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AppLife Update is a simple to use and straightforward utility that enables IT administrators to keep installed applications up to date on client computers. After the installation of AppLife Update, the first thing to do is assign the properties of your project. At this stage, you specify the name of your application, the path of the updates and the ID of your app. In the next steps, you can set how the app version is changed and the additional permissions it requires. Create an update with ease The left pane of AppLife Update's main window displays all the actions you can select to build your project. There are a few categories, like .NET Actions, COM Registration, Database, Files & Folders, Registry, Services or Operating System, and each of them with various actions you can easily choose from, by using drag and drop. After you selected the desired action, you can change its description and condition, so it is customized according to your needs. The application allows you to select the target folder on the machine that the update will be performed, as well as specify the name of subdirectories. You can configure your update to automatically download and install .NET framework, while dedicated options give you the power to choose a DLL or OCX file to register with your system. Another feature of this tool is that it allows you to limit the availability of the updates for a period of time, thus avoiding your server from being overloaded. Furthermore, this software solution offers you the possibility to explore the log of your project, so you can keep track of your progress. Conclusion All in all, AppLife Update is an efficient and handy piece of software for developers that want to manage the updates of their applications, by offering preset actions they can select and use.







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It is an easy to use software tool that will give you the ability to create and manage the updates of Windows apps. After the installation of AppLife Update, the first thing to do is assign the properties of your project. At this stage, you specify the name of your application, the path of the updates and the ID of your app. In the next steps, you can set how the app version is changed and the additional permissions it requires. 5. Exchange Log Parser by MarShare, Inc. Description The Exchange Server Log Parser tool logs Exchange email messages and email server errors. This product is a customizable solution that parses an entire Exchange server and automates the triage, review, and archiving of email records. This tool extracts attributes from the message header and provides customizable pre-defined screens for users and administrators to enter and view critical email information such as: Incoming and Outgoing Mailboxes Identity of the Original Sender/Recipient Message Date, Time, Subject and From/To Name Each message is parsed according to a set of rules and stored in a database format. The parsed and organized data can be exported into various data formats including XML. This information enables users and administrators to quickly identify problems associated with each message. This tool has over 35 pre-defined reports to help users to review the email data and extract critical information from the message. The built in back-up and restore functionality enables users to archive all email messages from one or more mailbox database or mailboxes. This back-up and restore information is also of value in the event of a corrupt or damaged mailbox. This product can be used for the automated deployment of new Exchange services and the rapid recovery of mailbox databases and mailboxes in the event of mailbox corruption or network problems. EXPLORE OUR WEB SITE AT: Email is a low cost, easy to use method of communication used every day by millions of people around the world. One of the most basic and important features of the email is the ability for people to easily communicate with their friends and colleagues. However, when people use email, they often get large numbers of unsolicited messages, known as spam.Spam messages can clog up the email system and cause people to spend hours deleting and moving the spam emails. In order to stop these

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With AppLife Update you can automate your updates of applications by applying the changes to the actual applications installed on your client computer. The program offers you a lot of functions that make it simple and straightforward to: – get updates for all the applications installed – automate the installation of updates – update the installers – change the versions of the installed applications AppLife Update Key Features: – All the updates are installed without any user intervention – Updates will be installed with no password or other authorization requirements – The updates are saved to the AppLife Update installation folder – The updates are put in the AppLife Update Project folder – The updates are downloaded and automatically installed – The updates are added to the AppLife Update client installation folder – The updates are stopped if the system clock goes out of sync – The updates are only installed for.Net, COM, OCX and DLL files – Additional updates can be installed into existing folders – A log file is generated – The updates are installed and available every time the user has Internet access – Updates can be installed for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation With Key Office 2010 Product Activation With Key will help you easily and effectively activate Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your computer. Key Features: In addition to other functions, the activated Microsoft Office 2010 version will be stored in the REG_SZ value which is hidden on the registry in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\ key, the REG_SZ value will never be changed after Office 2010 activation, so it will remain in the registry before and after Office 2010 activation. This means that you can check the validity of Office 2010 product activation with Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation With Key. To activate Office 2010 successfully, we need Office 2010 Product Activation With Key can get the information from the corresponding value to Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation With Key. Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation With Key Features: 1. Office 2010 Product Activation With Key is a great helper for you to activate Microsoft Office 2010, the main functions are: 1) Get the type and version of Office 2010 installed 2) Configure Office 2010 installation, such as saving a new product key 3) Install and activate Office 2010, after activating the desired version, save the product key by using Office 2010 Product Activation With Key to registry. 4)

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AppLife Update lets you create and schedule updates to install on your clients computers. Say ‘good bye’ to endless reinstalls. That’s what AppLife Update can do. Choose the update types, specify the needs of the update, set conditions, and you’re done! This utility does all the heavy-lifting and intelligently synchronizes your updates. All you have to do is choose which updates to make and choose how to make them. AppLife Update is built specifically for.NET developers. It’s a simple and easy to use application to create, schedule and release updates that are deployed on your clients’ computers. And you don’t have to keep them up to date. You can simply assign AppLife Update to your projects and let it do the work. See if the app you develop is eligible for updates and get the new version before anybody else! Features: * AppLife Update will automatically detect the OS version on your client computers and display it in the main window. * Push automatic updates to all selected clients. * AppLife Update can perform an OS upgrade, a.NET Framework update, or other types of updates. * AppLife Update automatically registers.NET Framework version into your clients’ computers. * AppLife Update can install and uninstall updates. * AppLife Update can install updates into any user-defined subfolders on any selected folder on your client’s computer. * AppLife Update can limit the update availability time period, so only the first user to request updates will be able to update. * Easy and fast to use. * An intelligent update log, keeping all your progress. *.NET included. * AppLife Update is a universal program, and it can be installed on any Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows CE or Windows Mobile device. (Softpedia) — The popular marketing tool Social Bakers, created by a company called Retale, lets you use Twitter users’ accounts to spread information about your brand on social media. Social Bakers lets you promote products, events, and other services with Twitter posts that look like actual tweets, so that people who follow you can see these messages appear in their timelines. It is free to use, but Retale will charge you to get more features. How to Use Social Bakers To create a new account on Social Bakers, you first need a Twitter account. Once you have it, you

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Supported: Windows XP Microsoft Security Advisory Platforms: Windows Adobe Reader Adobe Reader version or later. About: Last updated: Sep 7, 2010 Version: (reserved for Windows

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