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Ease of Use Photoshop is considered to be the easiest and most user-friendly of the all of the graphics software available. Both users and users-to-be will be able to quickly grasp all of the tools and interface that Photoshop offers in no time. Photoshop was originally designed to be used by those who were already familiar with Photoshop. This is due to the fact that Photoshop’s interface is identical to that of the former Photoshop. Without a program that is as easy to use and familiar, Photoshop would not have had as much success. Learning Curve Photoshop may be for beginners, but there are still certain expectations from Photoshop’s user. For instance, Photoshop does not allow you to save or export certain types of files that are often often used by photographers in the industry. Such things include: ICC profiles, PDFs, and certain file types. However, with the introduction of Elements, Adobe changed its flagship image editing software to allow for file saving, exporting, and all of the other common graphic arts file types. In addition, a new plug-in system is available for those looking for tools that are not built in to Photoshop. Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements was made to be Photoshop on a budget. Though Elements still has the same features as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements lacks certain features that are found in the former. Some examples of these features would be: global exposure, resizing and cropping without resampling, color adjusting tools, and file saving in certain file formats. To make up for this loss, Photoshop Elements does offer a simplified user interface, some basic features, and powerful photo retouching capabilities. It is intended for the average photoshop user who doesn’t want to spend too much time learning a complex, feature-packed program. Photoshop’s Editions Basic: This edition of Photoshop offers up a limited selection of tools and features. It is for beginners and those with little time to learn how to use the software. Advanced: This edition of Photoshop has more tools and features. It is for those who want to get more out of their editing. Professional: This edition of Photoshop has extra features that allow the user to do more with the editing. It is for those who want to get the most out of the software. Premium: This edition of Photoshop offers Photoshop’s most powerful features. The Premium edition is available for a monthly fee, and some of these features are not available in other

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Nonetheless, Photoshop Elements is a very powerful graphics editor and, although the professional counterpart is more powerful, Photoshop Elements is still a useful tool for designers and photographers. To show you the power of Photoshop Elements and how you can use it to improve your skills and create some neat and creative images, we will go through all the features you will need to work with graphics software, how you can use them in web design, how they can help you become a better graphic designer and photographer, and how you can use them for artwork and illustration. Let’s dive right into our list of Photoshop Elements tutorials. The Basics In this part we will introduce you to the basics of Photoshop Elements, what it offers and how you can use it. It’s a very versatile and powerful graphics editor that can do a great deal more than what we will describe here. Before we begin, we should warn you that Photoshop Elements is a trialware application, so you don’t get to keep it and continue using it after the trial ends. Step 1: Opening your images First thing we need to do is open your images. You can do this by going to File > Open and navigate to your image. Or, you can start from the Web, upload an image and then download it. Step 2: Aligning your images It is possible to align your images by adjusting their positions from the dialog boxes. Let’s open one of our images. When you open your image, you’ll be presented with the blank area in the center of the image. This area, where your image will be placed, is called the canvas. At the bottom of the dialog boxes, you will see the dialog box for the canvas. Scroll down and you will see a preview of your image on the right side of the dialog box and the option to “make selections”. You will notice that a “box” is showing around the preview area. This is your selection area. You can actually adjust this area to where you want your image to be located. To align your image from the right click on the “box” then click on “Align to selection”. The image should move to the center of the box. If you want to delete your selection just click on the box. Step 3: Saving your a681f4349e

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 Memory: 2 GB RAM Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E3800/AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core Graphics: 2 GB HDD: 40 GB (54 MB available on the install disc) Keyboard/Mouse: USB Additional Notes: All plug-ins are optional. When updating Chrome from 22 to 22.0.1207.5, the above plug-ins (that were disabled in 22.0.

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