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Features Key:

  • Epic Next-Gen Graphics
  • Exquisitely Crafted and Intuitive Gameplay
  • Exceptional Combat
  • A Willing and Loyal Hero
  • A World that You Can Love
  • #spear_princess


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    RUNNETE.COM FREEDOM IGN US IGN FR IGN AU __________________________________________________________________________________ ◆New Fantasy Action RPG is also available in JP!! ◆ New Fantasy Action RPG Launching on November 1st! ◆ In New Fantasy Action RPG, the player character is a person who has been endowed with the purity and grace of the Elden Ring, and has risen from a low-class thief. The world of New Fantasy Action RPG is a vast landscape of diverse and unpredictable situations, and there are infinite opportunities for the player to try out his or her unique play style. The multiplayer aspect and the unique online play also contribute to the continuous thrill of action RPG play. Player Character: • A thief that will seize the opportunity to become an Elden Lord • Sharp and dangerous, but also hot-blooded and passionate, and is characterised by a curious nature, free of judgement, and boldness • Has a high potential for growth • Has two basic classes, level 1 and level 30 • Can assign six equipment items to strengthen one of three skills. For example, a level 1 thief can equip three items to strengthen the Magic skill, and a level 1 thief can assign two items to strengthen the Throwing Skill, while strengthening one of the other two skills. World: • It is a world of five major classes, 12 major job titles, and 32 minor job titles. • When the player character is a level 30 thief, he/she can enter the major and minor job class levels of all five major classes, opening up the endless potential of career development • It has not been decided whether or not it is possible to continue on the road to becoming an Elden Lord after ending the game. • The story, world and characters are all at the same level, but have different personalities, making the game resemble those seen in anime and manga Characters: • The player character will meet 16 different characters • Crossovers are allowed between characters • An original character with a fully equipped, complete job is given at the start of the game, and party members are created with the player character at level 30 – There are also characters of unique job titles in the playable party, and when you obtain more job titles, your party members will gain more job titles to complement each other bff6bb2d33


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    ◆ Action RPG: Developed as a TV series, the story follows a sword fighter who uses magic and runs away from a mission he has been assigned. ◆ A Dynamic Action: Defend and attack against the enemy as an action RPG. The action is easy to learn, and by switching to a different action by pressing the buttons, you can easily change to a different play style. ◆ Tactics: Master your timing of moves, defense and attacks, and defeat the enemy. ◆ An Overwhelming Exploration: A vast world full of excitement is open as you explore the various places and situations in the game. A great sense of joy is felt as you discover, explore, and challenge a high variety of enemies and situations. ◆ The Ranking Game: The Achievement System has been added, and the Ranking Game is easy to get involved in. ◆ Customization: ■ The Role of the Battle System: A battle system in which you use your good points, attack power, and special moves has been added. By equipping the right equipment, you can attack enemies with various ways. ■ Customization: Items and equipment will change depending on the characteristics of your character, and you can change the character with various play styles. ■ Weight and Movement: You will immediately be able to switch from normal fighting to quick battle once you encounter enemies. ■ Customizable Character: By raising the stage gauge of your skills, you can command various battle styles, and can freely raise and lower your weight. ■ New Capabilities: A special attack, special move, and attack enhancement are available. Other Features: * Iconic King Weapon: The story revolves around a noble elf that takes the hero’s hand and carries him on his back like a dog. * A World of Dramatic Battles: ■ Three types of enemy support troops can appear in battles, such as super soldiers who use super attacks. ■ Establish a shield to protect allies, clear the opposing side’s skill gauge. ■ Customize your character: You can strengthen your character’s ability and appearance by strengthening attack power, increasing your defense and health, and strengthening your magic abilities. * Complete the Fully-customizable Character: ■ Your actions ■ Customized Equipment ■ Customized Equipment Leveling ■ Customized Equipment Drop (Equip a boss’ weapon) ■ Overwhelming weapon styles ■ Name and color ■ Character ■ Character’s attributes and skills ■ Battle


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    Despite the seeming abundance of romances in video games, many of us are relegated to playing the love interests of the male characters around us. As a straight female, it’s a frustrating, even alienating situation. While it may be easier to make fun of the love interests in games that cater to us, like persona 5 or Final Fantasy 14, there’s a new 4th-wall-breaking RPG that stars a female love interest – the Prince of Blades. It might not be full-screen gameplay, but might just open up the medium for a lighter load. Per Nintendo, the upcoming Wii U, New 3DS and New 3DS XL bundle will include the following games: Yoshi’s New Island (Nintendo, expected release date November 21st) Nintendo is celebrating the launch of Yoshi¹s New Island for the Wii U by releasing a special video introducing Yoshi and the new Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Party bundle. At the end of the trailer, Nintendo will reveal that Yoshi will be available as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U or 3DS version. In Japan, as a special edition of Yoshi’s New Island, he will also appear as a DLC package for the game alongside Peach, Daisy, and Luigi.