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SpeakToText Speech Recognition includes Free SDK, free samples and the entire SpeakToText software suite. Included in this release are: SpeakToText Sample Programs SpeakToText Free Speech Recognition SDK System Requirements: Microsoft SAPI 5.1 Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 5.1 (Win32 Platform) SpeechSDK 5.1 (Win32 Platform) SpeechSDK 5.1 (ARM Platform) Minimum System Requirements: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista Windows Mobile Device Windows Mobile Phone Emulator Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Windows CE 7) Delivery Requirements: Compact Framework 4.0 Current Versions: 9.0.0 8.0.0 7.1.0 7.0.0 6.0.0 5.0.0 4.0.1 3.1.0 2.0.0 Requirements: 4.3.3 or higher [iOS 8.0 SDK] 4.2.1 or higher [iOS 7.1 SDK] 4.2.0 or higher [iOS 7.0 SDK] 4.2.0 [Android SDK] 4.1.1 or higher [Android SDK] 4.1.0 or higher [Android SDK] 4.0.3 or higher [Android SDK] 4.0.1 or higher [Android SDK] 4.0.0 [Android SDK] 3.2.3 or higher [Android SDK] 3.2.0 or higher [Android SDK] 3.1.1 or higher [Android SDK] 3.1.0 or higher [Android SDK] 3.0.3 or higher [Android SDK] 3.0.1 or higher [Android SDK] 3.0.0 or higher [Android SDK] 2.4 or higher [Android SDK] 2.2.2 or higher [Android SDK] 2.2.1 or higher [Android SDK] 2.2.0 or higher [Android SDK] or higher [Android SDK] or higher [Android SDK] 2.1 or higher [Android SDK] 2.1.2 or higher [Android SDK] 1.6.0 or higher [Android SDK] 1

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SpeakToText is voice recognition software designed specifically for chatting with friends and family over instant messaging services. Talk to your friends and family without typing! By speaking your chat messages, you can chat by voice using the application you already use to talk to your friends online. It’s voice recognition software that fits into your life seamlessly. Say what you want to say, and SpeakToText will do the rest. SpeakToText allows you to dictate chat messages to your friends over instant messengers. SpeakToText Features: SpeakToText Features: – Works with instant messengers including MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, and Skype – Works with most voice chatting services such as AOL (AIM), Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ – Customize your own speech commands – Supports more than 50 different languages – Analyzes audio files to automatically recognize words. – Comes with 2D QuickDrag interface – Works on both PC and Mac – SpeakToText Chat is always free – The app can download at no cost for the installation. – SpeakToText contains several help screens, and if you need help, you can open the application and choose Help from the status bar. – SpeakToText Chat includes more than 50 voice commands – For example, you can say: “show my audio” “show all my audio” “filter by amount of time” “filter by genre” or “browse” – You can include modifiers, such as “filter by genre and song title” or “filter by genre and artist” – Chats can be paused, resumed, or stopped – You can also repeat spoken messages – The app can save all chats for later viewing – You can easily share with your friends and family – Talk with SpeakToText Chat on all your favorite instant messaging services – SpeakToText Chat can save your chats for later – SpeakToText Chat has a built-in archive where you can view all your previous audio chat recordings – SpeakToText Chat allows you to chat and send text messages without typing. – Add a touch of style to your chat messages by using images, icons and emoticons – Text your buddies without changing your keyboard layout – SpeakToText Chat doesn’t require an internet connection – There’s no need to download data to send chat messages – SpeakToText Chat has 1 account that you can use to chat with your friends 91bb86ccfa

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SpeakToText lets you dictate text directly into other applications, recognizing audio files you create, text or data from documents, web pages or any other free speech source on the Internet. You can customize the program by creating your own speech commands. The application will enable you to chat without typing with a lot of popular chat programs including MSN Messenger, AIM Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and PalTalk. SpeakToText comes with SAPI 5.1 speech recognition technology from Microsoft, and a free update feature that lets you upgrade for free as we keep improving. SpeakToText Features: Easy to use, just click the speak tab to enter the fun, easy to use interface or choose a file or location. Create your own voice commands – text, speech or data. Download multiple files at the same time. Customize the phrase you want to read. See your spoken text when you do any of the following: Chate to text Chate with text Text me to speech Chate a document Read a document Speak to a file Chate a webpage Read a webpage Speak to a web page Data source: Crop and resize images. Compress large files. Convert images to PDF or any other format. Save image files to file system. Upload to Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other location. Zip and unzip files. Put all pictures into a folder. Organize pictures into separate folders. Mobile: Add contacts to BlackBerry, iPhone and other popular phones. Search for contacts, messages, dialing codes and other data on your phone. Add contacts to Samsung phone, Nokia or other compatible phones. Add phonebook contacts to iPhone. Dial straight out of the phonebook. Take pictures on the go. Download multimedia. Download audio music, ringtones. View new music recommendations. View a random song. Read appointments in your Windows calendar. Register or unregister new events. Search for new music. Text to Speech: Listen to 3D audio book, audiobooks, soundtracks, news, weather, timer, calculator, clock and games. Speak text into another application like email, contacts, calendar, notes and other free speech applications. Learn a new language. Preference management. Create web bookmarks and shortcuts. Print to PDF and other file

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– Includes free speech recognition technology from Microsoft – Includes audio recording, editing and playback – Includes voice chat with AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and PalTalk – Highlighted speech recognition with Google Voice – Create your own speech commands – Easy voice chat – Speech recognition technology from Microsoft – Tutorial speech commands – Free updates Input Transcription is a powerful and easy-to-use program for transcribing text into a wide variety of formats, from email to word processor files. Its advanced features allow you to write text snippets into a source, use speech recognition to transcribe automatically, or manually transcribe these snippets into any other format. This software’s integrated spell checker makes sure your writing will not contain spelling errors. In addition to the text file format, it also offers file formats for speech, sound and multiple files. It can be integrated with desktop word processors such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft WordPad to create formatted text snippets as documents, or into email with professional email clients. Input Transcription Features: * Scans text documents or voice files * Processes multiple files at once * Inserts text snippets automatically into a document * Manually transcribes text * Speaks text snippets out loud * Easy to use * Easy to learn * Instant off-line use * Automatically detects text locations for more accuracy * Spell checker with dictionary support * Linking to Internet browser for online searches * Speeds up writing process * Text formatting option * Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 BSEditor: An Automatic Backup Software helps you to backup and restore all your data and settings to another partition or hard disk easily. It includes a scheduler to automate the backup process and you do not have to worry about it when you go out. It could back up automatically during your sleep and keep a full backup before system crash. And you can also restore your data to any new computer easily in several clicks. BSEditor Features: * Recover Partition: Re-create your partition easily. * Restore Data: Restore your data to a different partition or computer as if it was a new partition created from scratch. * Restore Data: This part of the software will back up your Windows operating system and keep settings for Windows components. * Restore Data: Windows Registry settings could also be backed up. * Restore Data: As a third-party registry editor you can fine tune many system settings

System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 760 @ 2.93GHz or equivalent Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics DirectX Version: 11.0 Memory: 4GB Storage: 55 GB available space Additional Notes: Please install GOG Galaxy on a USB flash drive or other removable storage. Also, make sure to disable “Automatically detect and install recommended updates” in your Windows security settings. Recommended

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