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This book assumes that you use Photoshop CS6 and later. ## Introducing Photoshop One of the most important things for you to know about Photoshop is that it can’t be mastered as a single program. There are hundreds of specialized tasks you may have in mind for the program, and you can’t master all of them in a single application. There are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t try to: * Although you can use Photoshop with a mouse, it’s not the tool of choice for some specialized tasks like print work. * The program is designed as a single application, so if you aren’t familiar with some of the features, you may find yourself confused. For example, in Photoshop you might be working with layers and want to create a mask, but the program doesn’t offer a layer mask as a tool and you’re stuck. If you’re a beginner, the temptation is to find the nearest button that achieves your goal and move on, so you miss the tools and features you need. * Photoshop has so many tools that it’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed with the number of buttons, menus, and toolbars that you encounter. You can see how quickly you’d be able to find yourself lost if you tried to create a series of layers with the Brush tool. You can use the workspace as a method of division to minimize this danger, but it’s also possible to collapse the workspace into a single panel with a simplified toolbar and features so you can focus on a single task. If you’re using Photoshop on a laptop or some other portable device, you can check out the sidebar “How to get the best out of Photoshop” in this chapter for some portable tools that can help you fit in Photoshop while you’re on the go. Although you need to master at least some of the basics of Photoshop before going on to any more advanced topics, this book concentrates on the tools and features that you use most.

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Speaking Volumes: Lived Experience of Profound Hearing Loss Using Augmented Listening Devices. To explore the lived experience of profound hearing loss using assisted listening devices. A descriptive phenomenological approach was used. Participants were purposively selected according to whether or not they had used an assisted listening device for at least 10 years. Six men and 2 women with severe to profound hearing loss in the better ear were interviewed and had assisted listening devices in their hearing aid. In-depth interviews using a semistructured interview guide. With a phenomenological approach using Colaizzi’s framework, analytic themes were identified. Data were analyzed using the NVivo software. Eight themes emerged from the analysis: (1) effective hearing aids are therapeutic, (2) hearing aids create positive identity, (3) changes to participation and social life, (4) disability and stigma, (5) hearing aids as signifiers of health, (6) hearing aids as gateways to other communication, (7) assistance listening devices are symptoms of hearing aids, and (8) high expectations. Hearing aids and assistance listening devices have the potential to improve communication. Findings from this study suggest that hearing devices, especially hearing aids, can be seen as devices that facilitate participation and communication.Magnetoacoustic studies of a metal-semiconductor-metal structure. In this article, magnetoacoustic measurements are used to elucidate the magnetoacoustic properties of a metal-semiconductor-metal structure. By exploiting the difference in acoustic impedance between the metal and the semiconductor, it is possible to generate strong ultrasonic standing waves, and to detect any magnetization changes. By using an excitation pulse with a frequency near the surface acoustic wave cutoff frequency (where the amplitude of the surface wave is maximized), the fundamental and even the first few non-radial orders of the surface waves can be observed. The acoustic constants used here are determined from pressure measurements from a transmission channel. The response of the SiC epilayer is found to be linear, with a sensitivity of approximately 200 pm of magnetization per unit length for a c-axis magnetization.The Theory That Explains Why Your Phone Spends Time with Your Friends Most of us have been waiting for the notification from Facebook that our video of our dog dancing on a bed has been liked over two billion times. For many, the day has arrived. A “Like” wave spreads through the Internet, perhaps as even the most die-

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. It’s fast, easy, fun and you can spend a lot of money without a single worry in the world. Well, except that you’ll have to hold your breath for a while to turn it on.The plugin creator, Jhon Cammack (WebGuy, WebShine, WorldlyNames, etc.) included a very helpful tutorial on how to get the plugin installed and running, and though the trick to getting it to work in a web browser is a little more complicated than the guide indicates, it’s not bad. The only “hassle” that occurred was when I was trying to play around with the settings, and though they’re clearly labeled, the instructions only tell you how to do one thing, and don’t describe the feature that may have just occurred to you. If you’re the type of person that likes to do things your own way though, I’ve found that it’s not a problem to enter text and update the database through a FTP program, like NCHomeEditor. I didn’t have to learn how to do it through the complex interface, but I still managed to mess up the settings a few times before getting it right. I suppose you could just as easily download and install a text editor, too.After using it for the first time, I wasn’t too disappointed. I’d just spent $119 for a plugin that was missing the important feature of allowing me to substitute words, but I was definitely able to see how it would be very useful. However, I felt that the result was not quite as clean as it could be in its current state. There’s a certain quality to it that comes from being able to make edits while you’re viewing a page, or even another one of your own. I like being able to say “I edited this word,” then being able to look up the changes. It’s a handy feature, but I feel like it’s something that would have more value if it had a built-in spell check. I’m not sure how effective a more powerful spell checker would be, but I can see it being useful for educators who are looking for a teaching tool, as well as online advertisers whose products might be blurred a bit by the error. Still, I think the current crop of spell checkers on the market could be improved by someone who was more dedicated to the software than Jhon Cammack. There was a point where I thought I was the only person who noticed something was amiss with the spell check. But then it

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For PC, MAC and Linux users we highly recommend using AMD/ATI graphic card with 256MB of memory (256MB recommended) or better. For optimal performance and clean game experience we recommend DirectX 9.0c compatible system and higher. When installing the game, install each installation package one by one to avoid conflicts with others. To download the official patch of Warsong 1.3 for free, please visit:

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