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Check out the official launch trailer below. The new capabilities in FIFA 22 include: The ability to fight for the ball and for space Dynamic gameplay and new play-style interactions Rebounded and caught balls run smoother Controls are faster and more precise Ball tricks and flourishes Intelligent off-ball runs Incredible player reactions Approximately 4.5 million new animations with added lower back and upper leg movements Improved player control, ball control and ball New and improved AI behaviors Reproduction of the real-life movements of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo HyperMotion Technology Intelligent ball transitions and ball movement New shot types including: aerial crosses, lobs, volleys, and floaters Adjustable camera angles Adjustable intelligence value for players Improved ball control and dribbling 12 new soundtrack themes New game modes including: Coach Management mode Create-a-Club In the Editor, your new club can be created with 2 or 8 player slots, and whatever custom aspects you have chosen. As a manager, you will decide on the age, sex, position, ethnicity and kit of your club. Find your ideal group of players, and add them to the team. After the transfer is complete, your players will be tracked in the Team Management screen, and will be available to use in gameplay as you wish. Updated Sides & Tactics New sides include: Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juve, Manchester United, Roma, and Paris Saint-Germain New tactics include: Academy 11/11 vs 13/13, Under 18 vs Under 19, Under 19 vs Under 21, Under 21 vs Under 23, and Over 35 vs Over 45 Updated tournaments include: UCL, UEFA Champions League; FA Cup, FA Cup; UEL, Europa League; Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup; UIF, UIF Cup; IFFHS World’s Best Club Coach; UEFA Club Defender of the Year, UEFA Best Centre-Back; UEFA Best Midfielder; UEFA Best Young Player; UEFA Best Striker; FIFA Best Player; FIFPro World XI 2020 New team uniforms New targets and new finishing moves New players including: Annan Athletic (Scotland), Asante Kotoko (Ghana), Baní


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is the most advanced football game ever, featuring gameplay that uses hyper-real physics to ensure fast, fluid and realistic ball movement.
  • Winner of more game of the year awards than any other sports game.
  • New Ultimate Team Match Draft feature where you can combine three real-life players with the Ultimate Team avatar you have created, and use your new “magical” team to transform rivals.
  • New Player and Team presentation with 2D match vignettes, the way a real player would see the game.
  • New celebration system to mark key moments on the pitch.
  • New Pro Dribbling System (Pro Passing). When receiving a pass, choose 3 ‘Waypoints’ and adapt your body position to control the ball’s direction. This is easier than ever, as you can now move and lean while receiving a pass, and gradually return to a stable position, whilst retaining control of the ball.
  • Collect coins in all game modes, and use them to unlock and customize new player kits, and purchase player attributes. For the first time in FIFA, you can start a game with your customised player in a bespoke kit and world-class boots.
  • Improved player controls, allowing you to be more precise with both passes and attacks.
  • AI-controlled teammates will behave like true, spontaneous actors, so you will have to be alive to your teammates feet. They will even take it upon themselves to break down opposition defenses, and will run across the pitch to support you, even in the final third.
  • Dynamic dry pitch clouds, and accurate in-game weather. FIFA has the most accurate, fine-grained weather engine in the industry.
  • New approach for matches, with longer-lasting, more suspenseful moments, action, sound and atmosphere. Customize this experience for any stage in the match, or go it alone, and push play in either the First or Second Half.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the official videogame of the FIFA family of football videogames. Developed by EA Canada, FIFA is the highest-selling videogame in the sports/football genre worldwide. A Worldwide Phenomenon: Professional Football Our commitment to Football is at the core of FIFA, and we work diligently to give authentic Football experiences to our players around the world. With a player base that exceeds 500 million, FIFA is the official videogame of the world’s number one sport: professional football. EA SPORTS FIFA is FIFA. Powered by Football. Real Football. Powered by EA SPORTS. What can you expect from FIFA? Take shots from the drop of the ball through to game-winning goals. Become a coach and take full control over every aspect of your team’s tactics and preparation. Master new ways to score, including spectacular free kicks, precise penalty kicks and timed deflections. Use soccer superstitions and team spirit to your advantage. And receive news of your club’s results and league standings right on your smartphone. More than just a sport – a game EA SPORTS FIFA is a game that can be played any time, any place, alone or with friends. GAME ON! Get up and get on the ball. The Premier League The 2015/16 season is the first season that the Premier League will be broadcast in the UK on BBC. Current season appearances with the top five clubs added up have already surpassed the value of the previous 23 seasons combined. Its been a sensational start as Manchester City sit proudly as the current table leaders, so what can be expected in the coming months? Different Champions The Real Madrid and Barcelona have seen their status as football giants shaken once again. Although they are still the #1 and #2 team in the FIFA ranking respectively, it is now Barcelona vs Madrid for the Champions League. Real Madrid are the champions and defending European champions. Whilst Barcelona will not be a simple run the table and win the league, their quality of play and goals for that of Madrid has seen them rise into the top three. Domestic Challenge Chelsea are challenging for the title, with Manchester United on their tails. Given United’s recent European defeats (0-2 to Atletico, 2-0 to Paris Saint-Germain and 3-2 to Porto) manager Jose Mourinho is looking for the league to change bc9d6d6daa


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Start from the back of the pack with your first FIFA Ultimate Team squad, and use your coins to buy and sell players to gain an unfair advantage in Ultimate Team. Play against a friend in The Forge against rivals from around the globe. Or go head to head with others around the world on The Showcase to see who’s the best of the best. FIFA Ultimate Team is the biggest new feature in FIFA 22. My Player – Under the new My Player system, create your own unique player with your very own traits and characteristics, with an extra layer of customization for you. Build your ideal face using hundreds of combinations in new combinations of hair and beards, scars, and tattoos. Customize your boots and gloves with new shapes and patterns, and reflect your player with new make-up, accessories and graphics that make your online identity stand out. Select the preferred hairstyle you want to show off by automatically updating your avatar’s hair, or use the full customization suite to create yourself as you see fit. Master the art of dribbling using all new signature controls, and take advantage of new close-control shooting options that allow you to bend the ball in or out of the goal. And use FIFA’s enhanced 6.5-inch, 4K display to be able to see every last detail in your player’s tattoos, scars and piercings. Performance – Take your games to the next level. With the new Pro Player Performance Analysis, select a top performer and understand every single one of his or her unique statistics. For example, you might see that one has a significantly lower touch-based passing accuracy but a perfect shooting accuracy. So, why not use this to your advantage when trying to get an accurate pass or a goal from that player? Personal Touch – Get the feeling for every attack, run and counter-run, where to shoot and where not to shoot, how to control your defenders and much more. Plus, test every defender’s individual reactions and set-pieces, anticipate options to launch attacks, and outsmart your opponents tactically with an improved Player Positioning System. Performers – Over 100 legends will come to life in this year’s game. Highlight your favourite midfield assassin, set-piece specialist, and passer using a Player Performance Gallery that showcases FIFA’s top players in the world. Coach Creator – Create and share your dream team with the new Coaching Creator.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Customise your team’s style with newly added premium kit items.
  • Practice with five different Soccer Routines, from a high-speed training to your personalised goal keeper.
  • Play through nine new stadiums including Sun Life Stadium in Miami, MetLife Stadium in New York, and Nissan Stadium in Nashville.
  • Challenge alongside 64 of the world’s elite teams.
  • New Superstar system – compete with friends to unlock the hardest-to-get players.
  • New Commentary with BBC commentators, John Motson and Eddie Howe.
  • Show your best moments in the All Time XI and Former Players.
  • Upgraded AI characters, smart Rookies, coaches, referees, and goalkeepers.
  • Play and save matches on Xbox One or on the same disc on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Play with The Biggest Losers feature for up to four people to experience your favourite moments in a whole new way.
  • Local and online multiplayer for up to four players.
  • The 28-man celebration team on top of the FIFA Team. Limitless celebrations, taunts, and more.
  • Infant form changes – FIFA 22 features the realistic technique of young stars such as Jadon Sancho, which dramatically improves gameplay for these young players.
  • Trusted Mode – just leave FIFA on as an AI manager (local) to lead your team to glory, or create your favourite team using as many players as you want.


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FIFA is more than a video game. FIFA is football. FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise. It gives us the chance to be part of a global phenomenon, to live our dreams, and push ourselves as players, coaches, and innovators of the sport. FIFA is an authentic football experience through and through, whether it’s one-on-one or taking part in real leagues and competitions with real players. What are the new features in FIFA 22? Improved realistic player animations. Play a deeper role than ever before, master game changing skills, take on new types of challenges, and settle all those scoring conundrums with more insight into player attributes. A revamped control scheme that makes the game even more intuitive and responsive. A completely redefined UEFA Champions League mode that recreates the real world atmosphere of some of the game’s most memorable finals. New ways of playing and playing with friends, including new customisation options and improved online functionality. Expanded MyCareer modes to give you more reasons to play, and more opportunities to improve your skills. How do you create player attributes? We have hundreds of attributes for every single player in the game, but some are more important than others. You start by developing and improving every single attribute, using your skills and determination to do so. Once you’ve mastered all the basics, it’s time to customise your attributes and start thinking about how you can better yourself. Read more I was thinking about developing an attribute that isn’t listed in your rating table for talent. Is that possible? Yes! When you play online, you can use any skill that you choose, including those that aren’t listed. The way you improve them is up to you. Read more What’s the difference between attributes and talent? While you might think that attributes and talent are the same, they are slightly different. Attributes are characteristics of a player that help you determine how he performs in specific situations. Examples are physical attributes, mental attributes, and skills. Read more What are the different types of attributes? There are four different types of attributes: skill, physical, mental, and tactics. Skill attributes reflect your ability to perform the skill, physical attributes show how you handle the ball, mental attributes demonstrate your tactical awareness, and tactics attributes determine how you manage attacks.


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