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Features Key:

  • New game modes – New features – Careers – Ultimate Team mode.
  • New game engine – Represent every country in the world. Change the weather and difficulty. Create and play amazing custom matches with friends and AI. Customise your stadiums and kits.
  • New fighting types – Strengthen your tactical battles with Fighting & RPG combats.
  • New Connectivity & communication features – Real-time online and offline communication, new content, new features.
  • Improved atmosphere & emotion – Enhanced animation, lighting & crowds, improved aerials, improved player attributes.
  • New commentary system – Radio commentator commentary in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Call centre commentator commentary in English

Key content included in the boxed retail version:

  • All game modes.
  • New game engine.
  • Real-time online and offline communication.
  • New content.
  • Game modes – Training & Coaching, Development, My Season, Create a Club, Level up your abilities, Customise your Challenges, Survival.
  • FIFA 22 highlights & Sneak Peek videos.
  • Successor of FIFA 14.
  • FIFA 22 game modes pack.
  • Expansion pack 1 ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.”


Fifa 22 X64

“FIFA” is short for “Federation Internationale de Football Association”. In the game, there are 255 national teams, each with their own name, uniform, team colors, crest and stadium. You can download the official UEFA match ball and award winning soundtrack as soon as the game releases. FIFA was the first video game to simulate a real-world sport. Starting in 1964, EA Sports turned the player onscreen into a variety of real-world players from the period. They are the starting point for all our creations. FIFA is the most popular football video game, selling more than 250 million units worldwide. It is also the most played sports video game in the world. Get ready to play the new FIFA series, with a host of feature, including the all-new FIFA Player Ratings and key improvements to the popular Ultimate Team and Contracts modes. FEATURES Powered by Football Earning experience Interactive crowds Concession sales available New achievements, types of cards and more ways to interact Interactive crowds Get the authentic EA SPORTS experience with in-game interactions and broadcast replays that add an authentic feel to all matches. Earning experience When you buy FIFA Points they’ll grant you experience, stats and cards to build your own Ultimate Team. Interactive crowds Every game has a live crowd to interact with, including fans celebrating a goal, or jeering the opposing team. Concession sales available Be sure to check your local retailers before you buy. New achievements, types of cards and more ways to interact Ultimate Team Earn, trade and sell all the stars, coins and kits you need in Ultimate Team. Thanks to deep customization you can completely personalize your squad and create your own dream team. Live auctions Now you can buy and sell players in the traditional auction type format – everything from names and faces, to club history, transfer targets and even the uniform itself. Buy the best players at the cheapest price, then buy them back at a profit if they start off their careers poorly. Contracts Contracts allow players to receive a salary from your club every week they feature. Performance-based pay Your players will perform better for the performance you provide them. One-on-one matchups Take your favorite players from the last 8 years bc9d6d6daa


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FIFA Ultimate Team is back in FIFA 22, letting you expand your Ultimate Team of favorite players across the game’s stunning, living-room-to-stadium visuals, to compete head to head in the world’s most passionate leagues, where every match matters. The new Construction Kit mode allows you to build a unique stadium to fit your club’s style, while the New Traditions mode lets you add unique Player and Stadium cards to the game, alongside new kits and the latest player boots. You’ll be able to add cards from the new Card Packs, while also buying players directly from the new Card Packs and earning your share of new content as you progress through the new player progression system. Football Stars Mode – Complete free online matches from around the world, and play your way to even more, new online competitions. Create and manage your own team from scratch, step through the youth academy, and work your way up to the first team. Work your way through the different leagues, all with different characteristics, and be the best! FIFA 22 also comes with a brand new FIFA Pro Experience for Ultimate Team and Sim Pro. This revolutionary match engine will ensure that all games in FIFA 22 have the highest level of realism by enabling FIFA games to use an unprecedented amount of detailed new data, all acquired specifically for the game in collaboration with leading football scientists. This data is applied in all core elements of gameplay, and impacts the player’s performance, saving, and fatigue. The new player models, more flexible controls, and better fluidity of moving around the pitch should deliver more authentic gameplay, whilst the detailed new off-ball behavior enables the player to be more effective and unpredictable. FIFA 22 also features a Football Intelligence Center, the goal of which is to make the best refereeing decisions in FIFA games from all football cultures around the world. With more than 5,000 rulings in the game, the sheer volume of referee options creates a level playing field. Referees will once again be better able to select the best options from multiple choices, whilst the Intelligent VAR system will enable faster and more accurate decisions. The all-new Community Feed will also allow you to show your support for the referees and players across the globe, from both a personal and an official standpoint. Your feedback, from both on and off the pitch, will be welcomed, and the new Fan Endorsements feature will put you in the middle of the action, asking your opinions


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Improvements to snowboarding and snowboarding tricks
  • Players gain confidence as they become familiar with the ways the game handles the new settings
  • “In-Field Sliders” make configuring your Dictator Cup matches easier.
  • Champions League: “Stay-on goals”, new Coaches (Tibba, Crawley, Demichelis, Drogba, Menez, Persie), 5 new stadiums and updated kits (for Liverpool (15/16), Manchester United (17/18), Tottenham Hotspur (17/18), Roma (18/19) and Anderlecht (17/18)).
    • Striker
      New age for set-piece finishes. Players can kick a spot-kick if they’re not spanned – they still need to take a penalty.
      Steady improvements to corner kicks
      Quick ball aim improvements. It can be set by clicking on the right stick after the player has stolen the ball
      Longer build-up animations for passing and shooting.

      Breaking pattern to dive to stop a cross. However, attacking headers can also be blocked
      Throw-ins can be saved or cleared
      He Kicks Bend ground rebound after a pass has been played down the wing. Improved decision making, reaction and increased accuracy
      Increased of keeper moving towards the balls
      Improved anticipation for centre-backs
      Added goals and training goals


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    FIFA® is the world’s leading football videogame franchise. Featuring the complete official teams and players of the world’s number one sport, FIFA has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. FIFA 20 Features New engine architecture – Packed with new tech to improve the look and feel of the pitch, the engine will bring more finesse, emotion, and creativity to every aspect of the game. New Career Mode and Ultimate Team – Unlock an abundance of new content with Career Mode and Ultimate Team with its all new Player Cards and Watch Dial. New Player Mentality – Detect how your players think, play, and act on the pitch with a refined set of mechanics that now includes an improved Pass Marking, New Pressing & Dribbling, Playing Styles and Tactical Defending. Powered by Football – The FIFA License gives you the power to set your own path to glory by creating your own team from over 40 national teams and granting the freedom to play football your way. FIFA on iOS Powered by Football, EA SPORTS FIFA mobile is an authentic football experience on any platform with the official teams and players of the world’s number one sport. Featuring new modes of play and features inspired by the latest FIFA on the next gen consoles and Nintendo Switch, you can become the next Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar. FIFA Mobile Features Complete Your Legacy – In Career Mode, you start your career with a kit sponsor and end it with one too. Bring your favourite kit sponsors all the way to the top. Enter the Field of Dreams – Complete free mini-tournaments to unlock free packs and special items. Complete Your Ultimate Team – Tons of new cards and premium players are waiting for you to collect. Celebrate the World Cup – Play 15 national teams during the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers and take on the best of the best in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Events. FIFA Mobile Packs Each pack comes with a pack card that can be used to unlock in-game content at 50% off the regular price. Unlock minigames and pack features to help build the ultimate team of FIFA Mobile. FIFA Mobile Superstar Tickets Collect stars to level up and earn exclusive rewards. Make sure you use the power of FIFA Mobile to complete challenges and complete the training sessions.


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