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Spider Writer supports the creation, management and editing of complete ASP.NET projects, which contain files (asp, js, config, etc.) in XML and HTML. It also provides an FTP client, and a comprehensive SQL database model for all data types, including many linked tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, and triggers. Spider Writer is a web development tool with a feature rich, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that will save web developers a lot of time and cost. Spider Writer is a quick and powerful application for web developers and allows users to be more efficient and more productive, and has a large number of well-known and new applications. Spider Writer’s rich features and functionality, are: Spider Writer software can be used to develop most programs in a project-based manner, incorporating SQL database modeling, and web-based applications using WebDAV, XML, or HTML, with just a single editor. All the structures of the project are managed by Spider Writer, with only one mouse click. XML support: Spider Writer can import an XML project and share XML data through a WebDAV server. WebDAV support: WebDAV file transfers may be carried out in Spider Writer. All the structures of the project can be managed through the WebDAV server. Windows Forms: ASP.NET projects can be easily developed within an IDE window. Perl support: Spider Writer allows you to easily construct and work with Perl modules in your project. Perl scripts: Perl projects can be constructed, stored, edited, and debugged in Spider Writer MSQL support: Spider Writer is equipped with SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Object Explorer, allowing you to easily construct SQL Server databases. SQL Server support: Spider Writer allows you to easily construct, update, and manage SQL Server databases, using the various SQL Server tools. PHP support: Spider Writer allows you to easily construct, edit, and debug PHP files, with the aid of the PHP Explorer. PHP scripts: PHP projects can be easily constructed, stored, edited, and debugged in Spider Writer Visual Basic Scripting support: Spider Writer allows you to easily edit Visual Basic Script files. Visual Basic support: Spider Writer allows you to easily construct Visual Basic Scripts. CFML support: Spider Writer allows you to easily construct, debug, and work with CFMLExplorer Standalone support: Spider Writer allows a stand-alone version of the program to be compiled and

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The HTML Editor. Spider Writer Activation Code Features: * Easy to use interface * HTML editing and web development * Rich set of features * Quick development * Extensive use of time-saving features * WYSIWYG editing * Advanced scripting with JavaScript * CSS editing * XML editing * Full Perl support * Rapid PHP creation and editing * Full support for FTP and FTP* Support Spider Writer Installation: * Spider Writer is a stand-alone product and does not require any other applications. Spider Writer Release History: Version 1.1.5 Released: April 17, 2002 Version 1.1.4 Released: February 4, 2002 Version 1.1.3 Released: January 17, 2002 Version 1.1.2 Released: November 30, 2001 Version 1.1.0 Released: October 15, 2001 Version 1.0.8 Released: September 12, 2001 Version 1.0.7 Released: August 30, 2001 Version 1.0.6 Released: June 14, 2001 Version 1.0.5 Released: April 18, 2001 Version 1.0.4 Released: March 19, 2001 Version 1.0.3 Released: March 15, 2001 Version 1.0.2 Released: February 1, 2001 Version 1.0.1 Released: October 28, 2000 Version 1.0 Released: April 13, 2000 Spider Writer Special Offer: You can download Spider Writer with a 60 day free trial of X-Matrix Technologies. X-Matrix Technologies Programming Stack: * C++ Builder 6 * Delphi 4,5,6 * Borland C++ 6 * Seaside * Mobile HTML X-Matrix Technologies Developer Kit: * Certificate * Documentation and Examples * VB Script and ASP Programming Toolkit * Mobile HTML Development Kit * SQL Server Programming Kit Spider Writer CD-ROM: * Spider Writer * License Agreement * Docs * Freeware Developers Registration Number Spider Writer Support: Need help? Spider Writer Technology Partners: * X-Matrix Technologies * S.C.C. Applications * Viateck Resources If you liked the Spider Writer CD-ROM or the DVD, you can help support the work of the company you’re using it with: * Donate a dollar, a gift certificate, or more. * Comment on b7e8fdf5c8

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Spider Writer is an easy to use HTML editing and web development suite designed for the needs of today’s web developers. Spider Writer fully supports HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, XML, Perl, SQL, PHP, CFML and more. With multiple tag creation and editing options, text-based and WYSIWYG editing, numerous state-of-the-art wizards, project-based development, database connectivity, hundreds of time-saving features, total application customization, a full FTP Client, Image Mapper, Style Editor, and a streamlined, intuitive user interface, Spider Writer is the web developer’s choice. Take a look around this site to see how the Spider Writer tool can optimize your web development today! Limitations: ■ Limited to 30 uses. SMALLCO-SOCIETY.COM Smilodon The web-based electronic pet world, SMILODON, features a friendly and easy to use graphical interface designed to make it fun, easy, and quick to create your own web-based electronic pet world. If you are searching for a quick way to create, design, and manage your own web-based pet world, look no further. From the comfort of your home or office, you now have an opportunity to build and manage your very own pet world with the help of SMILODON. SMILODON stands for Small Interactive, Mobile and Online Data Organization. Features: – Ability to customize user interface – Attach your pet to your homepage – Pet names – Get orders, schedule vet appointments, notify you of pet’s status, and much more – Create a separate URL for the pet’s habitat page – Create your own web access pet world – Place pets in the world’s feedlot, vet’s office, pet store, etc. – Play games with your pet – Customize your pet’s photo – Connect with other pet owners – Add bonuses to your pet – Create a calendar for pet’s care and vet appointments – Manager feedlot – Manager feedlot bonus – Manager feedlot price – Manager feedlot feed supplement – Play games with your pet – Upload pet’s photo – Place pet in the pet’s habitat – Connect with pet’s habitat – Know pet’s status at all times – See a pet’s stats at the top of the screen – Create a new pet – Create a

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Spider Writer is a web developer’s dream program because it features everything you need to get started. Some of the many capabilities include: – An award-winning interface – Easy to use, one-click wizards for a quick HTML or CFML website – A full web development suite: HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, CFML, SQL and more – Unparalleled FTP Client for developing your website on your web host. – Download your code to your local machine via FTP – A full-featured FTP Client for local development and testing – Image Mapping for creating dynamic navigation menus – A full-featured Code Editor with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense – A full-featured CSS Editor for generating your style sheets – Designers can use the wYSIWYG Editor to write their code – A Full Text Editor with text indenting and multiple grammar checking options – Full Database support – PHP support for web/database integration – Integrated FTP, Image Mapping, and CSS/HTML Clients with the ability to create virtual drives and directories – 60 different applications – Color picker – Customized windows – Professional support Spider Writer comes with – Spider Writer – Spider Writer demo – Spider Writer User Guide – Spider Writer License Agreement – Spider Writer Developer License Agreement – Free installation CD INTRO Totally customizable, easy to use, web developers toolkit. Spider Writer supports all major web and database technologies. You won’t be bored. It comes with a JavaScript scriptability option and a database scripting functionality. Features: – Fully customizable shortcut options – High-speed testing – Dozens of saved PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, CFML, and JavaScript snippets – 300+ registered users – 40,000+ all time downloads – A free web hosting API – PHP, ASP, CFML, HTML5, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Java, PHP, and more – No Ads – Tons of plugins – Provides a remote debugging session with the use of a debugger – User defined shortcuts – Firefox and Explorer support – Highly detailed interface – Support multiple sites on a single account – Fully integrated FTP/SFTP – Fully integrated Image Mapping and quick-response HTML/CSS support – Easy to use web forms – Master/Slave extension support – Interactive wizard support – Free registration – Tutorial

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 Processor: 1 GHz Memory: 512 MB Hard Disk: 50 MB free space Norton NORTON Antivirus 2010 Norton NORTON Antivirus 2010 NORTON NORTON Antivirus 2010 2 NORTON NORTON Antivirus 2010 2 BETA Install DVD, install the software. Steps to Uninstall: 1. For a trial, click “Uninstall


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