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Your computer easily gets overwhelmed with files and folders of various types and size specifications. A simple solution to find the ones of need is to perform a search operations, for which Windows puts a basic tool at your disposal. There are also more advanced alternatives, such as Instant File Find Pro, which helps you out with better time and more criteria. Intuitive design makes it easy to use As soon as you run the application it automatically starts building up the cache, which is a great advantage because it only takes a little time, making it possible to have results fetched almost instantly. What's more, you can save the cache to file so that it can easily be imported any other time and the same applies to search results. In terms of visuals, everything is pretty well-organized, with polished menus and several categories that quickly display music, videos, documents or pictures. Sadly, there's no method to configure what formats to look up for each category, with results that might not completely live up to expectations. Multiple methods and sorting criteria This isn't the only way to perform a search operation, with several other methods that let you look up according to size specifications and date settings, as well as a handful of advanced criteria. These are accessed through tabs, with the list remaining intact even when switching to new methods. You can arrange items by various attributes such as name, location, size, type and date. All of these are displayed next to each item, with additional options put at your disposal by the context menu. If you're disappointed by the lack of a favorites manager, remember that you can always save criteria with results to be directly displayed. When not used, the application quietly sits in the system tray so it doesn't take up precious desktop space. The corresponding menu is a little shallow though, with the only options being to have the cache rebuilt and to bring up the main window, with no search field for quick lookup. To sum it up Bottom line is that Instant File Find Pro lives up to expectations and does as the name suggests. It quickly builds up the cache to retrieve results as soon as possible when you're ready to perform a search operation, while the clever category implementation gives you the possibility to save even more time if you're looking for a specific file type. NOTE: There's also a Free Edition you can take for a spin.


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Giancarlo Gramigna, a University-grad student, managed to create an intelligent search engine system that instantly retrieves and displays the files of any type without you having to manually set parameters. Instant File Find Pro Crack makes use of algorithms that effectively quantify the files’ size, title, extension and content so that a short time later you can view them and pick the one(s) you need for your daily activities. The program has a friendly user-interface, so that the complexity of use becomes almost invisible and you can easily spend hours performing searches and using the different options. The Quick Search window, in fact, consists of a single search bar that takes care of the file size, type and date criteria and let the engine find the ones you’re looking for. Additional criteria include the language, size, location, whether it’s a compressed, archived or image file and its contents. You can also sort the results from name, size, date and original folder. The application works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. Supported file types include: Music Images Movie Video Audio Fonts PDFs Text Compressed Archived Attachment AceOffice Misc. Files Cabinet Link Toolbars, quick access and even more A simple program like this wouldn’t even be worth looking at were it not for the neat way it does things. You’ll get a good deal of value right off the bat, because it allows you to easily perform searches whenever you’re interested, through one of its quicker ways. The main window is clearly divided into three main areas that you can quickly reach, each one with a list of results. These can be filtered by criteria from size to content, with categories being displayed for every file, no matter what the size. You can either view the whole file (or select multiple files) or just set it to open in a new window. You can also choose to view the file content or just view the file properties. When not used, the window remains on screen, with its own menu that can be collapsed or stretched to show and hide the list of results. You can also hide it altogether by putting it on the screen or removing it completely by pressing a button on its left edge. The Quick Search window is in fact a very simple interface that also displays results, but with no further filtering. It’s best used when you’re looking for a specific file and have

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Search and sort files and folders based on any attribute you want. Use advanced criteria to find files quickly. Sort your lists in various ways. Sort files by size, type, date, and name. Enjoy the savings from storing documents or videos. ]]> 15 May 2014 18:55:52 +0000Android: Todo List Rola 15 May 2014 18:55:54 +0000One of the most useful task management applications on Android, has just received a substantial update, with tons of new features and the new interface was thoroughly tested at early prototypes. The program is now in Beta, so do NOT use it on your device yet, unless you are ready to experience bugs and crashes. The Todo List Rola is a very simple but extremely useful application that helps you manage tasks on your list and by date. It works great with a simple interface, with several modes including simple, due date, categories and more. The interface is very simple, with three main tabs that let you access to and from, completed and deleted tasks respectively. You can also configure from the list options and you can set a due date for upcoming tasks. The program also includes another option that allows you to schedule your tasks and even edit existing ones, but this is a Paid Add-on, so it’s not supported in this version. The basic version comes with 20 scheduled tasks, which allows to create up to 20 new tasks in any category. You can use each view mode in list, edit and due dates 91bb86ccfa

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Instant File Find Pro is designed to provide an excellent new tool for those who want to quickly look for and find the files of their choice. From browsing directories of any type to finding out where a particular file or folder is located in a collection, it’ll all come together in a matter of seconds. PROS Good overview with plenty of options Repetitive tasks can be taken care of effectively Powerful archive management to organize and organize your files in no time CONS Depth of options is somewhat limited There’s no manager for your favorite files I use Windows Live Mesh to sync my files so I can access them from multiple computers, phones, etc. so naturally I was excited to hear that Microsoft was finally bringing file sync back to the Windows platform! In addition, since I use Dropbox, I was a little wary of migrating my data to Windows Live Mesh as it is mainly a Dropbox client. Fortunately Microsoft seems to have done a pretty good job with the application, with a modern looking interface, file organization and friendly user controls. Finding Files with Windows Live Mesh The first thing I discovered was that the application looks rather different from the website. At first it seemed as though they had combined the website and application, but after spending a few hours getting used to the application it doesn’t feel like they’ve merged anything. Setting up your Windows Live Mesh Account The next thing you need to do is create an account with Windows Live Mesh. This is done simply by entering your email address and choosing a password. You will be prompted to create a new password. This will be different from your existing Microsoft account password so choose wisely. The last step is to set up your Windows Live Mesh account. This process takes a few minutes of your time. You will first need to update your contact information, upload your pictures and select the other contacts you want to share files with. Once this is complete, you are ready to create the file you wish to share. The Share a File Wizard The Share a File Wizard is the process of selecting the file you wish to share. This will open a file browser window where you can navigate to the folder you wish to share with Windows Live Mesh. Once you have this selected, you can start the process. To start you simply need to select the file you want to share. Once the file is selected, the Share a File Wizard begins. Select the files you want to share Firstly you need to select the files you want to share. Windows Live

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When you want to quickly look up a specific file, Instant File Find Pro will make it easy. This PC application allows you to perform a quick search to find the file no matter where it is on your hard drive. Quickly and conveniently search through files and folders with Instant File Find Pro. Why you need Instant File Find Pro: You’re looking for a quick and efficient way to browse and locate files? Check out Instant File Find Pro. Our unique Quick Search feature allows you to search a complete or partial file name, file extension, file type, size or date. You can also specify how many results you want to display, how many lines you want to show within each category, and sort your results by name, size, date, type or extension. Features of Instant File Find Pro – Instant File Find Pro quickly searches multiple locations on your computer. – Quickly find files that have been deleted from your computer. – Quickly search multiple locations of your computer. – Find files and folders even in very long folder names. – Find files in any file or folder. – Find exact matches for a word within any file. – Quickly run a full-text search against just one file or a multiple files. – Find files with specific file types. – Find files within or without archives. – Find files based on size, date or filesize. – Find files based on file content and file system paths. – Find files by their “tags” (categories). – Find files by file properties, such as size or date. – Find files by their file attributes, such as EXIF properties. – Search files based on the context menu. – Save results for future use. – Quickly find files on your computer. – Convert the files into a ZIP archive to compress files. – Find files from a ZIP archive. – Find images in different formats. – Find videos in different formats. – Find ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ACE, CAB, ISO, MP3, AVI, WMV and more file formats. – Find all the important information about all the files. – Quickly and efficiently search for files by their extensions. – Quickly find files that have been recently modified. – Quickly sort through the search results. – Display results only of the latest modified files. – Find files by various criteria. – Find all the files that have

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RAM: 1GB or more OS: Windows 7 or later (8 supported) Processor: 2.6 GHz or higher Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 400 or higher DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard Drive: 200 MB or more Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Additional Notes: One copy of the release DVD required for D:\Games\Halo5 multiplayer. DVD content is required for use with DVD remote. * The latest version of Xbox LIVE® Gold and Halo 5: Guardians Download

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