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✓ Backup your data using compression algorithms ✓ Schedule your backups ✓ Select a time zone, preference and format ✓ Choose if copies should be made over an internal or external storage device ✓ Choose if the backup software uses encryption or not ✓ Receive email reports of each backup ✓ Set specific options ✓ Highly configurable ✓ Comes with a very simple web interface for configuration and backups scheduling, view your backups, change backups options or run scheduled backups with Backups42 Backups42 Features: ✓ Simple, Web-based setup ✓ Highly configurable ✓ Download backups ✓ Configuration file in the archive ✓ Email reports ✓ History ✓ Schedule backups with specific intervals, times ✓ Backup internal and external storage devices ✓ Backup partitions of your drives ✓ Directory can be backed up ✓ Choose if files should be encrypted, compressed or both ✓ Archive can be encrypted or not ✓ Automatically created archives for each backup ✓ Schedules can be automatically added when launching the program ✓ Supports many different external and internal storage options ✓ Supports many different local and remote destinations ✓ Many different encryption methods ✓ Always available even if your computer is locked ✓ Set the number of backups that can be stored simultaneously in the config file ✓ Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 ✓ Supports only Mainstream and High Performance Windows editions ✓ Compatible with the.NET Framework 4, Visual Studio 2010 (C# and VB), 2010 Express Edition (C#), Express Edition (VB) and 2008 Express Edition (C#, VB) ✓ Compatible with both 32 and 64 bits (x86 and x64) Windows versions A: Afaik, there are no reliable cross-platform solutions for backups. Look into rsync, or a similar software, for your needs. It doesn’t need to be hosted and runs on your own server. It would be best if you can install the software directly on the target computer without contacting your host in the future (by e-mail or other means), or to have some kind of authentication for the connection (Windows Authentication).

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/desktop Backup42 has been designed to be used as a desktop application. Usually you can start it up by double clicking on the icon that the installation provides. You can also start it from the command line. Once running, you can check and adjust the settings and then start the backup. Since your data is backed up to removable media, you can transport the archives to another computer. Furthermore you have the option of synchronizing the archives on the web which makes it easy to back up your data at a remote location. The data can be kept in a central server or your PC, so you can access them at any time. The daemon will automatically start the backup if there are changes made to files that need to be backed up. First backup The archive will be stored as a default tar file with the user defined name .tar.gz. When backing up a compressed archive, Backup42 uses the gzip algorithm, which compresses the input file for fast transmission or storage. You can set compression parameters in an XML file and specify the compression algorithm and speed. /home The target directory can be set using the -d command line switch. If you do not specify a target directory, Backup42 will store the archive in the current directory. To run as a service on the system, provide the -m command line switch. You can choose the time of backup using the -T or -t command line switch. For example, ‘-T 2 hrs -t 20 mins’ will schedule the backup every 2 hours and 20 minutes. To provide data to the backup as a stream (0 or more) of text files, use the -s command line switch. The data will be taken from the standard input. To provide a list of files (file name, file size) and directories to be backed up, use the -l command line switch. To provide path and file names to exclude from the backup, use the -x command line switch. To provide path and file names that are excluded from the backup, use the -u command line switch. Files within the -u paths will not be included in the backup. To provide a list of paths and file names that are excluded from the backup, use the -d command line switch. To use 7ef3115324

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Backup42 is an utility designed to backup your data using compression algorithms. Compression is a way to reduce your storage requirements by compressing your data into smaller files. It has a rich interface with useful features like schedule backups, remote backups to a networked PC or through mail.  It also has a help file and a version history.  What is new in this release: • New: Easy to use interface • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.2.3: • New: Support for selecting a different file manager view mode • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.2.2: • New: Restore support • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.2.1: • New: Remote backup support through SSMTP protocol • New: You can backup and restore data on the same computer • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.2: • New: Backup support for self-made archives • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.1.3: • New: Backup support for self-made archives (tar, zip, gzip and bzip2) • New: Support for setting your own advanced compression ratios • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.1.2: • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.1.1: • New: Local backup support for self-made archives (tar, zip, gzip and bzip2) • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.1.0: • New: Sends backup data through the network • New: Supports self-made archives • New: Resumes a file or archive backup • New: You can schedule backups • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.0.7: • New: Backup to the network • New: Backup support for self-made archives (tar, zip, gzip and bzip2) • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.0.6: • New: Backup support for self-made archives (tar, zip, gzip and bzip2) • New: Support for setting your own advanced compression ratios • Bug fixes What is new in version 0.0

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Allows you to: – Schedule your backups – Backup your data remotely (via Email) – Backup your data locally on a file share – Backup your data on a flash drive or other storage media – Backup only selected folders – Have backup data reachable via the web (optional) – Provide Full & Incremental Backups – Have a fully functional backup Features: – Large files support – Ability to provide Full & Incremental backups – Email synchronisation and remote access – Backup on a flash drive – Local and remote backups – Ability to scan for extra storage mediums – Backup schedules – Auto populates backup folders – Full or Incremental backups – Support for multiple folders – Super user access – Offline (no internet) support Included: – Sync the backup metadata to a MySQL server – Configure the backup schedule – Use your own database – Backup after the application closes – Revert to an old backup The software works by first creating a new backup database on the web (used as the “master database”), then using the information stored in the master database to create an incremental and/or full backup on a flash drive or memory card. This new backup is automatically synced (via PHP) to a MySQL server. *Important:* Backing up your data on a networked PC with the MDB as a SQL database will only allow you to backup the folder where the MDB is located. *Important:* If you use the RemoteAccess, be sure to check the option “backup twice a day” when using this feature. *Important:* Be sure to test the remote access. *Important:* Be sure to test the backup twice a day. *Important:* Be sure that your backup schedule is correct. For more information check: Note: – The software requires the following: (this requires PHP and a PHPMySQL server) – PHP version: 5.2 – SQL database: PHP version 5.2 is used internally as the database, but if you want you can use your own server Backup42 requires:

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