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The Easy Multi-function Calculator application was designed to make your calculation easy. It can do arithmetic, function, and equation, even the two unknowns single equation. It also supports complex numbers if the formula has no complex number but only real (e.g. If your type -4 to evolution, it’ll give you the answer: 2i). Another example, if there are two unknowns in a single equation: x+2x+8, the delta is -4, less than 0, the calculator will give you the answer: one is (-2+2i)/2, another is (-2-2i)/2 instead of “Error”. Another feature is we tell you why it’s an error, for example if you type a formula, it’ll tell you “Error: Out of range” instead of single word “Error”.


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Supports basic arithmetic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The algebra math function, f(x), f(x) = g(x) is also supported. Supports trigonometric functions like cos, sin, tan, sec, cot. The exponential function, exp(x) is supported. Supports modular arithmetic; the exp(x) and e^(x) are supported, but you need to input the i. A lot of advanced functions like factorial, poly, and binomial functions are also supported. The scientific calculator function, $\sqrt(\pi)$ and the complex number functions, i^2 and cos(x) are also supported. Supports a lot of basic functions and even complex functions including the multi-variable complex function and a set of advanced functions. The trigonometric function is not limited to the single-variable trig function, the inverse function of cos(x) and sec(x) is also supported. If you enter the parentheses incorrectly, the calculator will tell you that “parentheses are incorrect”. It supports raising to the power of x, f(x^y), f(x^y) = g(x^y). It has a lot of advanced programming functions like if/else, if/else if/else, switch,… It has about 300 preset functions. It supports complex variables. All variables can be left in the complex number format. Data type names are all in Chinese. You need to select a data type. The menu comes up after the data is selected. Another special feature is the text search function. You can search the program through the text box. You can also select text on the screen and highlight it with the mouse. Just paste a formula in the screen and hit the red arrow keys, the result will automatically be displayed. The paren bracket is very easy to press in the Windows version. Double click the left mouse button on the “(” or “)”. If you want to delete something, the Text box can replace the deleted content. You can also edit the content that replaces the deleted content. You can even set the “mouse scroll wheel” as a shortcut button. That means that when you use the mouse wheel, the screen will automatically scroll to the last found formula. The calculator can be set as an autostart application. The software is very fast. The operation is very

Easy Multi-Function Calculator Crack

The most efficient calculator that you can find.The most efficient calculator that you can find – with millions of users worldwide. You can navigate through the tools with your finger on the screen. But the most great thing is the clear screen on the left side. We make it easy for you to read what you inputted. Easy Multi-Function Calculator Features: Features: * Precise calculation. * Reminder of the last calculation results, and storing those results for one-time use. * Fast calculation. * Two or more function can be input together. * Formula that doesn’t have complex numbers is in normal, easy to read. * Inputting 0 is also ‘0’. * When the calculation is done, it can be cleared. * Inputting a negative number is allowed. * Possible to use your custom keyboard and shortcut. Easy Multi-Function Calculator Help: How to Use the Calculator: Step 1: Input the function you want to input. Example: ( x+y ) / sqrt( (x-3)(y-4) ) Step 2: Input the variables, and the equation in ‘equation’ step. If you want to input your variables, tap the input field with your finger, and input your variable with the cursor on the left side. If you want to input your equation in step 4, the equation should be written in the line below it. Don’t try to input the equation, because you can’t add equation. Step 3: Input an equation and the variables if it does not have the variables. Example: ( x-5 ) / 5 = 2 Step 4: After all of the inputting is done, you can apply the formula. In this case, there is no need to input an equation. Step 5: Enter your input in the editor with the cursor on the right side of the input box. The calculated formula will appear on the left side of the input box. The calculated formula will appear on the left side of the input box. After entering the input, press the done button to clear the input. How to clear the input: To clear the input, tap the Input Clear button. To clear the input, tap the Input Clear button. To clear the input, tap the Input Clear button. Clear input button: To clear the input 02dac1b922

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========= Easy Multi-Function Calculator is Multi-Function calculator, which can save your time. Use our program to solve day-to-day calculation with flexible function and math. Support all types of complex numbers, use your mind to put all numbers in the right position with the button of “Math button”. Support three equation types and convenient for calculation. Find out more about features and the application requirement is not satisfied for the following ========= – Use complex numbers (+, -, *, /, x/), both real and complex numbers. – More than two functions, the calculation is pretty fast. – There is no limitation in the number of equations. – Optional equal sign in operators of arithmetic – Multiple choices for a part of operators – Work with different types of operators, “=” sign is optional – More complex formulas support – Support complex number – Formula editor which is very convenient – Make a formula as long as you like, and the application will automatically add new lines – Customizable keyboard layout, including the following keys: “+”, “-“, “x”, “/”, “*”, “^”, “(“, “)”, “=”, “;”, “:”, “,”, “.”, – Customizable decimal separator: “,”, “.” – Double click and undo/redo function – Auto save file – With the help of the menu system, you can easily set file folder where you store your formula, equation, variable, and unprintable function, – With the help of the menu system, you can easily set time interval to automatically open and read a new file – Format of number: use format, there are more than 50 – Set the tab width and use lines in a formula – Preferences – In-line help -… Reviews Write a review: Overall: Quality: Effectiveness: Interface: 5 By MathCalc42 I highly recommend this app! Download We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. See detailsArticle content continued “Our jaw just dropped and we were like, ‘Wow, that’s a big deal,’” Hall, a third-generation cop, said of the buy

What’s New In?

■ A simple and convenient calculator ■ With a simple and easy to use interface. ■ Supports more than 250,000 formulas. ■ Great for math, economics, history, nature, physics, etc. ■ Support for 8 major operating systems including Windows (2000, XP, Vista, etc.), Macintosh (OSX,10,11, etc.), Linux (Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.), Android, iOS, etc. ■ Support both English and Simplified Chinese. ■ Backlight adjustable to different brightness, long-power life. ■ Support quad-core processor and 3 core CPU. ■ Auto-clear when you don’t need to see the previous number. ■ Reset to zero after an operation is made. ■ Select all the number displayed to copy. ■ Customize your own home screen and key layout. ■ Import your formula as a book(like formulas for mnemonic device, solar system, etc.). ■ Save and share your own Formula. ■ A customizable key set ■ Adjustable layout and resolution of the text on the screen. ■ Full support for all sort of functions and equations ■ Expandable up to an unlimited number of functions ■ Save your formula and access it from anywhere ■ You can even share your device with other people. ■ Real math support ■ No need for training. ■ You will enjoy the excellent and fast performance. ■ No need to add any unknowns and variables for the operation. ■ No battery loss. ■ This application is a light application, it only takes 1-2MB. ■ It is easy to learn. ■ It is easy to operate. ■ It is easy to store formulas. ■ Fast performance. ■ Simple and convenient to use. ■ An accurate calculator with great performance, even for complex math and equations. ■ This application can be customized to your own needs with the limited memory and storage space. ■ You can use it to calculate on a plane, train, or car. ■ You can connect your computer with it and share with your friends. ■ 


System Requirements For Easy Multi-Function Calculator:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1/10 (64-bit), 8.5/10 (64-bit), or 10.1/12 (64-bit) Processor: 2.0 GHz processor Memory: 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with 128 MB or more of VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 7, 8, 8.1, or 9-series, and AMD Radeon HD 4000 and newer) DirectX: Version 9.


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