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Whether you’ve got a 1X or a 48X drive, CD-Quick Cache will improve its performance. CD-Quick Cache accelerates CD-ROM drive performance, resulting in faster program loading and decreased data search time. By storing frequently used CD-ROM information on your hard drive or in RAM, CD-Quick Cache makes it available in a fraction of the time it would take to retrieve it from your CD-ROM drive, even if you’re using the latest 48X drives. Unlike simple cache applications, CD-Quick Cache will use an intelligent caching algorithm and dynamic read-ahead buffering to ensure enhanced performance. Its persistent disk cache feature lets the program keep track of up to 256 different CD-ROM titles on up to 32 CD-ROM drives. CD-Quick Cache can save your cached data and volume information, even after you shut down your computer. CD-Quick Cache also offers smart caching of full motion AVI, QuickTime and MPEG video clips, allowing your games and education programs to run faster. CD-Quick Cache for Windows 95/98 loads as a 32-bit Virtual Device Driver (VxD), and actually becomes an extension of the operating system. Here are some key features of “CD Quick Cache”: ■ Works with CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives. ■ Compatible with any CD-ROM drive using a 32-bit protected mode driver. ■ Cache is persistent and will remember data between sessions. ■ Uses Dynamic Read Ahead Buffering with Fuzzy Logic Control. ■ Can use up to 64MB of RAM or 512MB of hard disk for a CD-ROM cache. ■ Has intelligent caching for all types of Full Motion Video clips. ■ Simple on-the-fly reconfiguration with QuickMon. ■ Easily handles multiple CD-ROM drives. ■ Easy installation in less than a minute.







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CD-Quick Cache is an easy-to-install CD-ROM hardware extension for Windows 95/98. This program is a quick cache that will increase the performance of your CD-ROM drive and make your PC easier to use. Unlike other CD-ROM cache programs, CD-Quick Cache is a full-featured cache that can be tweaked to fit your needs. CD-Quick Cache does the following: ■ Quick Cache each CD-ROM title as soon as it loads. ■ Cache only the information it needs for each CD-ROM. ■ Provide 10-minute auto backup. ■ Cache information after shutdown. ■ Use dynamic read ahead buffering and intelligent caching. ■ Use a simple on-the-fly reconfiguration. ■ Load as a 32-bit Virtual Device driver (VxD). ■ Is compatible with any CD-ROM drive in 32-bit protected mode. ■ Comes with a free CD-ROM caching tutorial. CD-Quick Cache is very easy to use. It performs a one-time boot-up and installation and runs unobtrusively in the background. You can use CD-Quick Cache as a base system or simply keep your current data. No matter which option you choose, CD-Quick Cache will be able to handle all of your CD-ROM data. Forget about time-consuming searches! With CD-Quick Cache, you can search your CD-ROMs in as little as three seconds. CD-Quick Cache also has a persistent cache. This means it will remember data between sessions. CD-Quick Cache will use the maximum hard disk space you want to use. This will not slow down your hard disk. CD-Quick Cache uses a maximum of only a few megabytes of space on your hard disk. If you keep a full-motion video clip on your CD-ROM, CD-Quick Cache will handle that too! CD-Quick Cache includes a hot-plugging feature so you can add additional CD-ROMs to your computer without rebooting! CD-Quick Cache includes an easy-to-use interface that will guide you through the steps of installing your VxD and automatically configuring your hot-plugging capability. CD-Quick Cache will save all of your CD-ROM information and help speed up the loading of your programs. CD-Quick Cache is currently available 2f7fe94e24

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Now you can improve CD-ROM performance in less than a minute with the easy to use CD-Quick Cache program. Any CD-ROM drive using a 32-bit protected mode driver will work with CD-Quick Cache. The program can save up to 32 different CD-ROM titles on up to 32 different CD-ROM drives and are easily accessible from within the program. CD-Quick Cache will store an image of each CD-ROM title on the computer’s hard drive, allowing the program to quickly access it anytime you wish. CD-Quick Cache does not store CD-ROM information or CD-ROM titles in your CD-ROM drive, but uses dynamic read ahead buffering to store each CD-ROM title in computer RAM so that the title will be available at launch time. The cache will store information and up to 32 different CD-ROM titles. The program will store title information on a volume of your choice, which will be saved to disk after it is launched. CD-Quick Cache also has a smart cache for full motion video clips. The program will cache all full motion AVI, MPEG and QuickTime video clips in the RAM. CD-Quick Cache will then replay these clips the next time the program is run. The cached clips can be used as soon as they are stored, just like another regular CD-ROM title. CD-Quick Cache works with all DOS and Windows 95/98 operating systems. CD-Quick Cache is a total system solution and can be installed within seconds. CD-Quick Cache will normally save a volume of CD-ROM cache information to your hard disk, so after you shut down your computer, you can restart your computer without losing the information. If you have never used CD-Quick Cache, the program is really easy to use. It will prompt you to select a default volume, which will store the cache information to disk. You can select a specific volume if you wish, or can use the default option to load the information for each drive. The program will allow you to store up to 256 different CD-ROM titles on up to 32 different CD-ROM drives with no limit to your RAM or hard disk space. CD-Quick Cache will be able to handle any form of CD-ROM, whether it is CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-ROM. Unlike other programs which store a fixed number of CD-ROM titles or CD-ROM information, CD-Quick Cache will cache each CD-ROM title on the computer

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■ The CD-ROM Cache product can be installed in two ways. 1. On-The-Fly 2. Download 1. On-The-Fly: To use the On-The-Fly product, go to “QuickMon” and click “Add Virtual Device”. A VxD will be added to your system. Click “Next” and follow on-screen prompts for installation. 2. Download To use the Download product, go to “Download Manager”. Follow on-screen prompts to install the product. After installation, restart your computer for an immediate performance improvement. All CD-Quick Cache users, no matter how fast their drives are, will see a dramatic improvement when using the On-The-Fly product. Steps in On-The-Fly Installation: 1. Select either “Windows 95/98 On-The-Fly” or “Windows 2000 On-The-Fly”. 2. Click “Next”. 3. Click “Finish” and the On-The-Fly product will be installed. 4. Restart your computer and CD-Quick Cache will install to your drive. Pre-Downloading CD-Quick Cache: Pre-downloading CD-Quick Cache is available at NOTE: In most cases, the CD-Quick Cache product will load at the advertised, speed. However, not all CD-ROM drive manufacturers are up to the task of creating a drive that is fast enough to handle the additional bandwidth required by CD-Quick Cache. Installation Notes: 1. In order for the CD-Quick Cache to work, your computer must have a 32-bit protected mode driver. 2. The CD-Quick Cache product will be added to your system as a 32-bit Virtual Device Driver (VxD). 3. The CD-Quick Cache driver will be installed under the My Computer/Scratch disk/Development header. 4. Depending on your CD-ROM drives, the VxD will likely be loaded as a 16-bit VxD. Be sure that your CD-Quick Cache driver is compatible with your CD-ROM drive and CD-Quick Cache still will work. 5. Restart your computer for an immediate performance improvement. Questions and Feedback: Please give us feedback on CD-Quick Cache by sending us an email

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, or 7 Processor: 2 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent Memory: 1 GB RAM Video Card: 128 MB DX10-compatible video card DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Hard Drive: 5 GB available space Internet: broadband connection or DSL-compatible modem with connectivity of 56 kbps or higher Sound Card: stereo sound card with dedicated mixer Additional Notes: The minimum resolution is 1280 x 800; the recommended resolution is 1360 x 768. The minimum resolution

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