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Ezy Hotel Manager is a powerful hotel management software with a dynamic interface and a variety of features. It supports organizations with all kinds of requirements and technologies. The software is intended to save the time of any hotel manager and to boost their sales. Build your hotels online. Ezy Hotel Manager provides real-time and helpful feedback on the special request and booking history of your hotels. It also enables you to: Find new customers; Manage all your properties in one place; Generate reports about your hotels, revenue and expenses; and send anonymous feedback. Ezy Hotel Manager Details: Ezy Hotel Manager is a famous hotel management tool for hotel managers. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily manage and book all the properties you have in one place. Easily track and manage your hotels, guests, and properties, and quickly generate a wide range of reports and statistics on demand. Our global service allows you to manage all of your reservations from anywhere, at any time. And it makes communicating with your hoteliers a real pleasure. Change the logo of your hotel, change the colors in the theme you like, change the homepage and many more from the hotel manager. In real time: • Manage you hotel on any device – tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. • You can easily check the status of your reservation at any time. • Make the transfer of a guest or check how many rooms are left. • Add restaurants, attractions and other amenities in your hotel. Your hotel online: • You can easily add a webpage to your hotel. • You can easily customize your webpage with an intuitive set of tools. • With the smart scheduling you can easily schedule events and meetings. • You can quickly order every quality service in your hotel. You know the guests: • With the guest-book you can easily manage all your guests. • You can make the feedback of your guests real time. • It allows you to edit and save the preferences of your guests. You can manage your revenue: • You can easily generate reports about your revenues. • You can use the integrated Accounting module to safely manage your revenues and expenses. You can manage your expenses: • You can easily generate reports about your expenses. • You can edit your hotel bills. Sickness reports: • You can easily report a sick guest. • You can check how many days a guest needs to stay.

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The Hotel Manager software is designed for anyone interested in improving their productivity. Hotel Managers who use this software can keep track of each staff member’s service hours, book rooms, and resolve customer issues. You can also keep track of expenses, payroll, and service information for each guest. Ezy Hotel Manager also allows you to generate invoices, hotel reports, and save data. You can also generate reports for each hotel, such as costs, resources, payroll, bookings, and so on. With Ezy Hotel Manager you can… • Backup/restore your data • Generate bookings and reservations • Track each customer’s stay, service hours, expenses and payroll • Manage a plurality of hotels • Configure common reports Ezy Hotel Manager – Key Features: 1. Booking and Reservation With the help of Ezy Hotel Manager you can automatically process reservations and create new guests. 2. Hotel Managment Managing guests, employees and resources is easy with the help of Ezy Hotel Manager. 3. Invoicing Ezy Hotel Manager makes it easy to generate invoices for each hotel. You can also keep track of payments and track payments. 4. Booking and Resources Ezy Hotel Manager makes it easy to manage all bookings and resources. So you can manage books, departments, and employees. 5. Reports Ezy Hotel Manager can generate reports for each hotel. You can keep track of costs, bookings and payroll. 6. Backup/Restore With Ezy Hotel Manager you can easily backup your important data. So that when it fails, you can restore easily. KEY FEATURES: 1. Automatically process reservations and create new guests. 2. Manage guests, employees and resources. 3. Easily manage all bookings and resources. 4. Generate invoices for each hotel. 5. Keep track of payments and track payments. 6. Generate reports for each hotel. 7. Back up/restore data. System Requirements: · Windows · 1GHz or faster processor · 2GB RAM · 500MB free disk space ·.NET Framework 3.5 1) Note: For users of Windows XP, there is an update available. Please refer to Download Ezy Hotel Manager 2) From the start menu, 7ef3115324

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Ezy Hotel Manager is a sophisticated business management software designed to assist hotel managers with most of their administrative and financial tasks. The software’s interface is eye-catching, and it has multiple customization tools, but the interface is outdated and does not support the modern usage patterns of many users. The software operates with the help of multiple modules, which should be useful in various ways. Among others, it offers online reservations, professional accounting, payment and tax management, customer relations and customer management, business intelligence, report generation and custom charts. Fast and efficient program that saves tons of time The software offers a convenient yet powerful interface. However, it is definitely in need of a major overhaul, and it could do with some further refinement. Still, Ezy Hotel Manager is a professional business management software and it is quite capable of handling all tasks that a hotel manager might want to do. The application is fast and efficient. It can handle multiple simultaneous connections and provide automated backups, which are very important for businesses. Also, Ezy Hotel Manager is able to run in a virtual environment, so the program doesn’t make unnecessary demands on resources. The program is visually appealing, but its interface does not work in line with current usage patterns and trends. Weak security features that make it vulnerable to various attacks The software is very secure, as it uses advanced encryption and strong security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. However, despite its strict security measures, Ezy Hotel Manager is not suitable for use by hotels with weak security standards. The software allows you to store company details, transactions and personal information, but this is not convenient, as no matter how careful you are, it is possible to misuse these sensitive data. Also, the program doesn’t have a firewall, which is usually a very serious security breach. Outdated interface that needs to be updated at all cost The software is eye-catching, but its visual design is very out of date. The tabs, panel and interface look like they were designed in the middle of the 1990s. This is not surprising, as the interface looks the same as it did in 2006. While the program is secure and stable, its interface looks outdated and makes it feel outdated as well. Most users might not be familiar with the new interfaces of Windows 8 and Windows 10, but many businesses use Windows 7 or Windows XP as the operating system that allows them to do their business. The interface can be easily customized, but the new tools that

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Ezy Hotel Manager is a complex software solution designed to help hotel managers organize their business more efficiently. SlideUp was designed with ease of use in mind and is an extremely powerful PowerPoint add-on that makes it extremely easy to create large images, add lots of customized transition effects and create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations. SlideUp has been named “Editor’s choice” by the official software features magazine “PC Mag”. A major version upgrade was released in September 2009, which now supports also the new PowerPoint 2010 format. The new version is fully compatible with the latest Office 2007 and 2010. Introduction to SlideUp SlideUp is an incredibly easy-to-use program that allows you to create custom transition effects and 3D animation videos for PowerPoint presentations. Although the program is designed to be used with PowerPoint 2003, the new PowerPoint 2010 version is also compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2008. What SlideUp offers SlideUp allows you to create custom transition effects and 3D animation videos. You can place any file into the SlideUp project and modify it as you please. The program enables you to add images, text, audio and video to your slide as well as use the SlideUp Effects library. SlideUp also comes with a suite of slide and power point animation tools. Furthermore, you can use special features such as flash files, special transition effects, and slide backgrounds. The tool allows you to insert more than 100 transition effects. Customization options You can create custom transition effects and create professional looking videos with SlideUp. You can use any type of video format such as.avi,.wmv,.mov, or even.mp4 movies that you can find on the Internet. The program supports a wide range of video formats. Additionally, SlideUp allows you to add your personal slide layout in the toolbox. The program also allows you to change the background and slide background colors. You can add any type of image that you can find on the Internet. Of course, you can also add your own images. Features of SlideUp SlideUp is an easy-to-use program that allows you to create custom transition effects and 3D animation videos for PowerPoint presentations. Advantages SlideUp is a very powerful PowerPoint add-on that allows you to create custom transition effects and create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, the software is entirely free. In addition


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Processor: Dual-core Intel i5 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD HD 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 2GB available space OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 Recommended System Requirements: Processor: Quad-core Intel i7 or AMD FX series Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD RX 480 OS: Windows 7, 8, or


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