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Nowadays, working remotely is the new normal so developers have come with more and more straightforward solutions to allow quick remote access. Remote control applications not only that allow anyone to access centralized resources from the distance, but they are also perfect for troubleshooting sessions and help desk assistance. Suggestively called Distant Desktop, this application makes it possible for you to control any PC remotely, regardless of location. With such an application, you can break down the geographical barriers and get instant access to resources, no matter where you are. Connect with the remote PC in an instant  There is no need to go through a setup with Distant Desktop. In fact, its developers created one of the simplest remote desktop control applications out there. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the application must be launched on both the local and the remote PC for everything to work. When launching Distant Desktop, a small window is displayed, comprising an ID and a password. The unique credentials are automatically generated for the local computer and must be shared with the remote PC for it to get authorized for remote access. Alternatively, if you want to control a remote PC, then you must press the “Connect…” button and enter the credentials provided by the target computer user. After adding the application as a firewall exception on both ends, the remote session is initiated. You can start one or multiple connections at the same time and each is displayed in a new tab. Share files and exchange messages with ease  Working with Distant Desktop is quite easy. The remote desktop is shown, allowing you to interact with all the items exactly as if you were in front of the target computer. At the same time, the controlled PC running Distant Desktop can see the number of remote connections. Files can be shared from one computer to the other without a lot of hassle. You can either send a file on the local PC or send a sharing request to the remote host. The built-in chat allows you to communicate with the other computer in writing but keep in mind that you can also record an audio message and send it. Supports simultaneous remote connections on both ends  Distant Desktop provides one of the easiest ways to access a PC remotely, without having to go through an installation process. Aside from file sharing and integrated chatting, one of its important advantages is its support for multiple simultaneous connections, on both ends. On the other hand, in the so-called demo mode, incoming connections are allowed, while remote control of the local PC is restricted. This makes Distant Desktop perfect for online lessons and presentations.


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• Access a PC remotely through one or multiple remote connections, at any time, • Control a remote PC in order to access its files and print them • Exchange files and collaborate in real time • Supports multiple simultaneous remote connections on both ends • Must be launched on both ends • Audio recording and live chat • Easy-to-use interface Easy remote access and control of Windows based PCs and Mac using Remote Desktop Remote Desktop allows you to remotely control and access another computer from a personal computer, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. The remote access permits users to control and be working at the same computer desktop using the resources and tools of their own desktop. It can be also called as desktop sharing, team collaboration or desktop sharing. Requirements Apart from the operating system of the local computer and the remote computer, the remote desktop connection requires the following: • A remote computer with a display and an active internet connection • A remote computer having the remote desktop client installed or a remote access software • An administrator password for the remote computer • A cross-platform compatible application, which is installed on both computers • A user account on the remote computer • A user account on the remote computer with admin permissions Using remote desktop Remote desktop requires the installation of a remote desktop client on the local computer, which will then allow a remote connection from the remote computer. The remote access software and Remote Desktop Client are installed together, and you have to choose the desired connection method. Use In a simple remote desktop session, a session user gets the remote login and access to an existing session. Remote Desktop enables remote screen sharing, in which remote users can simultaneously access a shared session from their local computers. The application typically runs in a window, however, it can also be opened in a new browser tab. RDP protocol and the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a network protocol that is used to provide a remote graphical user interface, including a Graphical User Interface (GUI), allowing users to access a remote computer. Remote access is used in many ways, including remote working, remote support, remote desktop sharing, remote meeting or remote administration. Remote control comes with the growth of remote communications and a computer network, with Internet-based collaboration and remote access to computers and servers. Remote Control is useful in improving productivity, security and operations. Remote controlling a computer from a different location

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With Distant Desktop you can control or log onto any remote Windows computer. You can use Distant Desktop to control any computer, from anywhere at anytime. With Distant Desktop, working remotely is a breeze. In this tutorial we will discuss how to download, install and use Distant Desktop. Download Distant Desktop from the below link. Save the downloaded file to your desktop. Open the Distant Desktop and run the application. Give the app a name and hit the ‘ok’ button. Give it a password. Now, you must download the remote access program for the remote computer. To start the remote access program, right-click on the desktop, click ‘New,’ and select ‘Shortcut.’ Then, give it a name and save the shortcut on your desktop. Run the ‘Shortcut.’ Select ‘Remote Access.’ Enter the IP address of your remote computer. If you do not know the remote IP address of the remote computer, click the ‘Run’ tab on the ‘Connections’ screen and then select ‘Show,’ and input the IP address of the computer that you wish to access. Select ‘OK.’ Now, you must define permission rights for the remote computer. To do this, just right-click on the login page and choose ‘Properties.’ Go to the ‘Permissions’ tab and tick all the boxes to allow access to your computer. Enter the password in the box, and click ‘Apply.’ Enable the keystroke logging function by clicking on the ‘Keystroke logging’ option. Distant Desktop will automatically open the keystroke logging window. Click on the ‘Start Logging’ button to start capturing keystrokes. Click on the ‘Connect’ tab on the Distant Desktop window. Enter the username and password you set previously. Select ‘OK.’ Now, you can begin controlling the remote computer. Click on the ‘Connect’ tab on the Distant Desktop window. Select the connection that you want to control. Enter the username and password you set previously. Select ‘OK.’ Once you have connected to the remote computer, the app will display the remote desktop. Select 2f7fe94e24

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Access to all your files and resources, no matter where you are. Work and control any computer in a separate tab in your web browser. Simple and effective, the distaster version of Distant Desktop is a remote control for Windows in the browser. Works on any operating system and can be used on any computer anywhere in the world. Easily sync documents, your desktop, your web browser and your files. Do you use a remote access tool to control and access the desktop of your colleagues or friends? Are you missing the ease of working from anywhere on your own desk or laptop? Distant Desktop Client version software is the easiest and most convenient tool to control and access a remote computer in a separate tab in your web browser. Distant Desktop is a free remote access tool that is compatible with any operating system and any computer. Remote control another computer with just a few clicks and do basic operations to troubleshoot computer issues remotely. Keep your device safe and secure from malicious websites, malware, and viruses. How to Download and Install Distant Desktop OS X and macOS users can download Distant Desktop in the App Store as Google Chrome extension or download the standalone version from this link. Windows 10 users can download the application from the Microsoft Store, from this link. Available as a free download. Distant Desktop Crack comes with an activation code that will ensure that you can always be up and running in an instant. However, this is a must-have software if you have the flexibility to monitor remote computers. Furthermore, the software is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to operate. So, to get started, all you need to do is to download the application from the official website, and follow the steps shared by the developers. Other than that, Distant Desktop also supports simultaneous remote connections on both ends, which means you can operate as many remote sessions at the same time as you want. How to Activate Distant Desktop? Unlike many similar software, Distant Desktop activation code can’t be provided at the time of installation. However, you can get it from the application’s official website. Activation is a one-time process where you will have to enter a unique serial key to get the ability to run the program. Simply check the receipt and follow the steps provided by the website. After entering the serial key, the application will be activated automatically and allow you to monitor remote computers with ease. Note: When you download a serial key from the official website

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Distant Desktop allows you to access your desktop from anywhere in the world, as long as you are online. Besides, the application also lets you share files and interact with other computers. You can also record your desktop from anywhere. Distant Desktop Description Distant Desktop allows you to access your desktop from anywhere in the world, as long as you are online. Besides, the application also lets you share files and interact with other computers. You can also record your desktop from anywhere. How to use Distant Desktop? After a successful installation of Distant Desktop, you will see a new tab appear in your browser.  Step 1: Click on the Distant Desktop icon to launch the application.  Step 2: In the window that appears, enter your credentials and click on “Connect.”  Step 3: It will make sure that you are allowed access and displays a new tab with the target computer.  Step 4: Use the mouse to interact with the remote desktop, or click the icon in the “Remote PC” tab to control your local computer. (More) Details can be found on the official website. 1. CTRL – The CTRL (Caps Lock) key can be used to cycle to the next window. 2. Alt – By holding down the ALT key, you can see all the other open tabs 3. M – The M key is used to open files 4. P – The P key is used to refresh the controls 5. Tab – The Tab key is used to cycle backwards through your windows 6. ESC – The ESC key exits the program 7. G – By holding down the G key, you can see more of the chat session. 8. S – By holding down the S key, you can see a full list of devices connected. 9. Spacebar – By holding down the SPACEBAR key, you can open the file dialog 10. Arrow Keys – By holding down the Arrow Keys, you can access keyboard shortcuts 11. Enter – By holding down the Enter key, you can access the menu bar. 12. DEL – By holding down the DEL key, you can close a tab or window. 13. Spacebar – By holding down the Spacebar, you can toggle full screen mode. 14. Scroll Bar – By holding down the Scroll Bar, you can view the file selection dialog. Distant Desktop is an application


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PC: OS: Windows 7/8/10 CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 RAM: 4 GB VGA: HD 6970, HD 4870, HD 4770, HD 4670, HD 4650, HD 4550 GPU: HD 6970, HD 4870, HD 4770, HD 4670, HD 4650, HD 4550 DirectX: DirectX 9.0c HDD: 200MB Game Description: Embark on the greatest journey of your life and experience the


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