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■A Fantasy Action RPG An action RPG game set in the Lands Between, where you can enjoy online multiplayer in the first-person or play local multiplayer with two or three other people, and enjoy an astonishing story. ■A New World The story begins with the character Tarnished, and it ends with a brand-new character that is very different from him. The world and characters have had many changes in order to let you experience the world anew. ■A Vast World A vast world with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with a complex and three-dimensional design in which action RPG and card-battle elements are combined. ■A Story of Magic An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters you meet are explained. A tale of a great nation shattered by a series of betrayals and torn apart by war. ■A Fast-Moving Action A fantasy action RPG that boasts a wide arsenal of weapons, including swords, spears, and magic, and an interesting and free combo system. ■Ultimate Action with RPG Elements A quality action RPG game that seamlessly combines action, fighting, and card-battle elements to let you enjoy the most exciting action you have ever experienced. ■Online Multiplayer (up to four people) Online multiplayer, in which you can directly connect with other players and travel together. You can also play online against other players in a battle for real. ■An Online Level Up System Build your character by leveling up your characters and apply the effect of every element obtained. Watch your character’s stats increase. ■A Tower Defense Game A tower defense game that combines action RPG and card-battle elements to let you enjoy a battle game while moving around. ■A Battle Without Enemies A battle game where you will fight enemies while moving around, and a battle game that does not provide you with any enemy support, leaving you to wonder “Who is the enemy?!” ■Online Multiplayer Action Online multiplayer action that can be enjoyed with players in your vicinity or even in an entirely different place. ■The Elden Ring’s Star Power A power that creates a void in the Lands Between, enabling the user to pass through objects and materialize at will. ■Story System A story system in which the events that occur throughout the story are conveyed in a way that allows you to feel what the characters are going through.


Features Key:

  • A THOROUGH WORLD with incredible graphics– Located in the Lands Between, this gigantic environment is a place where countless quests are executed and endless foes lurk.
  • MORE than 40 quests in 11 chapters– Insectoid commanders, Wizards, Hobgoblins, Crocodiles, and Dragons. Lost places, dungeons, and fortified towns. The map of this world is a masterpiece of design as only the Lands Between can provide.
  • More than 6 NPC Characters– Endlessly amusing personalities that all live in the Lands Between. Each has their own story and character, and are joined together by a unifying theme. The people who live in the Lands Between are an intriguing bunch.
  • Extensive Quest System Delve into the storylines and share your unique adventure with your friends.
  • Unfamiliar Enemy AI Your enemies and the places where you travel will take on unexpected actions based on the data you provide about your use of HP, magic, or items.
  • THE KINDA MAGIC THAT REALLY EXISTS Unused powers await you for the completion of quests and getting better stats. Empower yourself using the Kinetic Spirit that preserves your Kinetic Balance, and augment yourself using the Skill Point Node which increases your skill, and proceed with a vigor like no other.
  • Unique Real-time Real-time Action Battle System This battle system is an exciting game that uses teamwork to fling your enemies.

    Game features:

    • 40 quests in 11 chapters– The world of Tarnished is a vast and dynamic landscape.
    • 7 diverse weapons including Light Armour– Armor that provides defense and a ton of opportunities is equipped with skills that increase attack power and decrease movement.
    • 16 magic vocations– A variety of spells that use the power of the Kinetic Balance and the power of magic are available as vocations.
    • 9 different species of weapon-carrying Pirates– In the world of Tarnished,


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      “As a newly-formed party, you stand between two worlds, both dark and dangerous. Your choices determine the fate of the lands – but your fate as well.” “Very enjoyable. It’s easy to appreciate both the characters and game design decisions.” “The battles are exciting, and the puzzles are rewarding.” “The tutorial is very informative and well-paced.” -Game Spirit “Players who are looking for a fun and exhilarating RPG with a unique story and beautiful presentation should definitely consider this game.” -Asmodee “When you first begin Tarnished, it’s hard to distinguish your character from a pile of blocks…and hard to tell where you’re supposed to go…but eventually, the scenery and character animations start to get very interesting, and the gameplay very fun.” -GameSpot “Tarnished is a fantastic RPG that utilizes innovative elements to bring a fresh experience to the field.” -Gamezebo “The art and animation are impressive, with the game’s use of narration and in-game cutscenes beautiful and clear.” -IGN.com “The story, characters and combat are all completely accessible and very fun to explore, even when battles get really challenging and tense…The game does a great job of encouraging you to keep exploring, and is enjoyable to play in short bursts in any order you like.” -Game Informer “Tarnished the new fantasy action RPG that is definitely worth a look if you enjoy a good story and like a good fantasy world.” -GoNintendo.com “Overall, Tarnished is a solid fantasy RPG with an interesting backstory and interesting enemies to fight.” -Kotaku.com “Tarnished seems to be a much more attractive proposition for older players; many of the tutorials and the game’s introductions and explanations are rather long winded and may turn off people not willing to invest hours of their time into them.” -Wired.com “Tarnished is an awesome action RPG that is perfectly suited bff6bb2d33


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      ▼Profile / Create / Log in / Change character name / Chat / Change role / Play / Others / Map / Monsters / Story / Extra ▼Story You are “Tarnished,” an untarnished Elven lord. “Tarnished” participates in a contest with other lords, and your goal is to obtain the Elden Ring so you can be bestowed with the title of Elden Lord. ▼Graphics Tarnished: The graphics of the character customization, monster graphics, and dungeons are not touched. ▼System Settings • Network Play (LAN Play): This option is for use with a home LAN. • PlayStation®4 & PS Vita Software: Enabled on both PlayStation®4 and PS Vita (if the PS Vita is an original version). • Adjustable Resolution: Displays the game at various resolutions in the same way that it would on a display. • Other: Not applicable. User Comments (103) This really is a great game! The most awesome thing is the size of the game. It’s getting close to the 5gb mark, which is also pretty awesome! Its story line is very similar to many types of RPGs but it’s a little different. The art is very detailed and everything. I hate random battles and you don’t get in to much fights but rather battles with bosses who really aren’t hard at all. Also the music is great! Well made and very fun to listen to. It fits the game perfectly. The voice acting is also very good and the comedy of the voice actors fits the scenes they are in perfectly. The people who created this game deserve a pat on the back! I agree with the previous statements. This is the awesomest game i’ve ever played. It’s a story line game, but it’s quite different from all the other story line games i played. The story was not like any other story line games that i have played before. The characters are all interesting and the story is well written. I only wish that there was more variety in the battles. You fight one type of enemy in one battle and then it’s the same in all the battles. It was kinda weird. But the battle system is great, very smooth. It’s also kind of nice to have no random battles in. It is an amazing game and i hope you guys make more games like this. I’m having a blast with this game, even though I really don


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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • If your Origin is not Origin, then first of all you will need to copy all the data from your Origin installation folder to the game directory.
    • 2.Install the original game on your computer and play the game in normal mode.
    • Also you have to Run the setup again by choosing “Extract to a location other than the one you run the game in” then when it asks you Choose install as a new application.
    • Run the crack.zip file and you the crack will be installed on your game folder.
    • You can play online multiplayer and offline with the updated version. enjoy!

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