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Inside every player’s game engine (for players who have licensed a FIFA Ultimate Team™ account), he will be equipped with his HyperMotion Technology (HMX). This technology will be available to all FIFA Ultimate Team™ users when they launch the FIFA 22 beta on 30 July. The technology will be launched in full on 22 August, and will be available via an update. Experience the VELUX EHF FINAL4 in virtual reality. New modes: FIFA 22 introduces a number of new features, such as FIFA Ultimate Team™ ‘Battle of the Rivals’, where you and your friends compete in epic matches between your favourite clubs. The ‘Virtual Stadium’ is a series of new Customizable Stadiums which allow you to put your favourite club in a league of its own. You can even add an Xbox® controller to your stadium experience, to use FIFA Ultimate Team™ content through Move. A new ‘Full Tournament’ mode sees the teams and players in a tournament and is played one match at a time. As well as ‘Be A Pro’, ‘Trick Shot’ and ‘FIFA 22’, which are returning from FIFA 21, many new features are introduced: • Gameplay changes to control: Enjoy an improved experience in FIFA 22 thanks to a number of game-changing changes. • More opportunities for goal-scoring: An all new ‘Goalkeeper Stance’ feature will be a welcomed addition. This allows goalkeepers to dictate how they react to goal kicks, cross-kicks and long balls. • Simulated possession: Made the ball behave more realistically when played in open space and when charging an opposition player. • Respawn options: Players can now choose between slow, normal and fast respawns. • Engine tweaks: A host of gameplay tweaks have been made to enhance player experience and AI. • Personality tweak: In partnership with our Official Licensed Social Media Partner EA SPORTS™, FIFA 22 has been further enhanced to make the players more realistic and memorable. • Matchday score: When you sign-in to EA SPORTS™ FIFA, we will display the score of your last match. • Full match footage: This will provide you with a more authentic experience with a more detailed environment, with player models, animations and commentary. • Visual improvements


Features Key:

  • 22 new stadiums
  • Improved Tackling
  • New animations for more detailed player behaviours
  • Assist Skills and Defects
  • Powerful Set Pieces
  • Improved Ball Physics in all game modes
  • New build modes for the midfield
  • Passing feels more connected to action thanks to Defending Shape
  • Match Engine
  • New ‘Tactical playmaker technology’

Team of the Year

From the Real Madrid and Barcelona midfielders to the world class strikers of AC Milan, Juventus and Atletico Madrid,

the FIFA Team of the Year v1.0 brings the best footballers to life with detailed character animations and sharp gameplay.

The Team of the Year contains representatives of the very best clubs in the world. Each team contains 16 players from the current season or transfer window. Our selection has been drawn from clubs that have won the most trophies in world football over the last few years. A task that proved to be far from easy.

Key features of Team of the Year:

  • 16 players from 16 football clubs
  • New player faces, bodies and expressions
  • The largest squad in the game, with 160,000 game-ready players
  • Scoring, passing and defending onlines are updated to reflect 2018/19
  • New graphics, lighting and textures


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FIFA is the World’s No. 1 videogame. This is where it all began, and remains the most authentic football experience available. Today, with hundreds of millions of players, FIFA is the largest sports franchise of all time. Features include match day, Club, International Team, Manager and Online modes and includes playability and feel of the real thing. From small children to the most experienced football fan, FIFA is for everyone. What are the gameplay differences in FIFA 22? Football is an uncompromising sport, and FIFA 22 has been hard at work to ensure that you’ll be able to do all the things you do in real life. Features include: Referee AI – Refereeing is a very complex job, and we’ve invested a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure that FIFA’s refs are now more in line with the unpredictability of modern football. Visual Impact – Running animations and more realistic player controls have been at the forefront of FIFA’s development work for some time. The new graphics engine brings these innovations together in dynamic new environments. Improved Pass Comprehension and Injuries – Pass Comprehension AI has been reworked to deliver a more dynamic understanding of the passing game, and injuries in the final third of the pitch are a factor in the game’s realism. Interception – Interceptions are an important tactical tool, and they’re now more realistic in our game. Team Tactics – Real teams use the full spectrum of tactical tools available to them to plan their approach to a match. In FIFA 22, you can now find the right tool, no matter what formation you’re playing. Headers & Set-pieces – The most effective uses of aerial duels, headers and set-pieces are now fully captured in the game’s new animation engine. Network Play – Your friends, your social network, your favourite online forums, and your own PC will all now be on your side. What are the key features? Gameplay – There are a number of new and improved features in FIFA’s gameplay engine, including: The Ball and Rebound – The Ball and Rebound has been completely reimagined, allowing you to use the game’s physics engine to direct the ball with real conviction. Power Button Themes – With Xbox One, you can now assign your power buttons a visual theme to make it easier for you to remember. Player Breathing – In-depth 684577f2b6


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Everything from ‘big name’ superstars to the best value, best looking kits and hottest new transfer targets. Enter the Champions League, the World Cup, the clubs of England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many more. Let your creativity run wild with your very own team. EA SPORTS Season An all-new version of the most popular single-player mode, FIFA 22 takes the system to the next level and delivers the most realistic goal-scoring we’ve seen to date. You will be able to score from just about anywhere with a range of creative moves, whether you’re goalkeeper or forward. FIFA Online FIFA Online will be available as a premium download and require purchase to play. All players will receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze level item, allowing them to make their Gold, Silver, or Bronze FIFA Online Player to show off their superior level of skill. Players who pre-order FIFA 22 can also receive a bonus FIFA Online GOLD Virtual Currency item, allowing them to purchase the exclusive FIFA 22 in-game items. EA SPORTS Volley EA SPORTS Volley is an all-new mode for FIFA 22, a side-scrolling, gameplay-based volleyball challenge with 12 iconic teams and 12 different game modes. It will not be available through any of the modes in the game, but can be accessed from the FIFA Ultimate Team Backpack. EA SPORTS Pro Clubs EA SPORTS Pro Clubs allows players to experience Club Football as a manager. Choose your club, build your squad, and learn the game, all from the comfort of a sofa! EA SPORTS International The popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode makes its way to international gameplay as FIFA 22 introduces International Ultimate Team Mode, giving gamers the chance to create their own virtual international team with the largest transfer market and smartest scouting network in the business. EA SPORTS GameDay Live The game of football is brought directly to the television screen, giving fans the chance to experience the thrills of the sport as they watch through their fingers. Now fans can watch every goal in the World Cup using any TV and any Internet connection. New Presets and Settings FIFA 22 boasts a total of 64 new preset and default settings, providing greater control and flexibility over gameplay. As a manager, you can now focus on player preparation, tactics, or tactics and team performance. Coach Career Mode FIFA 22 lets players truly take control of their game and coach their team to the next level


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