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In preparation for the release of FIFA 22, EA will be using their “Friends + Foes” program and their network of human players to discover problems in the FIFA 22 game experience and then remediate them with the goal of improving the FIFA experience. EA’s human-driven problem solving program has been instrumental in the development of FIFA 19, and will continue to be integral to the process of improving our games. FIFA players who are interested in joining the program can sign up now, and those who complete the program by the end of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Championship will get the following bonus items: FIFA 22 Collector’s Edition ● FIFUSA 22 T-shirt ● 2 VIP passes to the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Championship Finals ● Special thank you in the credits, plus EA and FIFA logos on your jacket FIFA 19 Rewards ● Access to three 20-minute game recording sessions with a pro player ● 2 tickets to the FIFA 19 Tournament of Champions ● 1 Tournament of Champions ticket ● 1 Tournament of Champions entry ticket ● 2 FIFA 19 “My Way” Packs And in response to the reception for FIFA 20, we have added the following: FIFA 20 Rewards ● Access to “My Way” Packs before release ● 1 FIFA 20 “My Way” pack available on day one ● 1 FIFA 20 “My Way” pack available on day one of day one release ● 1 FIFA 20 “My Way” pack available on day two of day one release ● 1 FIFA 20 “My Way” pack available on day two of day one release ● 1 FIFA 20 “My Way” pack available on day three of day one release And as a thank you to any player who uses our FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 programs, you can now redeem a FIFA 18 & 19 combination pack: FIFA 18 & 19 Rewards ● 1 FREE VIP pass to the FIFA 19 Tournament of Champions ● 1 FREE VIP pass to the FIFA 19 Final FIFA 18 / 19 Tournament of Champions ● 1 FIFA 18 & 19 combination pack (selected players will receive FIFA 18 content and selected players will receive FIFA 19 content) If you’re interested in learning more about FIFA 22 and reading more interviews with the developer, check out


Features Key:

  • Live The Dream – Play as your best selves: manage your own club from youth academy to the top flight of the Premier League, manage your player from the bench, on the training pitch, or on the club crest, or buy new skills from top players on the Internet.
  • Score New Goals – a progression system on each new match allows every action to count more, with new injuries, fatigue and fitness systems getting in the way of your skills and chances to score and beat your opponent. Players can be substituted and injured to further increase this, and situations can affect the outcome of the match.
  • Lead On-Field Storylines – 13 on-field story-lines, unique to each player, portray your efforts in real life and chart a course for your career, as well as a deeper online mode, where you’ll encounter new challenges.
  • 16 New Playable Clubs – including Juventus, A.C. Milan, Roma, Bayern Munich, Arsenal and more
  • New Skills – an all-new and expansive arsenal of skills; with over 200 now available to the player. Claim a new ride on the six-axis or master a new control to let your ball spin and loop.
  • Stadium and Kit Designers – can set the environment and team style for their players through kits, training ground design, and stadium environment.
  • New Playoffs system, Playoffs Scope, Playoffs Live Leaderboards & Tournaments.
  • Club Leadership – Consecutive matches, FA Cups and other competitions, commercial deals and more are measured by varsity management teams across the whole club to let you compete with rivals on and off the pitch.
  • Medical Team – manage players conditions, locations and fatigue, or choose from 5 specialist doctors to make them feel at their best.
  • True Player Behavior – computer animations mimic real players’ behaviour, offering more detailed and calculated interaction with your team and players.
  • MASCOT 2.0 – the new Authenticator System allows you to show off your skill and become the most improved player in the world (even when the player isn’t on the same console), with details including free kicks, shots, dribbles and more. This ranges from shots for success, goals, assists and more.

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    FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise, fully developed in association with EA SPORTS, the videogame experts behind the “Madden NFL” and “UFC” series. Featuring more than 115 licensed clubs, 25 official competitions and more than 3,000 licensed players, FIFA also boasts a rich, authentic and engaging online community. With three successful console editions and one on-going mobile iteration, FIFA has sold over 135 million units worldwide. The series returns as the definitive experience through expanded gameplay, stunning presentation and brand new features, all powered by the most authentic football engine ever. FIFA will feature the biggest club roster in its history with over 1,000 player likenesses and the biggest leagues, clubs, stadiums and mascots in gaming. Includes: FIFA 21 – All Editions FIFA 22 – All Editions FIFA 22 – 2017 – All Editions FIFA 20 – All Editions EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 MyClub EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 Live in VR Experience the gameplay of FIFA in VR and step into the boots of your favorite player as you rise through the ranks. – See the world like never before with FIFA 22 Live in VR – Use your position in the world as a goalkeeper, defender or midfielder to guide your ball to the net, block shots, intercept passes, or dive to divert shots with thrilling actions in mind. – Bring your skills to life as you rise through the ranks and become a more complete footballer. Your favorite passer and dribbler will have new attributes, moves, and dribbling styles available to use in-game. The new camera brings virtual reality to life like never before, looking over your shoulder and seeing the world as if you were there. Take advantage of unique and exciting angles to control the ball. Feel the depth and weight of the soccer ball as you adjust your jump and dive with angle. FIFA 22 MyClub also introduces a new Custom Content section for fans to develop clubs, kits, players and more for their league. Want to take your own team to the peak of success? See below for more details on each of the features included with the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 Deluxe Edition. How do I get this game for PC? To purchase the game please follow the download instructions on the official guide website. Note: The system requirements are a minimum of an NVIDIA® GeForce bc9d6d6daa


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    Ultimate Team brings new ways to play into the most popular mode in FIFA. Become a street-smart mercenary and manage your squad of over 3,000 players to dominate EA SPORTS FIFA 19s multiplayer mode, or become a coach to lead your favorite UCL club. Take your Ultimate Team to a whole new level through customisation of your player card collection, with over 250 brand new cards available to discover. Experience the intensity of a real-deal stadium atmosphere and compete in exciting new tournaments and leagues including the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and La Liga. EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Lionel Messi – The best player in the world, Lionel Messi has created new levels of mastery with his explosive speed, powerful shots and sublime skill. His ability to twist and turn defenders and unlock opposition defences with a series of precise through balls is as unmatched as any in the game. Carli Lloyd – A breakout star for the United States, Carli Lloyd has mastered the half-volley to become one of the most lethal finishers in the game. With her athleticism, dribbling and all-around game, she presents a constant threat on the wings for opponents to deal with. Witsel – Named best defender in the world by in his breakout year, Paul Witsel’s instinctive reading of the game has helped him shine in the centre of defence, helping him operate effectively in the midfield for Anderlecht. Paul Pogba – Pogba’s last season as a teenager at Old Trafford demonstrated the blistering pace and attacking brilliance he would come to be associated with. This season, he took his game to the next level, putting his vision and devastating pace to work in midfield for Juventus. Thomas Müller – Bayern Munich may be emerging from their dominance of recent years, but Thomas Müller’s brand of modern-day footballing brilliance is in full swing. His movement, his intelligence, and his ability to find any open space with his blistering pace makes him one of the most lethal players in the game. Graziano Pelle – The legendary striker is recognised across the world as one of the greatest strikers of all time – even from early on in his career. He built a reputation for his ability to beat defenders off the dribble with pace, his eye for goal, and his ability to score from anywhere on the pitch. Javier Pastore – The pace and movement of this Italian midfielder are unmatched, with his vision


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