze GDS files Import / Export GDS files Preview Image Files The GdsViewer application has been designed for local use, and is not optimized for server use. GdsViewer download size: B21MB Language: English (US), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian Publisher: Alliance Graphique S.A. License: LGPLv2 Version: Version Description: GdsViewer is a versatile GDSII viewer. It can be used to Display / Analyze GDS files Import / Export GDS files Preview Image Files New in version Version : Version includes important fixes for export, display, and report objects. It also includes a new version of ChartManager and a new user interface. GdsViewer-unstable is a major rewrite of the original GdsViewer to be more stable. It is built using the Qt5 framework. It uses the QtWebkit library for its user interface. GdsViewer-unstable includes preliminary support for exporting and importing the newest 1.1.1 version of GDS files. The code is also based on the Astrometrics library instead of the earlier Libgds library. If you choose to use either GdsViewer or GdsViewer-unstable, you will receive new updates automatically. If you download the RPMs that have been available for download on the developer’s website, you must still install those updates yourself. New: FileBug has been removed from gdsviewer version 0.8.0. The original gdsviewer has been replaced by GdsViewer-unstable. * Added export GDS files of project reports and the user interface has been updated to improve portability. The user interface now also supports Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and several other languages. The GdsViewer application is now fully translated into seven languages. * Numerous changes to the character set of the new GdsViewer-unstable application. Version 0.9.

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No other driver is required for this download. How to install? Follow the below instructions carefully. The first time you install Kali Linux, you’ll be presented with a “Ubuntu Configuration Wizard”. If you accept the default settings, you will have a fairly modern looking operating system installed. 1) Open Terminal. 2) Type “su” (without quotes) to become super user. 3) Type your password when prompted. 4) Type “apt-get update” and press enter

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