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As its name suggests, TurboC++ Simulator provides you with a great tool that you can use to simulate Borland C / C++ on Windows. The predecessor of the much more advanced C++Builder, Borland C is an integrated development environment for writing programs in the C++ programming language. Using TurboC++ Simulator, you can install Turbo C on your machine and configure the way it runs. The application provides a simple interface, enabling you to run a default or a custom installation of Turbo C. Beginner users can use the simple screen, which comprises a single button for installing the Turbo C fixed application, but professional users can access the 'Advanced Screen', which offers a lot more options for configuring the simulator's behaviour. For instance, you can either install the Turbo C patcher or fix an already existing installation, as well as select the installation location. The simulator allows you to activate or disable the full-screen mode, change the output screen type (surface, overlay, OpenGL, openglnb and Ddraw are the available options) and the resolution. Additionally, you can keep the aspect ratio, choose the process priority, enable double buffering, auto lock the mouse and adjust its sensitivity. Once the installation is complete, a shortcut to Turbo C appears on your desktop and all you have to do is double-click it to run the simulator and start writing and compiling the code. The application comes with an option for wiping out the simulating engine and all the TCP settings, which means that you can remove Turbo C and its settings using the simulator. In conclusion, TurboC++ Simulator is a handy tool designed to help C++ programmers who prefer to work in the old Borland C / C++ development environment.







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“Turn off in case of a virus attack.” The hypothesis behind this concept is that if there is an active virus attack on the computer, the firewalls might go down. Your computer will not let the virus succeed in getting into your operating system. When you do not want to have your computer shut down, you can turn on the Auto Shutdown option, which is also managed with the Auto Shutdown Control Panel. With the exception of the Auto Shutdown option, the program is fully automated. Therefore, if there is a virus attack, a message pops up and asks you to open the program or shut down your computer. If you do not shut down the computer, the program shuts down automatically at a predefined time of your choice. Port Magic comes with a set of built-in scan rules that allow you to protect your computer against new and known virus attacks. The free version of the program allows you to protect up to three computers from receiving viruses. However, you can upgrade to the premium version, which comes with the possibility of protecting up to ten computers at a time. Port Magic comes with a built-in help feature, but you can also get help by scanning the program’s help file for errors. Here are some key features of “Port Magic”: ■ Persistantly monitor to detect these probes ■ Track the address of the perpetrator & time of probe ■ Confuse the prober with “fake” ports Port Magic’s interface is based on buttons that bring up small windows and a box labeled “Port Magic” at the top right side of the screen. The green circle represents the computer, and each filled circle represents a computer protected by Port Magic. When a new port is scanned, it is marked with a red circle. When a new detected port is not one of the built-in scan rules, a small window will appear with the source of the probe on the left side of the screen. When a port is found to be a false alarm, the window will disappear. When there is an active virus attack on the computer, a box is popped up on the screen with the source of the probe on the left side, and the time when the attack started is written on the box. There is no need for manual correction in Port Magic, since they are automatically removed if the probe attempts to attack another computer. Recommendation: Port Magic is small program in the Windows category. It works

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Auto Shutdown Description by just pressing the single button will turn off, hibernate or lock the computer. System Requirements: There is no installation process. It’s a free and portable application. Programming Language: C/C++ License: Freeware Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1 brings you the shortcuts that are mainly used by the Home/Start Screen, all of the installed apps, Microsoft Edge, Media Player, Calculator, Weather and Sports apps. The Microsoft Windows Hotkeys feature includes a wide array of options to change the Windows settings in your PC. Within this section, you will be able to configure various options from Windows, including Windows Start Menu, Taskbar, Aero, Desktop, Widgets, etc. Snipping Tool is a small software used to take screenshots, record videos, record desktop for presentation, etc. You can save it to image, PDF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats with custom names and sizes. And it also can capture system screen of specific application. At first launch, you can choose the area to be captured, the area of the taskbar to be included in the screen, the areas around the mouse, a specific window, etc. You can also use it in an easy way. Just select an option and it will enable you to take a screenshot/record video in a single click. You can adjust the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot/record video in full-screen, half-screen or particular area, set the encoding time, save the captured image to a specified location or clipboard and even share the recorded movie via OAuth or Email. You can assign an application shortcut key to use it. When you press shortcut key, the Snipping Tool will capture the desired area on the screen, and save it to the specified location. You can also directly copy it to the clipboard with a single key. This small software is also useful to create screenshots of a certain page/part of the page/full-screen as PDF files for presentation, saving the captured picture to the specified location or clipboard, etc. You can also record desktop for presentation with custom dimensions and save it as video files. When you launch it, it will start to record the screen automatically. You can also stop it in any time you like. Easier to use than any other app by same publisher, Scanner Plus Keyboard is for free. When you launch this keyboard you will find that it has Auto Complete and the ability 2f7fe94e24

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It works by calling an external program that closes down the computer. Automatic shutdown description: This is an application that lets you temporarily halt Windows shutdown. It works by calling an external program that closes down the computer. Automatic shutdown description: This is an application that lets you temporarily halt Windows shutdown. Zombie Shooter Description: Zombie Shooter is a very interesting game where you control an Apache Helicopter and have to shoot all the zombies and other crazy monsters which come your way. This game requires basic logic, shooting skills and sometimes you will have to use your brains more than your bullets. Zombie Shooter game is much more than just a simple shooting game, as you will see. You will have to move around collecting items, destroying zombies, and more. You will have to collect and use certain items to solve the problems in front of you. Zombies will behave in a different way, according to what weapons you use on them. With good luck, and some smart shots, you will end up killing enough zombies to survive. After that, you will have to react quickly and make sure that zombies are dead. Very dead. Features: * Excellent graphics * Exciting gameplay * Smooth controls * Various special weapons * Many endings * Very challenging * With high quality soundtrack In addition, Zombie Shooter was designed to be a “dynamic shooter” where the order of gameplay changes every time you play. This means, that enemies appear from the left and from the right. This offers you the chance to get used to the side you like more. Also, each level and enemy is unique, where you will have to collect different items to pass this level. The game also contains a nice plot, where you will fight the zombies and you will get different levels and more items. There is a non-pay version available. Free version contains more shooting levels and zombies. In Free version you can use only 4 special weapons and get only limited number of high scores. In both version, you can unlock more special weapons and more challenging levels by purchasing the full version. In conclusion, zombie shooter is a very interesting game which will keep you entertained for a long time. You will have to use some logic, shooting skills and sometimes your brain more than your bullets. Game Categories: Action, Puzzle, Shooting, Shoot’em Up, Arcade, Arcade-Action, Theme Windows Requirements: * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. * 256

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With this cool and useful application, you can automatically close all your open programs just by one click. Auto Shut Down Explained: When your system starts to run out of memory, applications will stop responding, and will eventually close or crash (at this moment). But what if you don’t notice and forget to shut them down when you leave your office? Not so much. In this situation, you have to wait for the process to terminate, and the applications remain running until that moment. And then you are forced to wait some more time until you can start up your computer. But thanks to this amazing solution, you can solve this problem easily and effectively. You have to use the Shut Down Windows 7 Automatically option, which has been activated in the taskbar. When you click this button, it will close all your open applications and immediately shut down your PC. You can also control the time interval at which it will shut down. As soon as you have entered your password and are getting ready to leave the office, the system will turn off automatically. This feature is very interesting and useful, and you should definitely try it. Imagine a world where you can store virtually everything on a USB stick, thanks to USB Flash drives, who are becoming so cheap and mainstream that we barely think of them anymore. SanDisk has taken advantage of these trends with the introduction of the 128 GB SSD USB Flash Drive. The new product is not only more affordable than the 64 GB version, but also compatible with Windows XP and newer operating systems, which also means it can be powered by either USB port. Here is more information from SanDisk on how the new Flash drive works, as well as a video promo: SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2010 – SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced the SanDisk® FlashAir™ 128 GB SSD (Solid State Drive) USB Flash Drive. With a flash storage capacity of 128 GB, the FlashAir™ 128 GB SSD features performance characteristics that are faster than that of a high performance hard drive. The FlashAir™ 128 GB SSD is the world’s first premium solid state drive that supports USB mass storage class. FlashAir™ 128 GB SSD has exceeded the current user experience standard for USB mass storage class devices, meaning that the FlashAir™ 128 GB SSD will not only be compatible with any modern operating system, but also eliminates the need to install additional software to work with Windows®

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Windows XP (32 bit), Vista (32 bit), Windows 7, or Windows 8 (32 bit) 1 GHz or faster CPU 512 MB RAM (512 MB recommended) CD-RW or DVD drive Graphics card with WGL 1.1 support Desktop screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or greater 2 GB of hard disk space Windows Media Player 11 or later Back to the CD/DVD of the system requirements Video Tutorial:

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