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Aerofly FS 2 has now been optimised for both pc, and nVidia Shield. Full compatibility with the Steam controller Numerous fixes, and performance optimisations for the new 2015-15 VR compatibility guidelines. Additional AI aircraft and wheel/gear vehicles have been added. Large amount of new objects and buildings The landscape has received a massive overhaul, to ensure consistent quality in the long run. Greater terrain detail has been added to cover more of the expansive area. All new vegetation, buildings and road patterns. New scalable avatar system, which can be used in first person and third person mode, to enable full immersion. Performance optimisations More terrain types Increased number of PoI’s Over 250 new objects All current roads and buildings have been scaled up and tweaked to match the new avatar scale system. Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator – Eagle-Vail Colorado – PS4, XB1 Released on the 30-09-2017, the third free DLC game of Aerofly FS 2, Eagle-Vail, the second region designed by Aerofly FS 2 developers, Jarrad Marshall. Eagle-Vail is the home of Eagle Mountain Ski Resort, and Utah Lake, all of which will feature on the new scenery package. Enjoy all the benefits of this new scenery that can be used in parallel with the previous Aerofly FS 2 content. Key Features Jarrad has had a look at some of the new objects and scenery that can be included in the 2015 update of Aerofly FS 2: “As a small indie dev myself, it was great to see something that turned out so well. I am thrilled with the final product. This is a monumental update to a region that, despite being in the works for a very long time, still allows it to be believable and fun for Aerofly FS 2.” Great terrain across Utah Lake and around the Eagle-Vail area New and improved vehicles for greater immersion New and re-designed airfields, 4th gen light jets, power rigs and helicopters A number of new custom GSE objects Beautiful scenery, which can be enjoyed in either 3rd or 1st person mode Live forestry for the first time in a freeware product Redesigned tools and terrain and creation tools New loader for better management of multiple Scenery Objects Eagle-Vail also features the first small town in Aerofly FS 2


Features Key:

  • 10 Themes, 20 kinds of characters and 80 kinds of checks.
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      – Build your own Graveyard with Grave markers. – Care for your newly built Graveyard with the help of your fellow colonists. – Buy or craft various tools and equipment for your Graveyard. – Find new recipes for grave markers and other items that aid in your work in the Graveyard. – Interact with your fellow colonists, and watch them perish in the simulation. – Create graves for your friends and neighbours who have died. – Learn about the rise and fall of other people’s graveyards. – Solve some mysteries about the past of the village. – Defend yourself from attacks by wild animals. – Learn more about the Mysterious Curse and its impact on the Village. – Fight with your fellow colonists against the undead. – Explore the surrounding forests, find artifacts and items. – Become an actual part of the forest and look after it. – Discover new graves and speak with their surviving residents. Game Features: – New gameplay elements! – New gameplay graphics! – New gameplay mechanics! – Learn more about your Graveyard and its residents! – Tell the history of the Graveyard! – Defend yourself! – Fight against the undead! – Discover and learn about the forest! – Search for artifacts! – Solve mysteries! – Build a Cemetery! – Explore the outside world! – Interact with people! – Win special rewards! – Test your mettle in the challenge of multiple endings! – Explore the beyond and discover new things! – New music! – New sound effects! IMPORTANT: Main game files will be extracted to your gaming folder. After installing you will be able to play all your saves from the main game. *Downloadable Content For This Game Game consists of additional6 hours of extra gameplay. Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity. Brand new bag mechanics! Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, and to teleportation scrolls. Deal with a vampire terrorizing a peaceful Village. Unravel the secret of the mysterious death of your predecessor. Find out even more terrible secrets of your old and new friends. Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution! Youll have to help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wilderness by providing them with everything they need. To develop their camp to a fortified settlement while keeping in mind its benefits.


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      __NOTOC__ Guardians of Gridvale (GOG) is a science fiction role-playing game that can be played by 2 or 3 players. It has elements of role-playing and adventure game elements, as well as “some” use of miniatures. GOG is written by Nick Brandall, and was published in 1986. The setting is now defunct. A second edition was released in 1988 titled Guardians of Gridvale, p. 159. The game was reissued in French by Game-Plateau in the role-playing game compilation Role-Playing 16 (p. 105). Reviewer Paul Cawley, in the magazine Adventurer’s Club, reviewed all the releases of Guardians of Gridvale, and gave each one a grade. A third edition was self-published in Sweden in 2004, Guardian of Gridvale. Third editions were also self-published in Germany and Italy in 2006. Game system overview The guardian mode of play uses order dice: on a turn, one guardian player rolls one order die; on a mission turn, the player rolls several dice, then chooses one or two missions based on the number rolled. An order die can be used to take action on a mission and in a play session, and to amend existing missions. Money is accumulated on a mission; a terminator badge is awarded for completing a mission. A quest reward(s) is drawn for the player when he has completed certain game goals, including performing a bonus character action. A save point is located on each mission, and can be used to end a mission, save a character, or re-roll a die. In the characterless mode, the guardian players take on the same roles as the guardian mode, but the difference is they do not have to perform any dice rolls, since the turn passes to the mission player, and the mission becomes available to the guardian players. The order die is no longer required. In the game, the ally mode is identical to the characterless mode, except the ally mode players do not have certain pre-made missions (reward/quest, monster) and certain pre-built characters. The ally mode is a plot-based “re-call” of a type of game that focused on the party-plot in the D&D game system. See Evil Hat Publishing’s Repetition Magazine#Demons, p. 36, and also Take-Two Interactive’s America’s Army 2, p. 16.


      Free The Last Monster Master

      Deformers is a minimalist puzzle/platform game where players control a jellyfish to navigate an unfamiliar environment and destroy blocks to progress. The more you destroy, the faster the environment “deforms” to match your movements. In each stage, you must solve puzzles by taking advantage of the environment’s shape, but can only move a limited amount of distance. This is the playable demo for the game. Depending on how far you go, you will unlock different stages and earn more rewards. For example, if you complete the first level, you’ll unlock levels 2, 3 and 4. ABOUT DEFORMERS: Deformers challenges players with a simple game mechanic that can only be solved by exploring the environment and its shape. Players will shift and deform the environment around them as they try to access a pipe or get to the exit. Players can move only in a linear fashion but can rearrange the environment on the fly. In each level, you will be presented with only one solution to a puzzle. There are no infinite solutions, and no absolute path. Each puzzle is unique, and there is no single solution. Highlights: – Deformers is a minimalist game with a simple concept and beautiful art design. – Three modes of gameplay: Story Mode, Stage Mode, and Endless Mode – Random Tile patterns in each stage – Random Block patterns at the end of each stage – More than 60 levels – New Flag Cutouts at each level – New Parallax PaintingsPlease note, that the following ticket is a redirection from the prior ticket (124294) which is completely resolved and the issue should not be repeated. B: The X10 target is not installed correctly. Approved R: Windows Service Host issue (Update property page is not displayed) B: Approved, this is a root cause. B: All applications which are deployed to the Installer Service applications directory fail to install, display an error message, and do not perform any further action. B: The installer application cannot access the Setup Program directory because the user account that is executing the Installer has insufficient privilege to read files from the Setup Program directory. B: Approved, but the root cause is minor. B: App fails to be installed on a computer that does not meet the requirements for the product type.


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      • This game is a very good network game.
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      • As easy, normal, and extreme mode are available in normal difficulty mode.
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      • In easy, medium, and high score mode in extreme difficulty, target has to be locked before unlock condition, and locked at 10, 20, 30, and 40 as normal difficulty.
      • Time limit is 10 seconds in high, medium, and extreme mode.
      • More, more, more, many, more and much more


      System Requirements:

      Apple® Mac® OS X® (10.3.9 or newer) GameOS® 10.5 or newer 1 GHz processor 2 GB RAM (8 GB recommended) 25 GB free hard disk space (50 GB recommended) Supported OS: Mac OS X® 10.3.9 or newer Minimum Requirements: OS: Mac OS X® 10.3.9 or newer CPU: 800 MHz Memory: 1 GB Hardware:


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