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Name Elden Ring
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Rating 4.29 / 5 ( 8004 votes )
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by From Software, the creators of the critically acclaimed “Dark Souls” series, and features a brand new, living story that takes place after the events of the Souls games. The Elden Ring also incorporates story elements from the “Pillars of Eternity” RPG series, “Lord of the Rings,” and “The Witcher” as the series combines the best elements of Japanese and Western RPGs. The game will be available on both the Nintendo Switch and PC for the first time. For more information, please visit our official website: For the latest news, please visit: About New Fantasy RPG – Data Diary Even though people often see the graphics of New Fantasy RPG as “retro”, the team behind the game has been working hard on it since 2011, developing a complete open-world RPG. This first data diary gives you a glimpse of what development is like within the team. Enjoy this early look into the making of New Fantasy RPG! TOKYO, Dec 5, 2019 – Japan’s number one trading card game publisher, KADOKAWA Entertainment Corporation, announced today at the ongoing “Active Gaming Media Show” event, at the Tokyo Big Sight, that the latest version of New Fantasy Role-Playing Game will launch in March 2020. Fans looking forward to this game will be able to take part in the battle to put an end to the Monster-Might reign! The latest version of New Fantasy Role-Playing Game is expected to be released as a family game with three main scenarios, depending on your character’s rank. The game’s story will continue in the popular Fantasy RPG series, and new elements are also anticipated to bring new experience. A data diary will be released on the official website at in January 2020 to inform fans on the details of the game. Please look forward to the games’ release! The latest version of New Fantasy Role-Playing Game has been announced! Source:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 2D MORPG, but with a twist. Don’t expect it to be the same as any other 2D RPG.
  • Tactical strategy RPG, but with a bit of real-time action. In the beautifully designed dungeons with a complex and three-dimensional layout, you can battle enemy commanders and other monsters on a tactical battle field.
  • Thrilling adventure, but it is more fun if you like it. Grow through the story with your own feelings. It takes time to learn what you want from the game.
  • Epic story and high quest satisfaction. Gemstones in this game will be taken from the event notification screen, so you are sure to get at least one bag of olives.
  • No random battle, but with multiple battles. There are allies of other guilds besides those of the Guild of Alkist prepared to protect the Lands Between, so the order of the enemy can be predicted.
  • Advanced Class System that allows free combination. Including all jobs, there are over 200 jobs, and more will be added as the game develops.
  • Tackle different races and jobs. Unlock unique jobs as you progress in the game, but please be aware that jobs are not yet implemented.
  • A rich Daoist Folklore Many positive and negative characters, such as rogues, dwarves, and cats, appear in the game. You can get an extra reward if you defeat these foes.
  • Unlocked items and equipment. Unlocked items are items that cannot be obtained by conventional means, and unlocking them is tied to the story.
  • LOTRO’s two-handed melee attack is implemented. Not like some oldschool moves, but unique. Careful study is needed to master this art.
  • Many kinds of items. There are also a variety of useful items that cannot be obtained through progression.
  • Improved character customization. There are many options for customizing your character, but please be careful! If you exceed the character’s lifespan, your character will be disabled.
  • A transformation feature. The character’s status changes depending on how you equip and fight, but there is not a transformation


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    Multiplayer (LAN): Server: Name: BHS108 Game-Mode: Join player automatically, or Create player Players Online: 5 Server: Name: BHS70 Game-Mode: Join player automatically, or Create player Players Online: 2 Local Server (host your game to allow others to join) Name: BHS108 Game-Mode: Create player Players Online: 5 Server: Name: BHS70 Game-Mode: Create player Players Online: 2 A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. Lands Between Chapter 1: An exciting adventure! A turbulent conflict between the Elden Ring and the Aelion Kingdom is now raging in the Lands Between. On your journey to the capital city of the Elden Ring, you will encounter the ‘threat’ that arises from the conflict between the two forces, as well as a mysterious presence that represents the power of the Dragons of the Ancient World. This is the beginning of your long journey. A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore the Lands Between, you can encounter many different types of enemies that threaten the safety of the inhabitants. The diverse experiences and the massive dungeons make it feel as if the entire world has expanded. Not only that, the combination of time travel and the Lands Between allowed us to realize a world in which players are now able to freely enjoy the landscape of an open field, which connects to the mountainous and ruined landscape of an alternate version of the present-day world. Special Features of the Game. To increase the player’s freedom to choose the look of their character, you can freely change the appearance and equipment of your character. By freely exploring the vast world, you can freely equip and combine items that will change your appearance, along with the weapons and armor you wear. You can expand your own story by letting your character’s skills level up. When you raise your character’s level, not only will your ability to use weapons and magic increase, but so


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■Pursue who will deliver the choice: Orgrim The Vast Unclean King begins his game of passage. Orgrim, a new lord of the region, seeks to become the first to march on the Usurper. You should distinguish what objectives you wish to pursue.

    ■Marathon Multiplayer gameplay using STEAM® Death Comes to the Deadlands® version 2. The probability of death increases, and the living can relive their friends’ deaths as times come. You may enjoy a variety of games, such as those where the survival rate is high, over a long period of time.

    Experience the race of the new game! Steam version contains new images and descriptions of the in-game dialogue, unique maps, enemies, medals, and more, and players can also purchase the title separately.

    ◆ Content of New Version

    The title of the new version of The Dreams of Prophets: The Unbuilt City is Death Comes to the Deadlands: Deadlands Firestorm.

    ■Featured Content

    The Unbuilt City The old city where the original elves lived peacefully. However, a shadow fell on the city with the arrival of the King of the Deadlanders. This city is no longer safe. Check out the password inside and challenge your skills and knowledge to play through. Search & Defeat the Usurper: The Usurper, the Gamemaster leading the Undead Army, carries a blood red banner marked with an eye. Equipped with a powerful weapon, he makes challenges to promote the growth of the Kingdom. Defeat him and challenge the truth behind his words. This is a promised quest where you can overcome the Usurper and take the gaze, a divine artifact imbued with a power. Attack him and take his heart to find out the truth.

    ※ Please note that it contains content that may disturb the sensibilities of some adults.

    ※ This game includes minor content that does not meet the rating standards required by the ESRB.※ Please note that this content can be unlocked by completing the game content in a “normal” manner and by watching all of the trailers during normal gameplay.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Color: Color Resolution: 1024×768 Video Codec: XviD 1.1.0-1.3.3 Discs: 3 Number of sound channels: 1 Support languages: English, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, French, Finnish, Dutch, German, Greek, Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech Widescreen support: No Additional Software: NEC PowerDVD 6, Windows Media


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.29 / 5 ( 8004 votes )
    Update (7 days ago)


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