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Bike tracking applications can monitor your cycling routes, figure out your average speed and, ultimately, help you evolve as a bicyclist. If you want to get familiarized with such a tool, it's not recommended to dive into complex programs that are likely to confuse you rather than to come to your aid. For example, FRSBikeTraxx is easy to use and contains some practical options for logging your bike rides, generating reports, and maintaining a journal. Keep track of your cycling routes with this app The utility can be quickly installed. It's packed in a plain and simple interface, where you can begin adding records about your cycling rounds right away. These records should include the day of the route, average and maximum speed, duration, distance, temperature, wind direction and speed, along with any notes. However, any of these fields can be omitted (for instance, if you don't know the wind speed and direction). It's possible to create as many log entries as you want, edit and remove them from the list, use a common search function to swiftly locate text across all records, and write a journal dedicated to bike maintenance using FRSBikeTraxx (to remember the last time you took your bike to the shop or that you have to repair/buy a new part, for example). Generate and compare monthly and yearly reports Furthermore, if you continue to use FRSBikeTraxx for a long time and on a regular basis, you can instruct the tool to generate monthly or even yearly reports, compare the reports year to date, and view annual logs. There's also a menu with some bookmarks on cycling news, which can be immediately opened in your default web browser on click. However, you can make this list of bookmarks to remove, edit or add new sources. Getting weather info, password protection, and auto backups Additional settings can be used to re-arrange the columns of records to the finest detail (like changing the data type), specifying your location for acquiring weather data automatically, customizing the font and color scheme, configuring prints, locking the app with a password, and switching to fullscreen mode. As a precaution, data is autosaved so you don't worry about losing unsaved records in case of a power outage or other reason. Taking everything into account, FRSBikeTraxx may not seem like much but it actually has some nifty features under its hood for cyclists interested in logging their activity. Unfortunately, it doesn't have options implemented to syncing data to the cloud.







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FRSBikeTraxx is an application meant to help cyclists track their routes more efficiently. The main goal of this utility is to combine easy usability with powerful features for bicycle tracking and maintenance. It features a simple and intuitive interface with which you can easily add and edit riding and journal entries. You can view monthly reports, sort your bike rides in time intervals, compare log records between all trips, schedule backup and restore, and set the app to start up automatically at login time. In addition to providing you with the needed info, FRSBikeTraxx will even allow you to track and save your routes, save calendar events, compare the weather records from various days, provide historical weather data, and set reminders. Key Features of FRSBikeTraxx: View and manage your routes, historical and monthly log records Keep track of your routes, historical records, and recurring events Save your riding details, geotag your rides, and backup and restore data See historical weather records Import/export data to/from other trackers View your cycling journal and jot down notes Connect your account with social media Create a password-protected journal Browse and share bicycle news AllBookings is an app that collects and manages bookings and appointments for clients and visitors. It consists of three main parts: Create, Schedule, Attend. In Create, you can create events, books, and appointments. In Attend, you can view your bookings and appointments, or schedule appointments. In Schedule, you can view all scheduled appointments for the day. In Create, you can add info such as date, description, price, time slots, and note. In Attend, you can view your scheduled bookings and appointments. In Schedule, you can specify the time and date. In Attend, you can view your scheduled bookings and appointments. In Schedule, you can specify the time and date. App helps busy parents schedule and create healthy family meal plans. It will organize your day, to make it easy for you to plan and prepare for your family meal. You can use filters in “Plan a Meal” to find meals quickly. Simply answer “Yes” or “No” to choose meal, then select meal from five categories on the right. You can select recipes from categories. Select categories: “Lunch”, “Dinner”, “Late night”, “Breakfast”, “Snack” Recipes and meals aa67ecbc25

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FRSBikeTraxx is a GPS bike tracking application that makes it possible for you to see the data of your rides in various forms. You will be notified when you arrive at your destination. [details] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [f_name] => John Doe [l_name] => President [username] => johndoe [bdate] => 2011-05-13 [f_mname] => John [l_mname] => Smith [f_dob] => 2000-12-25 [l_dob] => 2011-05-13 [b_city] => New Orleans [b_state] => LA [b_zip] => 70111 [b_country] => USA [b_gender] => male [b_notes] => [l_sire] => [b_city] => Alexandria [b_state] => LA [b_zip] => 70023

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FRSBikeTraxx is an application for bicycling enthusiasts. Created for iPhone/iPad. For general tracking of biking routes, weather and other data for bicycle travel. No monthly, yearly or other limit on entries to optimize cycling routines. Features include the ability to create/manage own Journal and enter cycling events and get reports. Weather info provided by Weather Underground. Your last data entry and weight can also be added as a new event. For bicycle travel information, average speed, maximum speed, frequency of trips, distance covered, time of day, temperature, wind speed, direction and comments;Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht (21 January 1759 – 21 March 1824) was a German classical philologist and university rector. He studied philology and ancient Greek, including commentaries on the Homeric epics, at the universities of Göttingen, Leipzig, and Jena and at the Johann-Friedrich-August-University of Greifswald from 1780. In 1788 he began teaching classes at the University of Leipzig, where in 1802 he succeeded Christoph Gottfried Kölbing as professor of philology, and in 1805 he was appointed to the office of extraordinary professor of ancient literature. In 1808, he was appointed extraordinary professor of German literature. From 1812 to 1817, he was rector of the university. The following are a few of his better-known works: Elementarium latinitatis Graecae linguae (vol. i. 1799; vol. ii. 1801, ii. 2nd ed., 1806; vol. iii. 1810; vol. iv. 1817). Etymologische und römische Alterthümer von Aeneas bis Claudius, durch geschichtliche Übersicht und nach Nachträgen, nebst einer eitlen Einleitung zu den Historiae Romanorum de Graecis erster Teil (ii. edition 1808). References Category:1759 births Category:1824 deaths Category:German philologists Category:University of Greifswald alumni Category:University of Greifswald faculty Category:University of Göttingen alumni Category:University of Leipzig faculty Category

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