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Digital tools can have a wide variety uses in the business world. Whether employed as stock trackers, sales contacts agendas or complicated business simulators, applications have always had great potential for reducing costs and increasing profits. Compute wood parts costs CutList Plus Express attempts to achieve this by providing woodworkers with a clean and stable environment in which to compute wood parts costs. The application can also generate useful cutting diagrams, based on the physical characteristics defined by users. It can be said the application has two possible uses: as an optimized generator of cutting diagrams for sheet goods and as a bills of materials and cost summary recorder. The two modules are synergistic because once one has defined wood parts creating diagrams and managing stocks is a natural step. Optimize cutting designs to reduce losses There are multiple parameters that can be defined, such as physical characteristics (i.e. wood thickness, width, and length), but also names and descriptions. Once users provide the data, the application automatically computes optimum cutting diagrams, which can be printed using a built-in function. Materials quantities and prices, as well as vendor information and stocks details are all customizable fields that allow users to create comprehensive bills of materials (BOMs). Concise and statistics-rich reports are also automatically generated from the source data. The application tracks materials costs and generates cutting diagrams to reduce costs To conclude, CutList Plus Express is a good tool for anyone in the business of woodworking. It can be employed to reduce costs, by minimizing wastes generated from cutting wood. The utility is also an effective stocks tracker, which can be used to manage wood parts and their vendors.







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CutList is a user-friendly woodworking application for managing wood cut stock. CutList manages wood cut stock at any stage of the production cycle and has many features to help save time and money. CutList is one of the leading users of a small inventory of standard wood parts and contains an extensive user-defined database of vendor information. CutList will import vendor specific cutting designs directly from a compatible cutting table and can generate cross-cutting diagrams with over 100,000 cutting options. CutList is a cutting tool for designing and optimizing the design of wood parts that can be used to track costs and reduce wastes. This cutting tool has a wide variety of features that allow users to cut stock to an exact length or width, generate a design on the fly, and also create bills of materials. CutList can be used to estimate the cost of goods to sell as well as the cost of goods to buy. It can also be used to track multiple materials throughout the production process, including delivery and installation. With CutList, you can: – Create design history – Make it easy for customers to order your products by creating cutting diagrams and generating a complete, accurate bill of materials for their products – Efficiently track the costs of your stock – Build bill of materials and give estimates of your costs for purchase and production – Accurately calculate material, labor and overhead costs – Track the cost of goods for sale – Summarize your sales and production costs – Product tracking CutList Plus Express was originally offered at $99.99 without any add-ons. Given the latest development in this woodworking application, it now runs at $149.99. The Extra Small, comes with the Standard Cutting module of $49.99 but it contains the following add-ons: Extra Small “CutList Plus Express”: CutList Plus Express Standard Cutting Module: * You can take advantage of CutList’s optimization algorithms to minimize unnecessary waste. * CutList’s ability to import cross-cutting designs from any cutting table can save you time and money when managing your production costs and inventory. * Cutting diagrams, the building blocks for cross-cutting designs are plotted out automatically using user-defined properties. * Design history, help you avoid cutting errors and waste. * Import Cutting Designs from a compatible cutting table * Sell before you make * CutList helps ensure accurate bills of materials, including a complete list of parts, their

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What you can do with CutList Express Create up to 5,000 different wood parts, and track stocks, customizing materials list and vendor source. Automatic cutting diagrams generation based on physical characteristics. The application can also generate plans and creaky parts in an optimized format. It can also be used to write bills of materials with a minimum amount of mistakes. It can generate wealth of statistics and reports for easy analysis, and save and share automatically. When sold as a stock tracker, it can be used to maintain stocks details on multiple vendors and locate the best discounts for users. It’s a well established and trusted stock management tool, which can also be used to build BOMs and calculate profit margins for multiple materials. CutList Express App Windows App CutList Express App is an App for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. An App is a mini-program that can be installed on the computer or mobile device, depending on the operating system. A desktop version of the software can be downloaded at the company website; a mobile app can be downloaded from the Windows App Store or Windows Phone App Store. Where to find the App: CutList Express has an App in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. It also has a Desktop version. Is the App free? Yes. CutList Express App is free to download. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try before you buy. The App does not have an IAP. What does the App cost? Free. What do I need to have the App? CutList Express is only available on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store Is there an IAP or offers? No IAP offered. What are the requirements for the App? The App can be used on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but it can run on Windows 7. The App also runs on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 Is there an offline version of the App? No. CutList Express is only available on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store and free to download 11 stars by BeldenGroves 24/10/2017 15:01 Short review What you can do with CutList Express Track multiple stock items. Automatic cutting diagrams generation based on physical characteristics. Tracks cost and automatically generates cutting diagrams to reduce costs. A desktop version of the software can be downloaded at the 2f7fe94e24

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The application forms part of a series of WoodTracks (advanced business tools for the lumber and woodworking industries) developed by WoodTracks. The series offers a set of utilities and business tools for the lumber and woodworking industries. The products are designed to improve efficiency and productivity, in addition to those generated with the application. The project is a cloud-based application for Microsoft Windows. Features: What’s New: – User reviews for CutList Plus – Bug fixes Convert images to video SensibleSoft Video DVD Creator is a versatile tool for converting any images, photos, and audio files into video files of various formats. The program is more than just an image-conversion software. It’s able to make you adjust the video settings on the fly. The result is a video file that will help you make the most of your digital media. Extract frames from video files Digital images and photos can be stored and used for different reasons. For example, they may be attached to e-mails or used for framing purposes. To build a slideshow, you can’t just cut a photo out of its original file. So, why not use a video tool? It will help you extract frames from video files and include them in your presentation. Adjust video settings The application has multiple options for adjusting the video settings, making the result much better. For instance, you can: – choose the video format – choose the video frame rate and bitrate – choose the transition between the frames – choose the video content quality Easily create photo albums SensibleSoft Photo Album is another versatile tool for creating photo albums. If you’ve used Windows Photo Gallery before, then you know it’s a nice way of creating photo albums. But Photo Album Creator will probably be even better for people without much experience with it. The application has a lot of options for tweaking the pictures, so you can make albums that look really nice, no matter what kind of images you use. Document and PDF organizer Handy PDF Convert is a document and PDF organizer that helps you manage your PDFs and documents. You will be able to copy, create, move, delete and recover PDFs, send PDFs as e-mail attachments, print PDFs and much more. The software is able to manage PDF files as well as pages (index, favorites, notes, etc.). It can also convert PowerPoint to PDF. The application allows you to send e-mail

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CutList Plus is a cutting plan software used in the timber industry. The application is designed to create, store, view, and print cutting diagrams for sheet goods, pallets, stringer, and slabs. Users can specify the characteristics of the wood they work on, such as thickness, width, and length, and generate optimum cutting diagrams. Users can also enter the vendor information of wood planks and enhance the BOM. The application is a very effective tool for companies involved in the building and construction markets. Companies can use the material quantities and cost details to ensure that the money is spent wisely. For instance, users can reduce the production cost of a single piece of sheet goods by creating a cutting diagram. This is possible because CutList Plus is able to track the amount of each material used in a specific project. Features: Create multiple cutting diagrams Print out cutting diagrams using a laser printer or store them on a flash drive Cut down on time spent on calculating the material costs Stacks the cutting diagrams into patterns on-the-fly Cut down on waste or re-do work if users get carried away. Users can go back and tweak the cutting diagram. Generates optimum cutting diagrams It can be said that the application is ideal for companies in the construction industry. The software is capable of identifying the optimum cutting diagram for each planks, based on the users’ specified characteristics, and automatically generates the cutting diagrams based on the physical properties of the wood. Wood type The application identifies the wood type from the point of view of the end users. It is a great utility for users who work with different wood types. This will enable users to calibrate data that can be used in the bill of materials. In addition, it is beneficial to the users because it reduces the need to continually input data. Interface The application includes a clean and user-friendly interface. It is useful for first-time users because they can be prompted to choose a planks and export the data right away. Important: CutList Plus is also available for Android, so if you own an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, you might like to check out the application for free. Compute wood parts costs CutList Plus attempts to achieve this by providing woodworkers with a clean and stable environment in which to compute wood parts costs. The application can also generate useful cutting diagrams, based on the physical characteristics defined by users. It can be said the application has two possible uses: as an

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