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We all listened to radio stations at least once in our lives, and perhaps some of us even dreamt of how cool it'd be to have one of our own. Imagine being able to stream your own music and have people tune into your station as you stream your favorite tracks from your PC. Of course, thanks to rapid digitalization, you too can start on your radio-hosting journey right now. butt (broadcast using this tool) works in conjunction with services like Shoutcast, Icecast, and Radio.co to allow the user to stream their favorite songs on their very own radio station. An old-fashioned-looking tool The first impression with this tool is that it's quite compact, and that it retains an old-school Windows 98-like look. Don't be misled by the design: it is not hard at all to operate the app. The main thing that users should pay attention to is in configuring the program: you'll have to set up the server for the streaming to work. Go to the Settings menu, and click to add a new server: depending on your setup, you may choose to run a Shoutcast, Icecast, or Radio.co server. We found Radio.co to strike a good balance between ease of use and performance. Do note that you'll have to sign up on their site for it to work. Fine-tune your stream The Settings menus are pretty comprehensive in terms of allowing the user control over their stream: you can configure your main audio device properties, as well as your streaming quality. What's more, you can choose to stream in one of the many codecs available: MP3, OGG/VORBIS, OPUS, AAC+, and even FLAC, with a bitrate of up to 320kbps. Encoding quality can be separately adjusted as well. You also have the choice to record your streams and automatically update song names, as well as extend their names with any suffix or prefix you want. butt (broadcast using this tool), while bearing an interesting name, manages to make it possible for users to stream their songs and manage their own radio station.







Butt (broadcast Using This Tool)

Backloggery is a web-based service that allows users to create and enjoy their own radio stations based on their favorite artists. It is similar to Pandora in that it offers a personalized music service. Unlike Pandora, however, it streams radio stations based on the music you already have on your computer, and it shows the name of the song instead of a random artist name. Backloggery is a web-based service that allows users to create and enjoy their own radio stations based on their favorite artists. It is similar to Pandora in that it offers a personalized music service. Unlike Pandora, however, it streams radio stations based on the music you already have on your computer, and it shows the name of the song instead of a random artist name. This is a clunky, old-looking tool. It’s a big, old-looking tool. Of course, you don’t need to be a geek to use the tool: it doesn’t feel very technical or overwhelming. It’s a tool that you can learn quickly, and that offers a ton of customization options. But if you want to know how Butt Works, and how it’s designed, you’ll find the above description to be pretty accurate. Butt is what they called it when they were young and had to wait for a pass so they could go see the Butt. Butt is a free, full-featured streaming radio station creation and playback application. But there is a learning curve associated with this program as well. What is Butt? Click: Butt is a free open source streaming radio station software for Windows. This application let you create a radio station with any song in the world. It works on any operating system that supports Python programming language. You can use this tool to create a free streaming radio station for desktop or mobile devices. Entertainment Application Butt is intended as an interactive entertainment application. It is optimized to run on both the desktop and mobile/tablet devices. It supports Java Web Start, so you don’t have to install anything. Butt works with browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Safari on iOS. You can now live stream music with just a few simple steps. With Butt, even if you don’t have music equipment, you can create radio stations, for your friends and family. Butt radio Butt supports the regular radio stations. Radio stations are the

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Small, radio-style streaming service. One time fee. Updates automatically. Access your station’s stream online. Built-in YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud support. 20k+ sites to stream to. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Arabic. Secure connection. How it works: Set up your personal radio station Pray for good radio signals Set up a server and select a streaming protocol. Using a front end like Windows Live or Apple OS X, send your encoded files to the butt (broadcast using this tool) server. Download your songs to your computer. Enjoy your stream! Download butt (broadcast using this tool) the butt (broadcast using this tool) app helps you to set up a personal online radio station, complete with customizable streaming quality and audio encoding. It’s a radio station that you can access through a web browser or through any Windows Live-enabled device. Its goal is to be an alternative to Spotify or Pandora, being 100% free (you don’t have to sign up) and offering direct song downloads. Details: Customize how songs are streamed by simply selecting from a handful of streaming quality presets and ENCODING options. Use a streaming protocol, such as Shoutcast or Icecast, and stream to the Web, Windows Live, Rhapsody, YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud. The butt (broadcast using this tool) app was created by Jeremy Everett as a tool for Windows-based users who want a free, easy to use option for streaming their music online. He took advantage of the Rapidly-Developing Platforms (RDP) framework that allows applications to stream to any number of online and offline services, and build his own little app that would be the best possible option for Windows users to do so. The butt (broadcast using this tool) client is designed to have an old-school Windows 98-style interface, and even features a simple menu bar at the top of its window. Its main focus, however, is to work online and provide its users with the ability to stream songs to their listeners. The app is completely free, and requires little to no setup or configuration. Streaming to your friends The butt (broadcast using this tool) app is optimized for 2f7fe94e24

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butt (broadcast using this tool) was created to be used as a standalone application to manage streaming radio stations, without having to use any Web interface. It can be used to broadcast online podcasts, audio-only content, as well as music by itself, without having to use any Web interface. Feature overview Controls The app offers two ways of controlling the stream: you can either use the touch screen, or your computer mouse. The touch screen controls are not really difficult to figure out: simply touch any of the controls to increase or decrease the currently playing song. If you’d like to control your stream while using your computer mouse, you’ll have to open the app’s main screen. The controls are overlaid on the main window, and are easy to access. The one-on-one-match in butt You can change the name, description, genre, and the artist in each song’s info. You can also choose to use multiple genres: this way, you can have one “genre selector” to show the user the available genres on the website. These controls are fairly self-explanatory, but what’s more, you can add playlists to your server and show all the song info on a single screen. You can have unlimited playlists, but if you exceed that maximum number of tracks, they’ll be shown in a list format. Assign genres The genres available for each song are provided by butt: you can choose from over 100 genres, which are categorized into pages. They can be organized into many themes as well, but you can also simply choose a random category to perform a genre shuffle. It’s also possible to manually select the genre for each track. Create playlists You can create your own playlists and add tracks to them. You can select how many songs you want in each playlist, and you can also use the shuffle function. By default, every playlist is visible when you open the page. You can also customize the genre for each track, and you can create as many playlists as you’d like. Create a station You can create a stream based on your favorite artists and genres. You can also choose to have the songs automatically sorted into playlists, which can contain any number of tracks. You can create as many stations as you’d like, but the total number of songs you can have in each station is pretty limited. Show song information This feature allows you

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Our goal is to make an easy to use solution for your radio station. Our software provides two main features: streaming and radio. Streaming is like a website where you can put links to your files, manage your stream and manage your stations. Radio is a host that allows you to play files. The whole point is to make broadcasting from your PC easy. butt (broadcast using this tool) Latest version: 2.02 (30 September 2014) Link to butt (broadcast using this tool) on SourceForge.net Don’t have a PayPal account? Fear not: you can still download the app and pay for it via credit cards. PayPal is, after all, one of the most popular ways for online credit card payments. Install the app, download the latest version, and you’ll be good to go. The app provides the end-user with an intuitive interface with which they can manage their streams, radio stations, and the music they broadcast. You’ll need to have a PC with Internet access for butt (broadcast using this tool) to work: you’ll need a server software, and you’ll also need to download the server, but they’re all easy to set up. The butt (broadcast using this tool) installation process is simple and quick. After you’ve installed the server software you want to stream from and configured it to start on boot time, you’ll need to install the software via Windows Store. Because butt (broadcast using this tool) is for Windows only, it also prevents users from streaming to a large number of platforms. However, as they’re both Windows-only and relatively straightforward, you shouldn’t encounter any problems installing this tool. For now, you can check out butt (broadcast using this tool) and use it to stream from your PC. For those that really have the time and inclination to learn about streaming, this tool provides a great platform on which to build a radio station and host your own. butt (broadcast using this tool) Review The Broadcasting software is an easy to use, lightweight application that allows you to stream or broadcast music from your PC, using a few fairly uncomplicated settings. Butt (broadcast using this tool) Rating 5 of 9 votes 4.2 Butt (broadcast using this tool) Categories Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Welcome to TinyTunes, where you’ll find a host of reviews


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Windows 7, Vista, XP 32-bit 1GHz CPU 1GB RAM 10GB available HD space Java Software Downloads: John Hornibrook’s Igloo OS 7 The Igloo OS 7 is the latest release from John Hornibrook. A good friend of ours, John has been working on this OS since its inception. The Igloo OS is an excellent choice for users looking to build a Windows 10-based box with a nice GUI and a real Linux experience. This OS is based on W





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